From the good old days when cars were so novel we were photographed alongside them

Pam Sherpa’s recent comment on Mickey Randall’s Holden piece (prompted by Holden’s news) was followed by emails to me with some of those pics.

So here they are. And if you have an old photo alongside a Holden – or other car – please email it to me [email protected]

I will add them to this post.


Name the model and year. Pam is in the braces.


Again, model and year?


From Anne Dillon c1963. Car?


  1. Top pic is the FX Holden (or 48-215).
    Bottom pic is the FC Holden.

    It would be ungentlemanly of me to predict the years.

  2. Our FX had the rego # OX 838 – but as far as the year goes, I can’t remember what I had for breakfast.

  3. Dr Goatboat says

    Braces and jodhpurs, de rigeur…..wasnt the same after proper indicators were required….

  4. darryl kernaghan says

    Top pic, FX Holden, 2nd Ford Customline, circa 1957, 3rd, Vanguard

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