Footys4all – Far Flung Places

Footys4all is a charitable organisation which distributes sports equipment and Footy Almanacs to students – especially disadvantaged students in central and northern Australia and the South Pacific. You can read more about the great work being done around the globe here

Here’s some recent examples that have put smiles on the faces of the world’s youth.


Footys4all on the Kokoda Track in PNG with Yr 11 PEGS students Mitch and Jean Luc who distributed Footys4all Gilbert Rugby Balls and Footy Almanacs to PNG children living along the Kokoda Track. Great to have the youth of Australia being the change that they want to see in the world. The joy on the faces of all the children they distributed to was inspiring to all and demonstrates the difference a gift of a ball and a book from one country’s youth to another country’s youth makes!

Footys4all it is not rocket science that is for sure!



Footys4all has also taken off the USA thanks to St Brendans of Flemington Principal Peter Hayes who delivered Footy Almanacs and Footys4all Footballs to the children of Kearny Elementary School in New Mexico America!

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