Footy: What’s in a number? Plenty, if you ask me

By Josh Barnstable

My love for Football began in 2002. Not knowing anything about the sport back then, I decided to take up Dad’s offer and start collecting the footy stickers that came out each day in the Herald Sun (greatest paper of all time).

As my collection of stickers grew, so did my passion. I was learning about all the clubs, learning their names, learning some of their then-star players, some of their rising stars that have become elite’s of the competition today. I was also learning how to place stickers inside the lines, don’t ask how the Essendon team photo ended up overlapping half of the other page.

Looking in the Herald Sun, Dad told me of a competition they were running to do with the stickers. The prize was a surprise, so we sent in our details (I can’t remember how we won it) and a few weeks later guess what arrived on our doorstep? A North Melbourne jumper signed by each 2002-listed Kangaroo player. News travels fast and soon the local newspaper (the Numurkah Leader) had heard of our win, so they arrived at my school and took some snaps of me holding the guernsey.

Since then, that possession has been framed and put on the wall in our loungeroom, where it still sits their today. I was disappointed I never got to wear it, but that disappointment disappeared after Mum and Dad bought me my own Roos’ jumper to wear around the house and to wear to games. That jumper served me well, and I collected a mountain of signatures on it. By now my love for footy was growing fast, and I was fast becoming the little kid who knew almost everything about the AFL.

In 2004, I started playing for Waaia, and I received my black-with-a-red-sash jumper, with No.1 branded on the back. This jumper was replaced the year after with a No.13. Then, in 2006, Waaia received complete new guernsey’s made of silk instead of our old-fashioned woollen jumpers. I had 26, and I stayed with that number for the next three years, and won the goalkicking for Waaia wearing what was then my favourite number. I hoped to stay with No.26 going into the under seventeen’s, but after arriving late at a practice match I had to grab the first guernsey I could see off the ground, and that was No.20.

I was born on the 20th, some of my favourite players, Drew Petrie, Dean Cox, Simon Black and Steve Johnson, wear No.20, so it suited me fine. After kicking a freakish goal from the boundary line in that game (if I say so myself), I believed the jumper choice I made that day was the right one. After kicking two more goals in Round 1 of the season, I set myself for a good year. No more goals came for the year, but I did enjoy my time wearing the black and red. I was also happy that we could finally take our guernsey’s home, and I spent a lot of time outside kicking the footy around in my complete footy kit. But my game-day guernsey was put away for Saturday’s only after Dad bought me a Waaia training jumper, which is a stylized version of the Essendon jumper with a bit of gray in it.

I wore it to school during P.E, I wore it into town, I even wore it to the AFL. I liked it because it had my number printed on the back with my name above it. But the sad thing was that my North jumper that I was able to wear was way too small for me, so I hung up the coathanger with it and found it hard to show my support at the footy when I wasn’t wearing the blue and white. But after completing a year that saw me working with the Almanac and working alongside Crackers Keenan and two other radio stations, Mum and Dad surprised me with the 2009 Kangaroos clash strip after school one day. I chucked it on right away, and was very happy with it. Getting the old Roo jumper out of the closest, I compared the two and couldn’t believe how different they were. I’ve worn the jumper almost everywhere, I’m even wearing it as I type this up (along with a pair of Waaia footy shorts).

Now I need to decide on a number. I’m thinking No.35, because Ben Warren sports that figure, No.7 because it’s a famous number in the history of North Melbourne and young star Jack Ziebell is honouring Adam Simpson by wearing it, so I know if I choose No.7 I’ll get good value out of it. But I keep thinking about No.20. I know Mum and Dad will be hanging on the decision, seeing as getting double digits will cost more.


  1. Damian Watson says

    Nice work Josh,
    I remember collecting some of those footy stickers as well, of each team and it’s star players. The cards were fun to collect as well, I still have some cards from about 9-10 years ago in my room.

  2. Michael Allan says

    Good read Josh,

    I remember I collected footy cards in 2000 for the first time and got pretty into it. I got really angry whenever I received a card that I already had. lol.

    I didn’t do it again until 2005 when the Herald Sun released that album thing. I got annoyed because all the Richmond players I had where hacks except for Joel Bowden and Nathan Brown. I really wanted Richo but never got him.

    But it’s ok now, becasue I recently discovered that I had a Richmond player that makes my Tiger collection a whole lot better.


    His picture isn’t in Richmond colours but I’m claiming him. lol

  3. Thanks guys.

    What do you mean you never got Richo? They give you every card in the set, or is it different in the city?

    I’ve put all my Chris Judd and Ben Cousins cards from their West Coast days in our wall unit, they might be worth a bit one day

  4. Michael Allan says

    I can’t really remember how it worked.

    I remember them handing them out in team packs but I think you only got that with a Herald Sun coupon and since we don’t get the Sun I never got the coupon and had to by the card packs.

    Do you guys start exams on friday? we do, I have tomorrow off for a study day.

  5. I just got the cards that came with the Herald and they were different ones and eventually i had each card in the set.

    Nah we dont have exams in year 9, not me anyway. Today we played Archery in p.e and it was so hot so we all ditched and ran under the sprinklers and got soaked, then we all had cold showers in the bathrooms. No one bought a towel though so we went to our next class dripping wet

  6. Michael Allan says

    lol, sounds like fun.

    I don’t mind the hot weather because it means we don’t have to wear ties.

    My exams better be in a room with an air-con. I’ve got English and Lit on Friday.

  7. Shannon Cox has retired, has lost the passion for footy. He’ll be back in a couple of years though, it always happens.

  8. Michael Allan says

    Have you guys seen the Blues new logo?

    As a pro wrestlin fan I like it although I’m not sure if putting the Bomber and Magpie is a good idea.

    Funny though.

  9. Yeah i saw it in the paper today. For some reason im not getting emails when people comment this story. Oh well

  10. Damian Watson says

    I like the new slogan, it’s funny how a Magpie and a Bomber are inside the Premiership Cup, a little arrogant but it may turn out to be symbolic.

    It’s good to see that the Blues aren’t all that original like most other clubs in regards to their slogans. Most clubs adopt the same thing:
    e.g Hawthorn- the Family Club
    Collingwood- Side by Side
    And others just take slabs out of their theme song.

    Wrestling? I hope you don’t mean WWE! because that is far from professional.

  11. The most professional form of fighting is definitely Boxing.

    I reckon it’s about time the Blues changed their logo as well.

  12. Damian Watson says

    I don’t mind the logo, I think this particular one has been used for the past three years.

    If you’re talking about the CFC logo, that has been around for almost 80 years so it’s just as much of a trademark to us as black and white stripes are to Collingwood.

  13. Michael Allan says

    Alot of Boxing is rigged. I’d say the most proffessional would be one of the japanese martial arts.

    I’m not sure if you’d classify they’re slogan as orginal since they just stole it from The Rock. I

    What’s wrong with the WWE Damo?

    It was just announced on nine news that Richo is announceing his retirement tommorrow. Im absolutely shocked. I was sure he’d be going around one more time.

  14. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! Funny..

  15. Damian Watson says

    I could give you many reasons why I hate WWE but I’ve narrowed it down to three:

    WWE is also rigged

    Not all, but most of the stunts are fake including the punching, blood etc.

    Most of the time they just mouth of at each other with stupid lame arguments.

    Yeah that Richo news is shocking, SEN reported it as well. Injury isn’t the way a champion should finish his career.

  16. Michael Allan says

    Yes it’s pre determined but so is every other TV show so I can’t see why that matters.

    The punching annoys me if its done badly but the blood is definately NOT fake.
    When wrestlers bleed it is mostly because they have “bladed” themselves. They tape up their fingers and place the blade underneath it. Research it if you don’t beleive me.

    I agree that the feuds in recent times have been poor but their have been some very interesting story lines and memorable moments that haven’t involved wrestling at all.

    I’m happy to stand up for pro wrestling if you want to continue to take it on.

    Very upset about Richo.

    I’m off having dinner now.

  17. Half of my Facebook statuses are of people saying “Oh no Richo has retired!” lol

  18. Damian Watson says

    I can’t understand why he would pull out claiming he would be fine for next year and then suddenly hang up the boots, but I guess circumstances change.

    In a way it’s the end of an era for Richmond with Richo, Schultz, Bowden etc. all leaving the club.

  19. Michael Allan says

    Yeah it seems all of a sudden to me particuarly since during the week Newman said he was coming along nicely.

    At least I’m able to say that I saw his final game down at Coburg.

    We certainly have lost alot of players this year.

    I’m very excited about Richmond nezt year. Not because I think we’ll be good, because we wont. But becuase we’ll have so many new players playing it will be really interesting to see how they go. Not to mention a new coach.

  20. How will the Tigers forward line look now? I think this:

    HF: Tambling–Post–Connors
    FF: Nahas–Vickery–Collins

  21. Actually, swap Connors with Hooper

  22. Michael Allan says

    Interesting move not having our two highest goal kickers not in the forward line don’t you think Josh?
    I’d have

    HF Collins Riewoldt Post
    FF Nahas Vickery Morton

    Young forward line with potential in the future. Not a bloke over 22 years old.

  23. Oh crap sorry i forgot about those two. Okay this is it lol

    HF Tambling–Post–Vickery
    FF Morton–Riewoldt–Nahas

  24. Michael Allan says

    Haha, the second version is a little better.

    I prefer Tambling off half back these days. I’m happy with Nahas as the crumber and having one of the smaller rotating mids like White, Collins and Cotchin helping him out.

    Jordan Gysberts has his interview on the afl website today. It’s a little weird seeing his picture on the AFL website. Hopefully Andrew Moore has one in the coming days.

  25. Status – jealous. My mate just texted me and said he was gonna train with the U/15 victorian school boys footy team. Lol lucky bugger

  26. Damian Watson says

    Who’s the coach of that side?

    Random comment My favourite Richo moment would have to be when he booted that goal against the Hawks on his knees in 2002.

  27. I remember that goal too. Didn’t he break his leg in that game as well?

    I dunno Damo, im gonna ask him tomorrow. He’s so difficult to understand over text so i’ll ask him in person

  28. And my favourite moment would be his mark against Port Adelaide in 2005 and his 10th goal against the Doggies in 2004

  29. Michael Allan says

    Yes I love both those moments.

    I’d say I prefer the Doggies moment because I went to that game celebrating my birthday.

    I may have already told you this story but at half time Terry Wallace was walking by because we were sitting next to the commentry boxes and I got an autograph.One of my mates asked if he would coach Richmond.

    Terry laughed it off and said he wasn’t too sure.

    It’s funny how things turn out.

  30. Damian Watson says

    Really? I don’t think he broke his leg in that game.

    I remember when he did his knee crashing into the SCG fence one year.

    I’ll always remember Richo for his occasional dummy spits at the umpire.

  31. Oh well it must’ve been that, i remember reading that he did his knee/broke his leg with an incident involving a fence.

    Haha i remember him giving the umpire the bird in 2003 when the Tigers were playing Hawthorn lol

  32. Where’s Steve and Danno these days?? There was a small pic of Tin Tin in the Sun today, wonder if she had a heart attack over it

  33. Michael Allan says

    Yeah they moved the fences back after that incedent in 1995.

    I think his best tanntrum was back in 2007 at dreamtime at the G match when he put a pinky into Mal Michael’s back took the mark. Heard the whistle thought it was for the mark so he played on kicked the goal and it was given a 50m penalty. Led to Essendon goal and Richmond still winless for the season. The tantrum looked even angrier because he was kicked in the face a week earlier by Andrew Krakouer.

    I threw a similar tantrum myself as I was sitting right on the flank where the mark was taken.

    I’d like to re-enforce the word mark in that sentence.

  34. Michael Allan says

    I dunno about Steve but Danno’s probs been studying for her exams that I’m guessing will start tomorrow like me.

  35. Good luck tomorrow Michael. I remember that moment, i was at my mates place and he chucked the remote at the TV (he barracks for the Tigers)

    Oh and idea, we should all take our footy to the launch and get it signed by the fab 5

  36. News:

    Leigh Fisher, Cameron Cloke, Luke Ablett and Henry Playfair have been delisted. The Lions have shown their new guernsey for next year, it looks very striking.

    I just talked to Anthony Stevens on the phone

  37. Michael Allan says

    I’m surprised Cloke was given the flick. Carlton don’t have any forwards.

    I don’t like the new jumpers. They were fine with what they had.

    Why where you talking to him and what did you talk to him about?

  38. I like the new ones.

    Dad and him are mates so he rang us up and then i spoke to him about journalism and Crackers Keenan, he told me to never become like the journo’s who prod into other people’s lifes (a bit like Hutchy)

  39. Steve Healy says

    Hope that was good Josh.

    I think the Lions should’ve kept their old jumper, and not adapted to that “zoo sign” lion as Danni describes it.

    Sorry about my 2 or 3 day absence, I’ve been unwell lately and avoiding the computer to an extent.

  40. Conversation has slowed to a halt, with 5 days until the launch! oh no!

  41. ps. Liam Jurrah was named young Australian of the year! (in the NT)

  42. hey guys, yes i know it been ages! Too bad about if only we would take him back!! :(
    Yes Mikey i was studying and still am, jst in to say hello and see how you guys are doing.
    get better steve. :(
    its as i feared, not only am i stressed but im literally waking up every morning feeling like im going to throw-up and with a massive head-ache..
    cant wait for thrusday.
    ps. dont bother telling me not to stress b/c its far beyond that point!!


  43. I just got back from a great weekend with my sister. Get well Steve. I texted you last night but got no reply haha.

    Chillax Danni, they are only exams

  44. Josh i promise ive been trying to relac but i jst cant help the stressing!!! :(
    i think when im done with my english exam 2mro and my ras year 12 subject on tuesday i should be wayyyyy less stressed.

  45. Steve Healy says

    Thanks guys.

    Yes, I can’t wait till thursday either.

    I’ve heard it’s gonna be 36 degrees on launch day, so you guys should be wise about what you wear.

  46. Steve Healy says

    Oh yeah Josh just saw your text then: What’s up?

    Answer: Not much, just had a nice barbeque for dinner.

  47. Yeah i bought my clothes for the launch yesterday, i gotta buy some nice “muzza” shoes on Wednesday and get my hair cut and coloured by my sisters hairdresser, and her name is Candy!! haha funny

  48. Steve Healy says


    I’ve got nothing organised for the launch apart from bringing myself

  49. Im taking the Thursday off now as well, lucky me

  50. 34?? ohh gosh!!
    yerp i think all be all good in my dress then! id go for a shorter one but i dont want to look unprofessional.
    lol candy a hairdresser?? LMAOO no way that girl should be kept far away from sharp objects and heads!

  51. ohh i meant to say 36 degrees, 34 would be good though!!

  52. Oh yeah i saw Gary Lyon and Felice Arena yesterday, Gary was very interested in my qualities but Felice was much more talkative, he interviewed Daff a couple of years ago apparantly and said he would keep in touch with me. Then we had a footy clinic lol was fun but i burnt my feet on the road.

  53. lol it was all good until i read
    was fun but i burnt my feet on the road.
    shoes josh!! wear shoes! LOL
    now im starting to reconsider my dress, its brand new, havent worn it once..but a shorter one isnt appropriate..well for this event anyway.
    im currently wearing my heels now so i can get used to them by thursday.
    Gary seems like a cool dude.

  54. He looks different in person compared to seeing him on tv. Probably coz he was wearing a t-shirt instead of a suit.

    I was wearing thongs but you can’t kick a footy with thongs can you??

  55. lol my uncles like to me
    “ohh your not gonna make me wear a suit to this launch thing are you?”
    *me looks at him with a ‘WELL DUH’ expression*
    HIM: “…great..”
    you know i think if i ever got near Newman someone would have to hold me back!

  56. Yep.

  57. well guys im off for one last cram then up early for a morning cram.
    English 8:50- 12:00
    lol yes thats the only positive.


  58. Steve Healy says

    long exam that is. Hope it went well Danni.

    My exams start Tuesday next week, from Tue-Fri I finish at 1:10 at the latest, 10:40 at the earliest

  59. lol i hope so too steve!
    i got up at 5:00 am and studyed for an hour then i went back to sleep in my uniform lol!! i have a baddd feeling about my ras3/4 exam 2mro..A REALLYYY BADDD FEELING!
    although i feel like im on top of the world cos i managed to finish 3 essays in 3 hours!
    hope your feelong better.

  60. Steve Healy says

    Hahahaha. Yes I’m feelong fine.

    I actually slept in this morning, I would’ve been late but a teacher who took a group of guys from school swimming picked me up on the way so I was on time

  61. lol sorry about that..i cant type..heck i cant do anything my head still feels fuzzy!
    you have no idea how much chocolate ive have eaten these past 3 days!!

  62. Steve Healy says

    hmmm does chocolate help control emotion or something? (According to you at least)

  63. If you’re feeling stressed, eating about an ounce and a half of dark chocolate each day could reduce stress hormones in your body.
    It also releases a similar hormone that hits when you fall in love.
    Lmaoo no wonder I cant stop eating it!!
    Feeling the loveeeeeeeee!! LMAOO

  64. Steve Healy says

    Ah thank you Dr.Eid.

  65. LMAO..dont let my family hear you say that!
    i cant even look at blood!!

  66. Steve Healy says

    just wait till the launch- nah just kiddin. I think that you’d make a great doctor.

    Danni: What’s wrong with you?

    Patient: I’ve got a sore throat.

    Danni: Oh no, you have cancer!

    Patient: No!

    Some other Doctor: Don’t worry, she’s a Collingwood supporter who pretended to be a doctor for a job

  67. lmaoo..steve!!
    lol yeah id be the best pretend doctor ever!
    but you know what would be the BEST?
    Me as a pretend Lawyer!

  68. do know that you can get throat cancer?
    so maybe i was right on that occasion!

  69. Do you do a Brad Johnson and faint when you see your own blood?

  70. Steve Healy says

    Yeah i know you can get throat cancer, it was just a joke where you get the diagnosis completely wrong.

    Smoking is bad- call the Quit line, and look at one of Fitzroy’s old jumpers

  71. lol dont worry i dont smoke and never will!
    no..well only faint when i get blood tests.

  72. My pop has throat cancer.

    Guys i need help. Im entering a competition that i got today in the True North magazine and the club needs a name for its community and education centre in their new home at Arden Street. 3-20 words it has to be, i’ve entered it once already, and the prize is a party for 20 people at a place in Melbourne, if i win it with one of your suggestions then i’ll invite you guys, even tho i’d invite use already LOL

  73. Steve Healy says

    I got a blood test once- red and blue blood came out.

  74. lol steve..thats cute..
    :) JOSH..hmmm let me think

  75. Steve Healy says


    Blue and white welfare clinic?

  76. I suggested Carey’s Class Of Learning but Mum and Dad looked at me funny..

  77. how about
    Swallow is Hawt community center?

    royal blue and white roo community center?
    NO thats too long…
    UMM this is hard

  78. lmaoo i already love ur parents josh! LMAOO
    especially your mother who throws stuff at you! LOL

  79. Steve Healy says

    Community Garden on Arden?

  80. lmaoo steve..what if people think its a garden? you get people rocking up to take wedding pictures!! LMAOO

  81. Steve Healy says

    Community might by the blue and white?

  82. Steve Healy says

    The Garden would be destroyed by Wayne Carey’s piss

  83. Comment 81, genius!

    Oh and my sister has the same traits, she threw something at me the other day and missed me, hit a lamp and almost knocked it over haha

  84. Join in the chorus community center?

    ohh god im getting worse!

  85. Status- jonasing
    “ill pick you up at 7 we can drive around and see a movieeeeeeeee”


  86. Steve Healy says

    Thanks Josh, some others:

    True blue Roos preventing the use of booze.

    Learna-Roo community centre.

  87. Steve Healy says

    Danni, those are the worst lyrics I’ve ever seen!!!!

  88. lmaoo steve!! dont be mean!!

    status- putting Augustus to shame.

  89. Steve Healy says

    Hearts to Hearts recreation academy

  90. Steve Healy says

    hahahaha nice status Danni.

    Dinner now yay!

  91. “ill pick u up at 7 we can drive around and see a movieeee, every scene will have a meaning but ull be the one that moves meeee, ive been hurt before so baby promise that ur gonna be trueeee, im gonna BB good so tell me that your gonna be Good too…
    i love this song, you should see when Joe sings it..

  92. Steve Healy says

    I’ve never heard a song by the Jonas brothers, not that I want to.

    Who does Joe barrack for, by the way?

  93. well when we first met he was a Carlton supporter, but not one of those crazy into my team ones. hes changed a few times over the years. Then i said to him
    “if you want to be with me you have to change to Collingwood” he wasnt for it at first but i managed to convert him. so now hes a collingwood supporter..i guess. lol

  94. I thought use were talking about Joe Jonas haha lol

  95. lmaoo ohh!!
    well he is my favourite Jonas! :)
    hes such a muzza!! :)
    they both sing really well!
    although..i dont know who looks hotter playing acoustic guitar..

    ohh steve btw:
    Jackson Trengrove- not bad…not bad at all BUT too blond
    and Tom Scully, not my liking

  96. By the way, did you guys get the email off Daff with the Melbourne launch invitation attached? If so can one of use copy the contents of the invitation onto here, coz i cant open mine.

  97. omg josh me too.
    my microsoft word goes all weird on me when i open attachments!! so mine doesnt open too!

  98. Trengove has two weird red things on his neck. Steve, your missing out with the Herald Sun. Yesterday they had a team of the decade (no Melbourne players) and today the top 10 players of the decade (no Melbourne players)

  99. I got Word Document 97 so their’s my problem! lol

  100. lmaoo WOOOOOOOOOOO!!
    Man i love Ralphyyyy!! :)

  101. Steve Healy says

    What was he doing!!!!!!!!!! lol

  102. wat was who doing?

  103. Steve Healy says

    Sorry I was refferring to Joe then but realised that you guys had said heaps of comments in between. The invitation is on the home page

  104. lol..okayy..
    ohh sneak peak of my lastest entry:

    Jack: “Danni, where’s my tie, honey?”

    lol thats all im giving away

  105. Steve Healy says

    The top 10 players are ridiculous! Judd shouldn’t be 3rd!!!!!!!!!! Ablett should be ahead of Judd and Judd should be struggling to get in the top 10

  106. wait..are you syaing that Joe shouldnt have changed teams for me????????


  107. Steve Healy says

    Danni, haven’t you already submitted a Jack Anthony fantasy piece!

  108. …yeah..this one is better!!! :)

  109. Steve Healy says

    Well I think someone would have to be crazy to change from Carlton to Collingwood. No matter how passionate they are

  110. lol not even for someone like me? :(
    well it shows how much i mean to him then doesnt it. :)

  111. naaaaaaaaaaaaaawwww :)
    “called you for the first time yesterday, ive finally found the missing part of me…”

  112. Steve Healy says

    Well yeah, I guess. I couldn’t imagine changing teams, the thought of it makes me sad. When I was in kinder I had a freind who changed from the Dees to Essendon!

  113. LOL steve one day you will meet a girl who will make you change teams or you try to make her change teams.
    goodluck with that. lol

  114. Steve Healy says

    Another shocking song lyric-

    Danni, do you ever notice the amount of smilies you use in your comments?

  115. what..those lyrics are from the song ‘Lovebug’ its a beatiful song mind u!!

    yes i do show a lot of emotion although you wont see much of iot on Thursday cos im pretty shy in person.

  116. Steve the link on the home page wont work, can you just put in a comment the main points of the invitation.

    Im gonna be shy on Thursday as well but i should shake that off by the end of the night after a few beers :)

  117. lmaoo dont worry joshy me and you can be shy together, you know jst stand around, give an occasional nod, polite smile and thats about it.

  118. ohh and if im really quite and look like im not paying attention it means im checking out a waiter or something. LOL

  119. Lol sounds like a plan. This is what i have planned to wear on launch night:

    Black cord-striped shorts, white long-sleeve button up cord-striped shirt, footy jumper over the top and white shoes lol.

    My sister told me what she’s gonna wear as well, she might show you up on the night Danni

  120. LOL YAY!! thats good cos i dont wanna be the only one looking like im going to a wedding!!
    Shorts? Joshy! why shorts?
    the rest sounds fine for our shy conversation of polite nodding and akward silences.

  121. Me: Soo
    Danni: Yup
    Me: Hmm
    Danni: Ah uh

    haha lol. Shorts? Because its gonna be hot!

  122. lol..okay..

    LMAOO thats spot on that convo is!!
    then you add

  123. Striped shorts? Striped shirt? You may as well go to jail.

    I’m probably gonna wear a red t shirt and black jeans

  124. Striped shorts? Striped shirt? You may as well go to jail.

    I’m probably gonna wear a red t shirt, melbourne jumper and black jeans

  125. I LOVE black jeans!!
    they make me look skinny!lol

  126. hahaha I had no idea I posted it without the melb jumper bit

  127. lol i think im the only one not coming in a jumper.

  128. Do you think they make people look skinny? That’s not good for me, cos I’m already really skinny. My friend said that I have the least body fat of anyone he’s ever seen

  129. trust me..they make people look skinny, black is a slimming colour.
    are they tight?
    see mine are tight so i look skinny (thankgod)

  130. now that i think of it, if i was to wear waht i was planning on weraing b4 i bought the dress i would have had to go on a diet for like 3 weeks!

  131. they’re medium.

    Why don’t you wear your jumper? You said you looked good in a collingwood jumper and those shorts.

  132. Grr girls and their imaginary weight problems..

    Im not gonna wear black coz its gonna be hot, well except for the shorts. Is shorts a good idea or should i wear jeans??

  133. yeah i do..BUT i look twice as good in my dress! which i havent even worn once!
    plus my jumper has long sleves so i dont want to do from the heat.

  134. JEANS

    Imaginery weight problem?

  135. Wear shorts if we’re gonna have a kick

  136. lol are you guys seriously gonna have a kick?
    by the time its over who knows how dark it will be! lol
    you guys have fun, heels and grass are not friends1

  137. Melbourne Launch

    At the Clyde Hotel
    Corner of Cardigan and
    Elgin Streets, Carlton
    Bring family and friends. All welcome. Books for sale.

  138. ive got this small c’wood badge i made like 4 years ago its still got the names Tarrant, Rocca, Holland, rusling, cloke on it but im thinking of pinning it on the strap of my dres.

  139. I think so, I think Josh is bringing a footy.

  140. i think ill get u guys to sign my book as a memento.

  141. If i can get it down from the tree! lol nah im gonna buy one on wednesday i think.

    Yes, imaginary weight problems. How can you say your fat?? My best friends’ cousin is 140kg, and she is 16!

    Yeah i’ll definately have a kick, dunno where but yeah. 6-8 wont be dark

  142. i’ll have a look at google maps for a park or patch of grass

    Thats a great idea Danni! we’ll all sign books.

  143. 140kg? Thats as big as Shaq O’Neal.

    Josh, is your best friend the ‘big rock’ guy in that picture of uluru

  144. I thought that WAS the idea?? haha

  145. well…im not skinny!
    im too scared to weigh myself!
    this is why i say that people try to kill me when i say im chubby, better not say it at the launch or Joshy will attack me! lol

    lol just go into one of the rooms filled with expensive glass and make steve take A hanger! LMAOO

  146. ohh i have to remember to bring a pen in my purse/clutch…which ever bag i decide goes best with my dress.

  147. Nah nah nah he’s Jeff, he’s the Richmond-supporting mate of mine, known him since we were little tackers. Haha and a funny story, my mate and him went to the indoor pool in Numurkah and the 140kg chick was their, us 3 boys got in the spa and then the girl got in and we left Jeff in their with her haha

  148. Yeah i dunno what purse to bring either, its a tough decision…

  149. Hahaha yeah lol.

    Lol you’re just like my Mum Danni. I’m more than happy to weigh myself.

  150. lol ill tell u a story about candy.
    i introed her to my cute friend and he said
    “Hi Candy ;)”

    Candy: “half wlaking-running away form being so OMG “HI!” IN A REALLY HIGH PITCHED VOICE…

    and that was the end of that.

  151. Rightio..

  152. hahaha.

    You should put her and the Gigantic marori b*tch in a pool together

  153. yerpp..she was so in awe of this guy that she wlaked off midway thorough my intro and all she gave was a high pitched “HI!”
    and then she like ran off!!
    and im there like.. “umm sorry about that..”

  154. Does anyone have annoying habits?

  155. omg must tell u guys this!!
    me and my friend were checking ou this dude after school and he was like fully mint!!
    he was wif my friend Jen so i thought it was her bf.
    the next day im like “jen was that ur bf i saw u with after school”
    and she was like
    “no! thats ryan, hes GAY”
    me: “gay? as in GAY?”
    her: “yes as in gay!, you thought he was hot didnt u?”
    ME: “”

    its shame though.. LOL

  156. Yeah i tapp my pens on my desk and notebook at school when i cant think of waht to write.

  157. I chew my fingernails…

    And im always playing with my fingers, i always flex them and make them crack haha. Weird habit i know

    Just had a look at Clyde Hotel on google maps, looks like a standard pub. There’s a good spot next to it near the bike parked out the front where we could kick the footy

  158. There’s a gay kid at my school

  159. Oh and i reckon the 6-8pm launch time is a bit too short, it could go for longer in my opinion

  160. lol nothing wrong with that but i was just disapointed cos he WAS MINT LIKE

  161. yeah i know especially for us shy people by the time we say “hello” its time to leave! LOL

  162. I always chew and bite and pick my fingernails as well. I also sometimes laugh out loud when I think of something funny.


    Josh: sooo

    ME: UMM

    STEVE: hahahahhhahah!!..oh sorry guys



    steve: AHHAHAHAHAHA!!..

  164. Hey wouldn’t it be funny if they update google maps in a few days and there’s a picture of the fab 5 outside the clyde hotel, imagine that

  165. lol im trying to think of what to write in ur books lol.
    i think i might have to get ready at my grandparents house that way me and my uncle can leave straight form there instead of him picking me up.

  166. Haha lol we’re gonna be in for a long evening Danni :)

  167. yupppppppp!!

    my fav line is
    “soo…do you like…stuff?”

  168. Im probs gonna catch the bus to Shepparton on Wednesday, stay with my sister, get clothes, cut/colour/straighten my hair then Mum and Dad will pick us up and we’ll be a couple of hours away from Melbourne then

  169. I’ll try and write the funniest thing possible.

    Do you think the launch will start a new life for all of us? Sorry if that question sounds stupid

  170. lol me n joshy with the hair straightening!
    imma do mine that morning except for my firnge so it doenst get frizzy. then touch it up when i get home. migh hav eto rethink makeup, cos its hot i cant put on heaps cos it getts gross and melts off.

  171. lol thats so cute steve!
    what do you mean?

  172. Haha you SO stole that line off the Simpsons!

  173. yea I love that line too Danni.

    Josh if I hear one more thing about your hair… Oh stuff it the Roos are crap!!

  174. josh leave him alone, hes cute!!

  175. We might end up having a brawl because Michael claimed he marked the ball but Damo actually touched it and then we wont talk to each other ever again. The End.

  176. hahaha. Maybe we’ll tackle you to the ground Josh and rub that colour out of your hair

  177. i still dont get this ‘new life’ thing

  178. Haha ahh no Steve. We should tackle you to the ground and rub those invisible eyebrows off haha.

    I think he means if we are gonna talk every day like we usually do, or if we wont talk as much after the launch? Im probly wrong

  179. What’s there to get?

  180. why wouldnt we talk as much?
    i mean nothings gonna happen at the launch, cos me and josh will be tightlipped, steve will be giggley, damo will be all nice and Mikey isnt going to make a scene.
    whats chnaged? lol

  181. Ok, I kind of mean: will we talk to each other as much on the net, will we see each other again? Will we be famous writers? That sort of thing

  182. lol ohhh yeah i mean a whole new year of footy is ahead of us!
    as for the famous writers thing..i have no idea, fate i guess.
    ill be in year 12..omggg YEAR 12!!!
    Its going to be an interesting year boys.

  183. fellas i have to go cram for a bit.
    i have my exam at 3:00- 5:15
    miss me!! :) lol

    Danni :)

  184. Have a good one Danno

  185. OMG im gonna be in year 10!! meh,,

    Yeah i cant wait till the new season, im gonna aim for 100 reports on here next year

  186. IM GONNA AIM FOR 200!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m gonna try 5 in round 1

  187. Good luck Danni.

    There might be a new breed of new kids next year on the Almanac.

    Oh and my sister said whoever thought of the name Fab 5 for this group is a dork…Steve…

  188. Sorry, blame it on Leigh Matthews lol

  189. Maybe two kids around our age. AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! who write for the almanac should get on next year.

    Message to both of them: You both have facebook’s so you obviously have computers! Go on the website now!

  190. I did but she didnt know who he was lol

  191. Yea and she knows who I am from my myspace picture on page 1 of Steve Healy on google images.

  192. Rephrase comment 189 so i can understand please??

  193. You know who I’m talking about Josh.

  194. Josh, I think you should become a policeman: Constable Barnstable- that’d go down well

  195. OHH I GET YA NOW!! Sorry took me a while. I thought you meant Danni and Damo haha.

    Haha ahh no, i used to wanna be a policeman officer but nah

  196. Danni and Damo don’t have facebook! lol

    Anyway better be off- but I’ll probably read and listen to music in bed.

    Launch clock- 2 days, 18 hours and 29 minutes till the launch

  197. Haha awesome. I thought you meant that two writers from the Almanac should get Bookface haha and the only two that dont is Danni and Damo, and Michael but he has SpaceMy.

    Alrighty cya

  198. Maybe instead of the fab 5 we should be called SJDDM- thats the order we came in

  199. SpaceMy? What are you on? lol cya

  200. BookFace, SpaceMy, it all works!

  201. Steve Healy says

    Good afternoon everyone. Another day of ticket trouble on the bus, for gods sake when will a kind bus driver be hired!

  202. You need tickets to get on the bus? Hahahaha

  203. Steve Healy says

    Oh ok, what do the Waaians use?

  204. Dunno, but Numurkian’s use a bus that is free

  205. Michael Allan says

    Hey guys,

    I’ve been reading the comments and hears what I have to say.

    I’ve thought abit about comment 169 earlier this week but I would’ve thought that we still would’ve talked to eachother.

    If their are new teen almanackers next year the fab 5’s got to stick together and remember that we’re the founders. lol.

    I look forward to having a kick at the launch even though I’ll be the worst (besides Danni) since I’m the only one who doesn’t actually play footy.

  206. Well the small alleyway looks fine for a kick, and if we do then it’ll only be 15-20m kicks by the looks of it.

  207. And im safe with kicking the ball, im probably the most accurate kick at Waaia lol that shows with my 2.2 for the year.

  208. Steve Healy says

    I don’t play footy.

  209. Michael Allan says

    Oh, I thouht you did Steve. I reckon you’d still be better than me.

    Do you have exams this week Steve?

  210. How come everyone has exams and not me? Not that im complaining.

  211. Steve Healy says

    Nah Michael I start next week on Tuesday.

    I used to play footy for 5 years, I was going to this year but I just couldn’t bring my to do it since I’d have to miss the Dees play most weeks

  212. Michael Allan says

    Exams are really good Josh.

    In year 9 and 10 their just like long tests and when you don’t have one you get to go home.
    Everybody from year 9-11 got last thursday off as a study day and I don[‘t have to spend a full day at school this week and get friday off. It’s pretty good.

  213. Hmmm well the closest thing i did to an exam was the NAPLANS earlier in the year

  214. Two exams down.. 5 to go!!

  215. ZOOMMMM Dustin MARTIN!!


  216. I saw that 20 minutes ago and was wondering whether you would stumble upon it haha

  217. lol yeah i jst got home from exams!
    let me tell you..its not looking good! it was really HARD!! :(
    oh well..i tried and filled out everythingg wif random stuff.
    i love Herald SUN!!!!!!!!!

  218. Yeah theres a question in that: What do you do when you do NOT know the answer to a question in an exam?

  219. you do what i did.. make up stuff consiting of soemthing that you have learned in that subject tweek it to apply to the question and pray that someone falls for it!

  220. i call it the:
    ‘i have no idea what uyr on about and i stayed up learning this cos i thought it would be on here so im gonna put in here wheather u like it or not!!’


  221. Fair enough, i just put a ? next to a question i dont know

  222. Michael Allan says

    Yeh I do that too Danni.

    Josh you should put something in so you have some chance of getting it right.

  223. i know, thats almost like not attempting a multi-choice question! lol
    well hes not as experienced as us in the exam department but know he know what to do.
    history exam 2mro!

  224. I was talking to Candy yesterday about exams lol.

    Where the hell is Damo?? I hope he’s still comin to the launch

    Hes 21 TODAY!!!!
    On the 17 of November 1988 a beautiful set of twins were born named Nathan and Mitch Brown. God bless these boys!

    Happy Birthday to you,
    happy birthday to you
    You look hot in defence and up at forward TOO!!

  226. Steve Healy says

    Danni, I corrected you before!!!

    His birthday is december the 17th, not november the 17th!

  227. NO ITS NOT!!

  228. Steve Healy says

    I’m on the collingwood website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! November is the 11th month, not the 12th month!

    Nathan Brown: Born 17/12/88

  229. THATS WEIRD..
    COS when you go to playersbirthdays

  230. Nathan Brown says

    Hi Danni,

    my birthday is on the 17th of December

  231. Michael Allan says

    Well this is strange.

    Danni do you have any footy records of this year? They’d have the correct date.

  232. nahhh Mickey i dont.
    but its okay hes so pretty i have no problem celebrating his existence twice a year! :)

  233. Nathan Brown says

    I’ve got a huge collection of footy records. I’ll check now.

    Hahahahaha I’ll say it now guess what? I just sent in a comment with the name Nathan Brown saying Hi Danni, my Birthday is on the 17th of December but it’s awaiting moderation.

    It has no purpose since it isn’t being sent but it would’ve been funny

  234. Nathan Brown says

    Confirmed: Nathan Brown’s birthday is 17/12

  235. Steve Healy says

    I’ve got a huge collection of footy records. I’ll check now.

    Hahahahaha I’ll say it now guess what? I just sent in a comment with the name Nathan Brown saying Hi Danni, my Birthday is on the 17th of December but it’s awaiting moderation.

    It has no purpose since it isn’t being sent but it would’ve been funny

  236. status- drooling at photo of Dustin Martin on heraldsun website..


  237. Steve Healy says

    Brown, Anthony,Firth, Gardiner, Jonas, Swallow, Medhurst, Cousins, (Joe’s surname), Jurrah and now Martin.
    Who’s next Danni?

    Where’s Wally?

  238. your forgetting Federer!!
    JURRAH?? LOL nice one,
    though ud sneak him in there and get me to agree eyy?? im not blonde steve, not a bimbo!

  239. Steve Healy says

    Tennis players don’t count.

  240. Last day of school tomorrow :)

  241. Hey ease up Steve! Tennis players DO count

  242. could you!!
    :( yes they do!! :(

    really Josh? lucky you!
    ive got exam week then monday and tuesday off. i think i finish on the friday that week.

    tomroo- HISTORY EXAM 11:00-12:40

    lol when we were waiting around for our exam time, cos were get to wear casaul clothes cos it was my year 12 subject teachers kept comming up to us to ask waht exam we were doing. one of them, a bomber said this-

    HIM: “So wat subject r u doing?
    ME: “RAS 3/4”
    HIM: “REALLY, you doing ras3/4?”
    him..”NOTHING..its jst ur a collingwood supporter…”


  243. I meant last day of the week by the way lol

  244. Tonight is the last time i’ll talk to you people before the launch

  245. lol SAME here.
    only cos i havent even made my media notes for exam study yet.

  246. Lol well i got school tomorrow obviously, then i’ll come home, get everything ready, i might come on here for a few minutes and see if their is a conversation starting up, but then i’ll be going to Tennis then im getting taken to Shepp for the night.

  247. Tennis? YAY TENNIS!!
    Still cnt believe my uncle let that limo drive off..

  248. Dont worry Danni, if i ever see you running after my limo i’ll tell the driver to hit the brakes, then you’ll slam right into the bumper, knocking yourself unconcious.

  249. …gee thanks josh

  250. No, don’t thank me, thank the driver.

  251. Steve Healy says


    Go Dees

    Homework now

  252. Go Aussies. Big game next week against the Windies

  253. lol, can dean Laidley be ur driver? PLEASE!!! LOL

    yeah cya fellas!!
    time to write an essay on vietnam and womens liberation!! :)

    Night! :)


    im so lonely..

  255. this might be a stupid question, but do we have to bring an invite with us or something to get into the hotel? or do we jst rock up and announce ourselves???

  256. Nothing’s been said, so probably just rock up

  257. ok, lol cos my dad asked me and im like…
    “hmm..i dont know!”
    picked up dress today! set out matching purse and currently exam studying and painting nails

  258. Currently relaxing on my bed. Hmm i have tranining soon

  259. lol im not even going to bother making notes for legal or accounting, im dropping them anyway!

  260. Lol, well im off. Cya tomorrow

  261. Steve Healy says

    Oh damn it just missed StableBarnJosh.

    Hello Danni

  262. hiya steveyyy

  263. im still here

  264. lmaoo JOSH!!

  265. Steve Healy says

    good one Josh

  266. Steve Healy says

    These are some photos of me and around my room, hopefully this link works:

  267. nope it doesnt work.
    jst email them 2 me.
    if u do you might get some in return.

  268. Whats so funny? Im going for real now. Bye

  269. Steve Healy says

    ok then… ill email you now

  270. I’ll email you a couple of pictures of me Danni haha they’re hawt (the ones of me, not you) :)

  271. Steve Healy says

    Cya at the launch big fella

  272. lol okay josh! lmaoo
    cya 2mrooo Josh

  273. Steve Healy says

    lookin for them on the computer lol

  274. status- listening to La la Land- Demi Lovato

  275. Steve Healy says

    never heard of it

  276. Danni, in answer to your question 255, nothing required except maybe ID if you wanna by beer, wine, spirits…

    Look forward to meeting you all (or “youse all” for Collingwood supporters).


  277. omgg DONT EVER SAY ‘YOUSE’ my brother says it and i go skitzo when i hear him!!

    lol ill jst bring my Learners permit then!
    wont need it cos im not legal yet!

    Demis done some work with Jonas Bros. shes pretty cool.

  278. Don’t worry. I’m sure Josh and Steve will be shouting you drinks al night. :-)

  279. I mean all night.

  280. lol true that!
    they better after all the effort im going to with the dress and makeup ect!

    Lyrics to La La Land :
    I am confident
    But I still have my moments
    Baby, that’s just me
    I’m not a supermodel
    I still eat McDonald’s
    Baby, that’s just me

    Well, some may say I need to be afraid
    Of losing everything
    Because of where I
    Had my start and where I made my name
    Well, everything’s the same
    In the la-la land machine
    Machine, machine

    Who said I can’t wear my
    Converse with my dress
    Well, baby, that’s just me [ah]
    Who says I can’t be single
    And have to go out and mingle
    Baby, that’s not me

  281. Steve Healy says

    Thanks Gigs, I look forward to seeing you as well. I might not see you though, seeing how short you are. only joking

  282. dont start steve!
    all u guys are gonna tower over me!
    im a shortiiiiiiiiee
    i was the same height as Sam Mitchell in heels.

  283. omg we should have our own banner that says FAB FIVE on it that we people can come up and find us all in one spot for autographs! lol

  284. Maybe I should wear MY heels…

  285. Steve Healy says

    Really? That’s not that short. you’d probably be the same height as me in heels

  286. lmaoo gigs, i suggest u ask ur wife which ones go best with your outfit before u leave to the launch! lol

  287. Steve Healy says

    Yea good idea Danni.

    Oh and Danni are you bringing a camera? We need to get a picture taken of the fab 5

  288. hmmm i dont know. you see i dont have one cos like ive said b4.
    everytime i save up for one i blow the money on clothes and shoes!
    hopefully my uncle will remember to bring one.

  289. Michael Allan says

    Hey guys,

    Yeah I’m about that height maybe a bit taller.

    Looking forward to the banner Danni.

    I think my mum’s bringing a camera.

    Will we have a signature Fab 5 pose?

  290. Steve Healy says

    Danni, don’t presume Gigs has a wife.

    Even though I’m 99.9% sure he does

  291. yeah we all have to stick our hands up high five style, you as in fav-five?

    lol i dont know i normally strike a pouty peace pose! lol

  292. Steve Healy says

    ill do a lying on the ground pose lol


  294. I have a wife. Even kids!

  295. Michael Allan says

    lol, I thought Steve said he would be shy. Now all of a sudden he’s on the bar floor making seductive poses.

    This doesn’t make sense.

  296. Steve Healy says

    It isn’t suggestive. You’ve got a new email Danni, I sent it to your Danni_joe account

  297. See steve! lol
    i can tell who is

  298. umm its
    [email protected]

    not daNNi

  299. Steve Healy says

    Nah it’s a joke Michael cause I lied on the floor at the social.

    Where’s Damo?

    ohh goshh!!

  301. Steve Healy says

    Nah I know Gigs has a son called Oliver Gigacz.

    Yes, Danni I sent it to the right adress!

  302. im still dying from Michael comment!!


  303. Steve Healy says

    Have you seen my email?

  304. LMAOO nawww steve!! lmao
    you look older there than in the almanac pic!
    LMAOO AT the photos frm Josh!!

  305. Steve Healy says

    Yeah Josh never smiles

  306. Michael Allan says

    Dannii that’s not saying much since in the almanac pic he looks 10 years old. lol

    Nah joking Steve, you look 11.

  307. Steve Healy says

    Thanks Michael. I’m actually 104 according to Facebook, I can’t be stuffed changing my age lol

  308. very impressice overall though..
    ohhh and about it being ‘hot’ in pic number one..SUREEEEE!! lol
    i mean that explains the lying on the floor thing

  309. Steve Healy says

    Danni, for the last time I wasn’t being suggestive, I just lay down on the floor!

  310. Steve Healy says

    who’s better looking Danni, me or Josh?

  311. lol i know im jst being a tease! :P

  312. hmmmm
    id say your both equally good-looking

  313. Michael Allan says

    Are you asking me Steve?

  314. Michael Allan says

    oh I get it you were asking Danni out of you and Josh.

    Lol I thought I was comparing the three of you lol.

    I understand that u didn’t put me into the comparison because I out do you all. lol.

  315. Steve Healy says

    Well I did say Danni, but you can answer the question as well if you like

  316. lmaoo! steve did u get a new email frm me?

  317. Steve Healy says

    yep I got it Danni. hahaha nice.

    just had dinner then

  318. lol you know the one in the red dress?
    i was in sydney..that was the day of the Collingwood Geelong semi!!

  319. Steve Healy says

    oh ok lol that’s Joe in that pic I presume??

  320. actually no lol
    thats my partner Frankie.
    you see i randomly asked him to dance in like the 3rd week of ball prct cos i didnt want to end up a nerd. ofcorse he was more than happy to accpet and form the rest of 5 weeks we pretty much became partners.
    hes a great guy.

  321. Steve Healy says

    Oh really? i thought that guy was Joe cos he looks a bit like Dustin Martin. He’s sort of how I imagined Joe would look like

  322. yer joe does look similar to dustin and frankie, which explains why i warmed to Frankie right away. lol

    i thought about wearing that red dress to the launch but its a tad short.

  323. see i told u he looks like Dustin!

  324. Steve Healy says

    yea he does look like Dustin Fletcher. lol just kidding.

  325. very funny!
    steve u remind me of Dj Tydi!!

  326. Steve Healy says

    Don’t know who he is, i’ll look him up on google.

  327. Damian Watson says

    Hey guys,
    Sorry I haven’t been on for the past few days.
    Our school had our Presentation Night last night, I got an award as well.

    Kevin Sheedy made a suprise appearance which was exciting.

  328. yayy im soo proud of my Damo!! :)
    the last award i got was last year.
    Holland spirit award.

  329. Steve Healy says

    Kevin Sheedy at a school presentation night!!!!!!!?????


    Hang on, that guy doesn’t look like me

  330. yes he does!!
    i love TYDI! hes so cute!!

  331. Steve Healy says

    I got 94% for my letter to the editor about Brendan Fevola’s brownlow bonanza, highest in the class!

  332. really! thats awesome! :)

    i recon in like 5 years u will look closer to TYDI.

  333. Damian Watson says

    He only spoke for a few minutes, our Presentation night was at Monash Uni which might have something to do with his apperance.

    Are most of you wearing footy jumpers to the launch? I am.

  334. Damian Watson says

    I got 95% for my Letter to the Editor about that Keep Sport Free campaign.

  335. Steve Healy says

    I am. Danni isn’t.

    Well done Damo.

  336. LOL wearking a frock!

  337. Damian Watson says

    I can’t believe Rex Hunt is moving to Triple M! I don’t know which station to choose now!

  338. ..still laughing at Mikeys comment

  339. Steve Healy says

    Danni, how was Michael’s comment funny?

    I’m in a similiar situation Damo. I think i’ll stick to triple M cos its better quality


    lol, I thought Steve said he would be shy. Now all of a sudden he’s on the bar floor making seductive poses.

    This doesn’t make sense.


  341. OMGGG u guys!!
    omgg i cant find my legal TEXTBOOK!!!

  342. Michael Allan says

    Good to see someone appreciates my humour.

    I’m wearing my Richmond jumper, yet to decide on Newman or Collins though.

    It’s so great that Rex is on MMM. We always listen to MMM because my family loves it and I am always annoyed because I want to listen to Rex every once in a while.

    Should be great.

    It’s a shame he wont be singing ‘Richo Man’ though.

  343. YUP!! ur all weraing jumpers!
    minus me! lol
    but its okay cos my dress is black and white! :)

  344. Damian Watson says

    What are your opinions on Adam McPhee, seeing that he will not renew his contract with Essendon, I think he will move back to Freo.

    I’ll be shy tomorrow night, a little nervous when I walk in as well lol. I’ll probably be bugged because I have to play cricket in 36 degrees.

  345. Michael Allan says

    I think it’s poor form by Adam since he didn’t let his club know before so they could trade him like Luke Ball. I doubt Richmond or Melbourne will want him and he says he wants to go back to Freo because of Mar Harvey so I think he’ll go there too.

  346. Michael Allan says

    Don’t worry Damo.

    Steve will relax you by lying on the floor making suggestive poses.

  347. meh, he can do whateva he wants i guess.

    naww Damo! lol dont worry i wont be saying much either! you guys will be shocked at the diff of me in person cos im so shy.
    ill be drained also 3 exams and a mad dash with makeup and hair will take a lot out of me.


  349. Although he better be careful cos hes a goodlooking one, steve is!

  350. Steve Healy says

    Yeah when I walk through the doors it’ll be like walking into heaven.

  351. OMG that reminds me LMAOO
    i have to tell u guys this!!
    i went tv shoping with my uncle and it was hot i was in like a singlet, shorts and we walk into JB-HIFI and when u wlak in the doors slide and a huge gust of wind hits cos of the air conditioning so i walk in the wind hits and its like those shampoo ads, my hair long goes flying grecefully back and i confidently walk in..little did i know as soon as i had steeped in the guy in the laptop section was staring at me when it happened!!! LMAOO the smirk on his face was hilarious!!

  352. Michael Allan says

    lol, not entirely sure what that means but great. You and I will tear the place up Steve. It’s gonna be a wild night. lol.

  353. Steve Healy says

    I just mean that it’ll be walking into a strange but exciting place- I dunno

  354. lol when i told candy wabout the JB-HIFI inccident she was like
    “aww damn u woman, now i have to go there and experience that!”

    lmaoo beer for u!

  355. Michael Allan says

    Steve you should be a poet.

    The Fab Five is like a pizza.

    Will the book launch change our lives forever?

    The book launch will be like heaven – a strange yet exciting place.

    I wish I was as literet as you.

  356. lol i know huh what about the one about taking off shoes and absorbing the stories of the hallowed turf?? that my favourite.

    i write poems when im bored.
    heres a sample

    The same old story,
    Why tell it again?
    It’s my territory
    During the storms and rain
    Why should I bother?
    Go through the pain
    When nothing ever changes
    It’s always the same.

    Danielle eid

  357. Steve Healy says

    Well I’ve hardly written a poem in my life apart from ones at school.

    Maybe I should talk to that Haiku Bob guy if you think I’m good- the only problem is he goes for Collingwood.

  358. whats wrong with going for collingwood!?


  359. Steve Healy says

    Collingwood is wrong.

    The club, the culture, the place

    I don’t wanna see Joffa’s face

  360. Steve Healy says

    Oh and that was meant to be a poem

  361. …..


    im not talking to you 2mro!!


  362. Steve Healy says


  363. Michael Allan says

    I had to write two poems for Lit this year and they were both terrible. It marked the end of my poetry career.

  364. yeah u laugh now, wait till 2mro atleast the rest of teh guys will get a wave or ‘hi’ from me.


  365. Michael Allan says

    Oh yeah! I’m getting a greeting and a wave from the one and only Miss Danielle Eid.

    Be jealous Steve!

  366. Steve Healy says

    I just found out that I’m doing literature next year- I hope it’s good and easy.

  367. Damian Watson says

    Random Question: Have any of you guys seen the movie 2012? I thought it was a great film.

  368. Michael Allan says

    I liked it. I wanted to do it next year but they weren’t running it due to a lack of interest.

  369. Steve Healy says

    I am.

    Anson Cameron will be a late withdrawal and Liam Jurrah will launch the book!

  370. Steve Healy says

    Nah I haven’t Damo it looks pretty good though.

  371. Michael Allan says

    My siter saw it and thought it was just okay. Apparently the graphics are good in terms seeing landmarks get destroyed and stuff lol.

    Doesn’t really interest me.

  372. Damian Watson says

    I’m doing VCE History next year, yet to know if it was a good

  373. yes you are Mikey, and joshy and damo too!
    nahhh cnat say i have damo.

    lit is the best, ive done it for 3 years now, next year will be 4.

  374. omgg WOW DAMO!!
    i was gonna do that but then i would have missed out on NAZISM!! that was really interesting stuff!
    i did VCE religion…and well the exam was REALLLYYYYYYYYY HARD!!! :(
    so i dont know how i went.

  375. Michael Allan says

    I’ve done history 1+2 this year and enjoyed it. The exam’s tomorrow. It’ll be hard. What school do you go to Damo?

  376. Damian Watson says

    Emmaus College, we don’t have exams for another week, but I just want to get it over and done with!

  377. Steve Healy says

    I’m doing Nazism next year as well.

    I’m not doin any accelerated subjects so I’m lucky

  378. Michael Allan says

    I’ve preferred studying the Cold War to NAzi Germany. Nazism is really interesting like how Hitler came to power but I was more interested in the Cuban Missile Crisis because that almost destroyed the world.

    I also preffered the Cold War because we studied the Vietnam War and I enjoyed that because I’ve been to Vietnam.

  379. still not talking to u 2mro steve..

    im so upset at u… :(

  380. lol i jst did the exam for what u said mikey. i went on about the Vietcong and why Diem was the reason America lost and the medias impact on america’s withdrawl…
    i didnt like vietnam or cold war. i prefered learning Nazi Germany.
    were so opposite!! lol

  381. Steve Healy says

    what did I do?

    It wasn’t the first time one of us has bagged Collingwood

  382. Damian Watson says

    Better be off guys, I might watch the Packed to the Rafters episode I missed last night lol.

    Cya at the launch tomorrow!

  383. …ur so mean to me steve
    just because i go for collingwood.. :(
    i thought u loved me!!
    obvioulsy not.

  384. cya damo!! :)

  385. Steve Healy says

    Cya Damo,

    I’d go without the packed to the rafters episode

  386. Steve Healy says

    I do like you and I don’t think you should hate me now over a stupid little grudge

  387. steve, you have to understand that when u have a go at Collingwood your having a go at me, what i love, who i stand for, a very important part of my life!
    do i go bagging Melbourne?

  388. Michael Allan says

    haha how could you not like the Cold War? It’s so interesting because you’ve got Capitalist U.s.A versus Communist Russia. Thery’re so different yet so powerful. A bit like us two. lol.

    I like the Vietnam War because evenn though US.A were heaps stronger the North still won. I havn’t liked Cambodia very mucbh though.

  389. Steve Healy says

    Yes, you have bagged Melbourne before. We all bag each other’s teams and that’s just life. We all go for different teams, so you just have to handle critisicim and not take things to heart when I’m joking around

  390. Michael Allan says

    I love it how I can disagree with everythinbg Danni says and she’ll still lioke me but Steve says one bad thing about Collingwood and she wont speak to him. lol

  391. lol i dont know the cold war seems boring after stuff like the Reichstage fire!
    lmaoo im deff a Capitalist!
    you know ive never been able to be compared with someone as a Superpower country before! Lmaoo.
    yeah but dont forget they were on the same level with weapons cos The USSR supplied the Vietcong. the thing that brought them over the line was the fact that oppositon leader Diem was corrut, unpopular and Catholic and the fact that the Vietcong used Guerrilla tactics better suited to the dense forests.

  392. thats cos steve is special to me!
    hes my STEVEYYY!!
    So obviuosly im gonan get more easliy upset when he says something bad about collingwood.

  393. Michael Allan says

    How can you compare excitement between quite possibly the end of the world and a bloody fire?

    Your a strange girl my Collingwood friend.

    Did you do Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge at all?

  394. lol i cant help it. hitler has a hold on me! i get shivers when i watch him deliver speeches. hes a terrible but great piece of history.

    nah we didnt do cambodia or Khmer Rouge.
    id love to jst do a course on Hitler and Henry VIII

  395. Michael Allan says

    I don’t want the Fab 5 separated before we meeet.

    Dr Allan to the rescue!

    Now Danni your getting a little to personel over a little joke.

    And Steve it’s not very nice to have a go at the culture of the club.


  396. lol okay…
    i love u steve!
    :)i forgive u for bagging me.
    dont do it again!!

  397. so did i jst prove that im a smart collingwood supporter or what??
    :) lol
    its okay to bag me when i bag me!!

  398. Steve Healy says

    Dr Allan is right, but I don’t think you can talk much about having a go at culture’s of clubs.

  399. heres an interesting fact for u mikey;
    more bombs where dropped by the usa on vietnma than all the bobmbs dropped on europe in the second world war.

  400. Danni, Collingwood is the greatest sporting club in the world, great players, great coach, great facilities. Now, wanna rephrase your opinion on mine and Steve’s looks?? Cmon you know im the better lookin one! :)

  401. nice timing josh.

  402. Steve Healy says

    Look Danni, I didn’t bag YOU, I bagged Collingwood.

    Well at least your happier now

  403. Michael Allan says

    Are you saying I have a go at club cultures? Or are you trying to allude that Richmond has a bad club culture. Either way your heading down a path that is nothing but bad news for you.

  404. steve ur forgeting something:

    “i love u too danni!!”

  405. whhooooaaaaaaaaa down tiger!!!
    i jst proved that we shouldnt get too sensitive eyyy??

  406. Michael Allan says

    Yeah that’s a good one Danni, how about this.

    In 1961 Soviet Union detonated the worlds largest bomb that contained more explosive power than all the bombs exploded in WWII.

  407. Steve Healy says

    Ok Danni I love you too, we’re all friends and like Michael said we shouldn’t be arguing the day before the launch

  408. I did something on Hitler today.

    Anyway, im knackered after tennis, cya tomorrow guys

  409. Michael Allan says

    Yes Steve. Dr Allan did say that. But that was before you had your little comment of club cultures? So what did you mean by that?

  410. ohh is that the same fact stating that it could bomb the world over 3 times?

    yayy steve! :)


  411. Steve Healy says

    Nah I’m just refferring to the time you were having a go at the Dees not being entertaining to watch and stuff like that.

  412. Michael Allan says

    Yeah I’ve read that one too. This is why the Cold War is so interesting.

  413. LOL ill bet he said that after he watched a game when Jurrah wasnt playing so thats why he sais it.

  414. i didnt read those,
    my teacher said them in class.
    you know they say some really interseting stuff if u listen to them. lol

  415. Michael Allan says

    Well that’s good that you weren’t refferring to what I thought you were.

    I’m not sure what your talking about but if I said the Dees weren’t entertaining to watch then their are two points for you to consider

    1) That is a comment on your on-field perfomance not ur culture

    2) I was obviously wrong because I love some of the Dees players to watch sucjh as Jurrah, Davey(best kick in the comp) and McDonald.

    I’m off now goodnight. See you all tomorrow.

  416. ok see ya mikey.
    well steve i better go too.
    get some study in me!
    ohh and straighten my hair!

    cya 2 mrooo!!

  417. McDonald is boring, no offence. Steve, text me tomorrow if you remember, ok guys now im going, i’ve said that, what 4 times now today lol bye!

  418. See ya Michael.

    I think you may have said something about the culture but I can’t put a finger on it cos I can’t remember when it was.

    Best kick in the comp? you should’ve said that earlier Michael.

  419. cya guys. Just me now and it’s only just past 10

  420. hey everyone- lol

    Oh well better be off to bed now

  421. Steve Healy says

    Hey Michael, Collins has changed numbers from 42 to 24, not good news for you. Also Connors has changed from 39 to 19, Graham 44 to 25, Nahas 38 to 26 and Andrew Browne from 43 to 34.

    Looks like Cameron Cloke might be off to Port Adelaide.

    Documentry on Jim Stynes’ trip to Yuendumu on Sunday night

  422. zomgg..maybe i shouldnt get a number afterall! look at those changes!!
    liek i said, who the hell is Ben Reid?? lol
    poor cameron needs to get it through his pretty head that he isnt footy material! the camera loves him!

    so did i miss anything with my early departure?

  423. Steve Healy says

    yeah you actually did Danni. Damo, Josh and Michael were having a kick while I was with my Dad, and they kicked Josh’s footy on to this balcony with bushes, and me and Michael squeezed through this fence to get in and look for the ball, but we couldn’t find it unfortunately and I got all these buds on me

  424. LOL! niceeeee..

    did u see what i wrote in your book?
    JURRAH! lol
    ohh and thanks for booing my boys in INK!

  425. Steve Healy says

    no problem, you can always put white out on it lol

  426. lucky i left early!
    as soon as i got into the car i kicked off the heels!! lol my feet were hurting me!
    i then studied my ass off till midnight and did my LAST EXAM today!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    IM FREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!
    :) lmao

  427. Steve Healy says

    lol good work. I’m just happy that it’s the weekend.

    Me and Josh agreed that the fab 5 should meet up again at the footy next year.

  428. Totally Steve, i’ll even go to a Melbourne game with you guys.

    Just arrived home, thanks for the night last night fellas. It was awesome. Anson was so funny! So was John. Danni, i have a surprise for you lol i’ll email it to you soon.

    Weather in Fawkner was terrible! Almost blew away!

  429. oh dont tell me you guys finally got talking when i left! lol
    i mean i thought i was shy, but i tried hard not to be!
    Mikey and i hit it off well Joshy was really wayy more Shy than i thought!
    yeah that would be cool although it would be hard because theres no

  430. really? a surpise for me??
    lol should i be worried??

  431. Steve Healy says

    oh hey Josh. I hope you’d be willing to make a trip for the Dees game.

    Yeah we kind of got talking a bit more, Damo asked me some questions about games this year and I was talking to Michael with his Mum.

  432. ohh and what happ to WATTS?
    have u seen him NOW?
    Hes lost his pretty appeal!! :(
    im so upset!!! :(

    lol i didnt even recognise Paul until they said his name and he went to the Mic.

  433. Steve Healy says

    Yeah neither did I Danni lol.

    John couldn’t stop laughing at Anson hahaha that was hillarious.

    Danni, you were shorter than I thought! and you were wearing heels

  434. Told you i was shy. When you got there my sister goes “Theres Danielle, go talk to her!” and i was like nah! And she kept telling me to go to talk to you, then she left to go to a shop and then we were talkin when she got back lol.

    The surprise involves one of your favourite players..

  435. Steve Healy says

    Jack looks like he’s putting on some muscle, that’s good.

    Come on Danni, he just got a haircut!

  436. I was shocked when Gigs came up to me lol i dunno why but i didnt recognize him. The first person to talk to me when i got there was Pamela Sherpa and JTH

  437. i told u i was SHORTTT!! lol
    i didnt want to wear higher heels cos i was already overdressed! lol although some Almanacers told me i looked nice and that they liked my dress :)

    lol really Josh? how did your sister know me? lol i liked your fam josh. ur sister is really nice!

  438. ..
    im so upsett!!
    hes not pretty anymore!! :(

    Yeah same i met Pamela first, shes so cool!
    then ofcorse Mr.Starkie who introduced me to Harmsy. lol then i was shy to go up to josh.

  439. Steve Healy says

    I know what the surprise is Danni!

    Pamela Sherpa and JTH were the first to approach me as well!

    Josh’s family and Michael’s mum are nice.

  440. I swear i’ve seen your Uncle before Danni. Thanks, i thought you guys would hate them lol sorry Steve and Damo for them making us get a photo taken. I’ll send all the pics Mum took to you guys, she was the only person there with a camera! Crio was asking her to send all the pics to him. Yeah she is nice, Hayley recognized you from your picture in the book.

  441. lol my english teacher came up to me today asi was leaving school cos she read my entry in the book. lol she was so proud!
    :) my teachers are awesome. do you knwo steve!! lol i wanna knoww!!

  442. ohh cool LOL.
    mmm i dont think my uncle has even been near Waaia.

  443. Lol i liked your article too Danni. Im up to Hawks v Eagles, Round 5. I’ve already read the other 4 reports from you guys though. I liked Damo’s too, especially the kitchen table bit lol.

    Yeah Steve and Damo and me went for a kick and next thing Michael was tagging along with us lol. He’s really nice

  444. lol yeah i loved mikey! :)
    hes quite funny lmaoo
    not bad looking in real life either.

  445. You should have came outside Danni, it was easier to talk out there

  446. Steve Healy says

    Yeah Danni you should’ve had a kick with us.

    I need to get through the book tonight.

    I loved Gigs’ line when he came up to me: Guess who I am?

  447. lol you guys were kicking the footy and i was NOT wearing the right shoes!
    lol how cute was Damo!!
    i swear ive seen him somewhere before.

    so how i do compare to your ideal picture of a ‘feral collingwood supporter?’

  448. lol i felt like a celeb having people coem up to me and know my name when i didnt know theirs!

  449. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I got a few “Hi Steve’s” and “You must be Steve, your an icon around here or something like that”. I think it was Tony Roberts who said that

  450. Steve Healy says

    Josh next time I’m in Carlton i’ll go down that alley and try and find that footy again lol

  451. lol i was one of those, only cos i knew there was no way you guys were gonna come up to me lol

  452. It took me a while to figure out who the small man in the Footscray was (Crio), Dad said it might have been Robert Murpy haha. Murphy didnt do alot actually, just stayed at the back. Dad got his autograph on a coaster.

  453. Steve Healy says

    I only saw Murphy at the start when you pointed him out Josh, but I was gonna ask him to sign my book but I think he left quickly cos I couldn’t find him afterwards

  454. …was robert murphy there?
    lmao gee i really must be blind.

  455. Steve Healy says

    I didn’t know who the other guy in the Dees jumper was until he came up to me, Mark Freeman is his name. He’s a good guy.

  456. that waiter guy was hot…

  457. Steve Healy says

    didn’t you say that JTH was hot?

  458. Didnt you say Gigs was hot?? Haha joking, i sent the email

  459. …steve im talking about THE WAITER GUY!!

  460. Steve Healy says

    oh yeah that guy lol.

    Nah you said “John should say something not just stand there and look pretty”.

  461. lol yeah its a joke cos he was standing at the mic for like ages but he wasnt speaking!

  462. I was gonna get your number Danni but you left! lol i got Damo’s, i was texting him after we both left. Michael doesnt have a phone.

    I had one dim sim last night, the drinks were terrible

  463. Steve Healy says

    lol yeah. Nice pics Josh

  464. Steve Healy says

    Oh Josh I’m sorry if you didn’t get a reply, my credit ran out unfortunately.

  465. Steve Healy says

    Danni, what is your mobile number?

    What’s Damo’s?

  466. ..josh



    last photo




    help me!!

  467. Oh ok, i was wondering if you had got home safely, we almost didnt lol me and Dad went to another pub after we left The Clyde and some old italian dude started talking to us, we could hardly understand him he was that drunk and he kept grabbing me, eventually i brushed him off and kept walking, then i had to walk back past him. Then we got into a taxi to get back to the motel and the driver didnt know where to go! The motel we stayed at was awesome, it was directly opposite Visy Park

  468. Steve Healy says

    Old Italian dude? not Damo’s Grandpa lol?

    Did you have a kick at Visy Park?

  469. DYINGGG

    I think ive died and gone to heaven, Andrew swallow YOU FREAKKING STUNNERRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the last photo KILLED ME

  470. Haha i hope not. He kept doing that thing where you make a cross with your fingers, hard to explain.

    Nah i wanted to, i was gonna this morning, but then i realized i had no footy haha

  471. Sorry Danni, it wasnt supposed to make you die, i love the picture of Warren haha i was having a good chat with him after i took the photo. The only one that didnt talk to me was Wells, but he was getting a rub down so i dont blame him

    how did god create someone soo freaking HOT!
    he deffinalty took his time making Swallow!
    :) hes soooo HOTTTTTT!!


    i would have!!

  473. Steve Healy says

    I’ve barely ever since the Dees train, I did twice in the space of a couple of weeks in 2007 but apart from that I’ve only been a few other times when I was much younger.

    Is that Sam Wright with his back turned in that picture?

  474. No Danni i didnt lol, i only had 6 pictures i could take and i wasted 3 of them on Swallow just for you so count yourself lucky lol. Robbie Tarrant is huge!

  475. Steve Healy says

    Danni that’s enough you’ve done 3 comments of DYYYIIINNNGG

  476. Steve Healy says

    I hope Robbie Tarrant makes his debut, he’s had a really bad run of injuries

  477. but im an DYYYINGGGGGG
    you have no idea what i swore when i saw the last photo!
    i think i need to go to confession on sunday!!

    Thanks soo much JOSH!! :)

  478. Nah thats Luke Delaney i think, not sure though. I saw some of them nude as well :O not a pretty sight. Daniel Pratt is tiny! And im not talkin bout height.

    Oh and Alan Obst walked past me and sneezed and he goes “Oh f*** me dead!” and i was like jeez are you allergic to me or something??

  479. Which photo are you talking about Danni? the one of him outside or the close up of him?

  480. OBSTT!!??
    HES SO HOT!!

  481. the one outside..
    gezze i dont normally swear but jst then..


  482. Steve Healy says

    Oh Josh don’t put those images in my head!

    Were they just gettin changed or were they in the showers

  483. Sorry Steve, i think some of them had showers coz Petrie was dripping wet and some of it went on me, unless he was sweating real bad, but some didnt have showers.

  484. ohh PETRIE??!!
    OMGG hes soo hot too!!
    sweating hot!! wooooooooooo!!

    lol sorry steve

  485. Oh and Lachie Hansen, Brady Rawlings and Spud Firrito had massive moustaches haha

  486. Steve Healy says

    Petrie isn’t as good looking as half the Melbourne players, and you don’t think any of them are hot! not even Watts any more lol

  487. well its not my fault!
    he was teh only hot Melbourne player and now thats all OVER

  488. I thought Danni would freak over the new Watts, but in a good way. I cant wait to see him play next season. For you Age readers, which is both of you, Liam Anthony split open his finger in a tragic accident and he’s severed the tendons and everything and he had his arm in a big bandage today.

  489. …gee he is one my husbands..i should do something right?


  490. Steve Healy says

    Yes, stop marrying footy players who don’t play for the Dees!

  491. Guys mum just came up with an idea:

    If you guys wanna, the book shop in Shepparton that had Gary Lyon and Felice Arena there last week would maybe want the fab 5 to do a book signing of this years Almanac in a months time or whatever.

  492. Oh and i saw Collingwood and Richmond train today as well, and when Dad pulled out of our parking spot at Arden Street we nearly ran over Cruize Garlett haha

  493. Damian Watson says

    Hey guys,
    lol Anson’s speech was hilarious, it was funny as soon as Colin Firth’s name was mentioned we all turned to Danni.

    I was suprised at how shy we all where! lol at least we began to get the conversation rolling later on.

    Yeah I saw a report on Liam Anthony on Seven News a few minutes ago.

  494. Steve Healy says

    Yes, great idea Josh’s Mum!

    I’d love to do that

  495. Damian Watson says

    I’d second that as long as it’s not around Christmas time.

  496. I loved Anson’s last line “Consider the bastard launched!” haha

  497. And John was really funny when he was talking about the Round 2 report of Geelong and Richmond lol it made it really funny reading it today

  498. Steve Healy says

    Damo! Josh gave me ya mobile number by the way

    Yeah we were pretty shy but it was too hard to hear us talk cos there were so many people

  499. i know..i had to hold myslef back from running onto the stage and grabbing the MIC:
    “wooooooooooooooo COLIN FIRTHHHHH!!”

  500. Damian Watson says

    I liked David parkin’s comment at the back.

    Someone spilt their beer on my book lol.

  501. Lol yeah you were smiling when he said his name. And i was trying to remember the name of that weird bloke who smells the hankerchief of his lover and ask if my Sister was in love with him but i couldnt remember his name.

  502. LORNEZO!!! from the merchant of Venice! :)

    hehe i couldnt help it- automatic reaction as soon as Colin os mentioned i smile and get all gigley!!

  503. Steve Healy says

    Oh, who’s read Howard Kimber’s bio at the back? it’s so funny! lol

  504. ..The waiter dude was so hot..

  505. Hahahahaha lol

    Danni i went past your school again, i waved at it this time. The storm was incredible, best lightning ever and i was actually starting to get a tad scared.

  506. lol!! yay!! I hope i was there when you waved! :)

    lol i love sleeping when theres heavy rain and thunder.

  507. Damian Watson says

    Yeah Howard Kimber’s was funny.

    I liked Matt O’Connor’s on Collingwood’s premiership drought.

    If I was paid a dollar for every time the words ‘I Hate Carlton’ appeared in the book, I’d forget about the workforce altogether.

  508. Steve Healy says

    Yeah there was lightning when we were playing lawn bowls for P.E.

    Some guy in my class rolled a ball at lightning pace into my foot- and we were all barefoot

  509. Oh and by the way, Melbourne is so damn loud when your trying to get to sleep!! How do you guys put up with it? When your at Waaia the only thing you hear at night is a motorbike and maybe a car opposed to trams and heavy traffic

  510. lol Damo!
    its funny cos mine says thst
    and when you read Mr.Starkie’s his says that and then he goes on to list the reasons. lol it was funny when John read them out! lol

  511. Steve Healy says

    Josh, I live in a suburban street, only a few cars go past at night as well. There are no trams or buses that go past my house

  512. Lol yeah when John was mentioning the I hate Carlton bit i was laughing at you

  513. Oh and where did you find the information about the number changes Steve?

  514. Damian Watson says

    I hope it rains tomorrow so I don’t have to play cricket. We made 21 in our batting innings last week.

    We’re fairly used to the noise.

    Are you talented at lawn bowls Steve? lol

  515. i love the noise and vibrancy of MELBOURNE!!

  516. Damian Watson says

    Everyone looks at Carlton with envy.

    – we are too wealthy
    -we’ve won too many premierships etc.

    I wonder what the other 21 reasons were?

  517. lol well i hate carlton less now that fev is gone.
    but i still would hate losing to them.

  518. Steve Healy says

    Nah Damo, every hits their peak of lawn bowls form at 90. lol

  519. but Damo is a nice Carlton supporterm :)
    and i also think that i re-defined ‘collingwood supporter’ im wasnt feral was i?

  520. Oh by the way guys, would you be interested in going to a double match next season? Possibly Round 2 Saturday afternoon, Collingwood v Melbourne at the G then North v St Kilda that night at Etihad

  521. Actually Danni, your the last person i’d expect to like footy as much as you do, usually girls who like footy wear jeans and t-shirts, not fancy dresses haha

  522. ..arggh i wish.
    i dont know! i cant be sure form now cos i could have a SAC that week and those go my to enterscore. dont let me stop you guys from having fun.

  523. Steve Healy says

    Yeah Danni, you’re the nicest Collingwood supporter I can think of.

  524. lmaoo JOSH! very honest answer. :)
    well what can i say? im the whole package1
    i love my footy and i mean LOVE
    YET i love dressing up and doing my hair and makeup.
    i dont weird LOL

  525. the way i looked ta the launch is how i go to the footy, minus the dress and heels ofcourse. LOL

  526. Steve Healy says

    hang on are you saying you go to the footy naked?

  527. Damian Watson says

    Don’t worry Danni, I liked your report.

    When you’re team loses to us next year I’ll be the one saying OH SHUT UP! lol kidding.

  528. yeah..yeah i do!!

    OMG STEVE blond much? lol
    NO i go in my gersey jeans and ugg-boots

  529. naww thanks Damo! :)
    lol ill bet you will

  530. Steve Healy says

    Danni, surely you can go to the footy once in year 12!

  531. Do you guys want the photos that Mum took last night?

  532. Damian Watson says

    Did anyone tell Danni that she missed out on the team photo?

  533. youd think so but i cant when i have a SAC and normally i never have only one in one week. because they all give the Sac like in the same time. :(
    ive only got THAT one year to set myself in line, get a good ENTER and become Samantha Lane’s intern!

  534. yeah, sorry i had to leave guys but my feet were killing me and i left media for that night to study.

  535. Steve Healy says

    nah we didn’t lol

  536. Lol you wouldnt have been in view of the photo anyway Danni coz your too short :)

  537. Steve Healy says

    Danni, footy comes first for me, studying always comes second- always

  538. yeah i thats true, plus u cant take a photo of me withoutme finding something to complain about how i look and make u delete it.


    teacher- “where is steve? this is the exam that will detemine the rest of his life!”

    some hot guy that goes to Steves school:
    “ohh, he said watching the Melbourne players eat breakfast was more imporant, he couldnt miss it!”


  540. Damo, Michael, and Steve were all kneeling down and i was standing, and i stood on Steve and Michael’s legs so yeah sorry bout that guys, i was standin next to some hot chick though :)

  541. Oh the Roos had a massive bucket of ice with zooper doopers in them lol some players were eating 3 at once

  542. Steve Healy says

    yep that’s right Danni.

    Who was it Josh?

  543. LMAOOO!! kneeling down? thankgod i wasnt there or gOgs would have grabbed teh mic and said: “OHH LOOK THERES A FEW GUYS PROPOSINGG!!!” lmaooo

    lmaoo you should have spoke to her JOSH!

  544. That should say GIGS not Gogs! LMAO

  545. Steve Healy says

    Gogs? you mean Gigs lol

  546. yes i meant to say Gigs!
    but he so would have done that!

  547. Lol i remember you kept asking who was gonna sing Danni lol

  548. lol yeah, i really wanted to sing!
    i really did!

  549. Steve Healy says

    Are you a good singer Danni?

  550. lol how embarrasing was it when we were pointed on on the mic?
    lol you guys went red and i was staring at the floor like..OMGGG! lmaoo

  551. lol i dont know1
    i did choir for about 4 years in Primary school but its not cool to do it in highschool and i dont like the songs my school choir sings so..yeahh i dont know.

    so steve are people right to attack me when i say im chubby? lol

  552. Steve Healy says

    Yes, I think you’re just normal, you don’t look chubby at all.

    I was worried that you’d be really fat when you were talking about your food obsession lol

  553. Lol people woulda been sayin that about me for sure! :)

    Did anyone hear my sis yell out my name when they said Josh Barnstable? lol

  554. lmaoo so i didnt turn you off then? LMAOO
    nahh i eat really huge amounts of chocolate, ive put on weight.

  555. lmaoo yeah that was funny!
    cos you were already embarrased

  556. Steve Healy says

    yeah lol I heard that lol

  557. Lol i was gettin so scared too coz Paul said he would have to get me up there and have a talk about where the country begins lol and i thought he was for real

  558. lol! that would have been interesting considering how shy you were wif jst us.
    dont worry i would have saved u by singing.

  559. Thanks Danni haha, i wasnt as shy when we were outside having a kick, Michael and Damo could tell you that too. We had a conversation going on out there, until some b-word drove her car up there and told us to move!

  560. nawww great so evreyone was only shy when i was around? am i intimidating?? :(

    lol ohh a BETCH??

  561. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I heard her too, what would you have talked about Josh? lol

    I was trying to get both Steve and Josh to compete against each other when I quizzed you about this years games, it’s hard to declare a winner

  562. Steve Healy says

    next time Damo, lol.

    Nah your not intimidating at all you should’ve come outside though

  563. Yeah sorry Damo i could hardly hear you when you were asking questions lol, but next time i’ll come out as winner.

  564. Steve Healy says

    yeah you wish lol.

    When we go to the footy next year we will hear each other perfectly

  565. it was hotter outside and i didnt want my makeup to melt off!

  566. Steve Healy says

    very funny Danni.

  567. you think im joking?
    im serious! it really happens.
    cos i had the full face of foundation and bronzer and all that jazz and it was hot and sweaty like jst the walk from my uncles car to the pub i felt it melting.
    lol i dont know if josh noticed but when i walked in my heel got caught in the space from the outdoors to the inside carpet!

  568. Haha yep i saw that lol nah i didnt. Damo whats your email addy? I’ll send you these pictures

  569. Steve Healy says

    lol that would’ve been funny to see, funnier than when Michael was kicking the footy

  570. Damian Watson says

    I just sent you an email with my email address. Is it OK if you send me Steve’s number providing Steve doesn’t mind of course.

  571. LOL you shoulda seen the kick that made it go up on the balcony, no offence buddy but you should never try a banana kick again! lol

  572. lol i was in a mid hop right in the doorway in view of my teacher and John Harms who both ddint notice lol my uncle who was walking next to me was like: “come on” he thought i was jst standing there not wnating to go in. you get me going..
    “umm my heel is stuck!” he jst laughed lol

  573. funny u didnt notice josh, you had a perfect view.

  574. Steve Healy says

    0458027905- I don’t care about privacy

  575. rofl i jst remember what Mikey said
    :so let me get this straight, when i say something about collingwood its okay but when steve does its not cos hes your stevey?”

    me: “yeah”

  576. Damian Watson says

    lol Josh just sent me your number. Apparently Jordan Bannister may become an AFL umpire.

    no wonderrrr……………

  578. Steve Healy says

    yeah I heard that as well Danni.

    I remember when I said Colin Garland and danni said “who”?

  579. …who?

  580. lol i remember Michael saying that too, and when me, Steve and Michael were outside we were talking about how you werent holding a grudge over Steve after that argument

  581. lol you guys were having a meeting about me?

  582. Lol maybe, it was funny when Michael got out of the railing coz i think he got a cramp in his leg haha.

  583. lol gezze i didnt know i was being analysed! lmaoo
    so who gave the best opinion on my dress?

  584. Lol i dont think anyone was talking about it, did you like my sisters dress? you probably didnt notice it lol. I agreed with Steve and Michael, they should have played footy replays on the TV’s, not Beauty and the Geek

  585. oh well that sucks considering the goof feedbakc i was getting lol even Gigs complimented my dress!
    yeah i was saying they should have put on the grandfinal.

  586. yeah your sister’s dress was cute! :)
    you know the dress i was wearing is probably one of my casual dresses, imagine if i had frocked up.

  587. Damian Watson says

    Wasn’t the NFL on the TV?

  588. yeah and they had those annoying helmet on so i couldnt pick out cute ones. atleast that waiter dude was there……..

  589. Yeah but that’s NFL, i was watching the cricket in the motel after the Launch. I just sent the photos.

  590. Was the waiter dude the dark guy with a black goatee? I thought he was a Knacker lol

  591. Damian Watson says

    Sorry Josh I typed in the wrong email address I think I left something

    I just sent you my real one.

  592. …lol i think hes a waiter, i mean he was walking around with the fingerfood platter!
    yeah that guy the one who looks like Leo DiCaprio if he blonder. i still havent told candy about him, shell freak cos shes in LOVE with Leo.

  593. What happened to the hot chick i was standin next too! She was wearin a dress, not a Saints jumper!

  594. josh i have idea who you are on about!
    why didnt u point her out to me??

  595. Haha coz you left! I just watched a replay of Anson and John’s speech (Mum videoed it)

  596. lol ohh.
    lol that speech was funny.
    and at times awkward, lol me and mikey were jst like.. ‘okayyy…’

  597. haha i liked it how Anson had long pauses sometimes and i had no idea if he was gonna keep talking. And i noticed a baby was crying throughout Anson’s speech, i hadn’t noticed last night. Did you see the kid in the Tigers guernsey reading a book last night? He was sitting behind you Danni, i thought it was cute haha

  598. yes ofcorse i noticed cos the kid was tugging on my heel! no joke.
    mikey was laughing at him.
    cute kid though.

  599. I thought it might have been Paul’s kid

  600. not sure.
    any kid in a gersey looks cute! :)
    its weird kids seem to like me a lot.
    once we were at Flemmington racecorse and there was this hot guy.. anyway his little brother who lookes like hed only started to walk we next to me, next thing i know the kidd is tugging on my dress and his brotehr notices appologises, tells the kid off and carrys him off. LMAOO

  601. Haha lol.
    I saw a licence plate today while we were stopped at a red light and it was MCG 068 lol i took a picture of it on my phone. We almost didnt make it back home today lol the car broke down so many times

  602. dont tell me you stopped at one of those country gas stations with the hot new young machanic guys that have car oil and grease on their amazing arms???!!

  603. No, we went to a ford dealership place

  604. ..ohh..
    i got excited.

  605. Yeah sorry bout that lol

  606. wheres the rest of the crew, not one word from Mikey, when are his exams?

  607. Not sure, Steve left to have fish and chips and Damo is being all quiet as usual lol

  608. Damian Watson says

    Nah I’m still here.

    I’ve just been watching a bit of that School Of Rock movie.

    Josh I was wondering have you ever played at the Nagambie ground? I went there a couple of months ago.

  609. since my thingo hasnt been posted yet ill paste it here for your entertainment:

    A Day in the life of Jack Anthony’s Wag.

    Jack: “Danni, where’s my tie, honey?”

    Danni: “it’s in the cupboard on the left, darling!”

    *muffled noises*

    Jack: “I can’t find it! Do you know which one im looking for?”

    Danni: “hold on sweetie ill be there in a sec”

    *Danni enters room *

    Jack: “hey…wait a minute…what is this??”
    *Pulls out a hidden photo of Cameron Cloke from Danni’s cupboard draws*

    Danni: “Ohhhh!! That’s…That’s nothing…HUH that old thing it’s just a picture of Cameron during his Collingwood days.”

    Jack: “Ohh really now! And why do you still have it then?”

    Danni: “I don’t know Jack, would you relax, and gee you get so jealous so easily, it’s just an old photo….
    “An old amazing photo… gee I forgot how adorable Cameron was….”

    *Jack tenses up and snatches photo*

    Jack: “well if it’s just an old photo then you won’t mind me throwing away, I mean not only did he play for Carlton but now even they have shown him the door!”

    Danni *Jumps up*
    “NOO!!! You cant that’s my baby…”

    Jack: “YOU’RE WHAT!!??…I KNEW IT you still have a thing for Cloke don’t you? HUH?”

    Danni: “….maybe…”

    Jack: “you’re supposed to be in love with me Danni, ME!!

    Danni: “well duh Jack why would I be here if I wasn’t! Plus were not even married yet cos your taking longer then Collingwood to win a premiership to propose to me!”

    Jack: “hey now you knew that if everything went to plan against Geelong we would have had our first kid by now!”

    Danni: “… you don’t recon Mick will take Cameron back?”

    Jack: “WHAT! Again with Cameron, come on Danni! What does he have that I don’t?”


    Jack: “there’s more isn’t there?”
    *pulls out draw, throws clothes out to expose a draw full of photos*

    Jack: “lets see what we have here..ahh Cousins, Buddy, Bartel, Hawkins, Swallow, PENDLES?…DANNI YOU HAVE PENDLES IN HERE? How will I be able to look him in the eyes tomorrow at training??”

    *Danni sits down on bed and shrugs*


    *Danni asleep on bed, Jack still going through draw*

    Jack: “you have got 50000 photos of Nathan Brown alone… Danni I can’t believe this, I really can’t… hey I FOUND THE TIE!!”

    THE END.

  610. Hahahaha lol thats gold Danni.
    Nah i havent Damo, i’ve been past it though.

  611. Haha thanks!
    i think ive got it on the dollar :)

  612. Lol. I saw the Collingwood players today

  613. Browny? and superman?

  614. Dunno, they are hard to spot from a long distance, but i saw Dale Thomas. I saw two Dale Thomas’ today, him and Sam Wright lol


  616. Lol i never realized how close Gosch’s Paddock and Punt Road Oval are together, after that punch on this season betwen the two sides i wouldnt have been surprised if Alan Toovey threw some grenades into the Tigers training camp haha, Toovey would probably forget to pull the pin though

  617. LMAOOO!!
    ohh goshh!!
    it would have been funny if was at the launch, i mean my heels were already getting stuck so imagine what would have happened if he was there

  618. Hmmm maybe HE would have started singing?

  619. omggg me in a duet with TOOVEY!!
    could you imagine!!

    nahh it would be more like;
    *danni goes to attack toovey but heel gets caught and he escapes*

  620. Haha that’d be funny lol

  621. Sooo…whats everyone getting for christmas?

  622. money! so i can spend it on clothes and shoes

  623. ohh and im also hoping to get Nathan Brown. :)

  624. Lol we went to some clothing place today called Route 66, it was a weird place.

  625. ohhh i love shopping!!
    i shop till i drop LITERALLY!!
    if i dont buy anything i feel depressed!
    the first shop i got into ill come out with bags! :)

  626. I hate people who go into shops, look for an hour then come out with nothing!!

  627. lol im the opposite!!
    i walk in and the first thing that i see if i like it ill buy it! mum tells me off for buying stuff without cheeckin to see if other stores have it at a diff price or diff colour/style/size.

  628. well i better head off.
    its story time or should i say time to read the Almanac! :)

    Good night ;)


  629. Lol okay, yeah im gonna read my Almanac now too.


  630. Melbourne and Brisbane will play an exhibition match in Shanghai next year, according to Kevin Sheedy and the Herald Sun. I cant wait!

  631. lol so your going to the match then Josh?

  632. Steve Healy says

    When? I can’t wait either!

  633. Lol dad been shwoing my piece in the Almanac to evryone that comes over to our house!! LMAOO its so embrassing!!
    and then they all complain that i didnt mention them in my thankyou section.

  634. Yeah i’ll be going lol, its on October 17 next year.

    Yesterday mum was holding the book outside the window while we were driving saying to everyone to buy the Almanac haha

  635. lmaoo ur mum is so cute!!
    maybe i should get the priest to talk about it during her sermon at church on Sunday!

  636. the should say during THE sermon*

  637. Tennis got cancelled today, i was so disappointed i didnt even go back to sleep. Spotted some more mistakes in the book

  638. lol gee Josh i dont look that deeply into it.
    i jst read and enjoy!
    i will NEVER be an editor.

  639. I dont read it for the mistakes, i just notice them

  640. that what i mean though!
    like you read is too deeply that you are able to notice mistakes!
    i can’t do that!
    wooo i might be going to the movies 2mro to see New Moon.
    it feels good not having to open any school books! :)

  641. it took me 4 hours to empty and throw out stuff from my folders.
    the pile of notes i recycled reached 30cm in height!!

  642. Steve Healy says

    more mistakes Josh?

    Maybe for you Danni but for me and Josh we notice mistakes in scores and stuff more easily- no offence.

  643. I remember i found at least 30 mistakes in one of Jim Main’s books, lol i was reading it before and didnt notice that someone was trying to talk to me.

    Status – still kicking myself for being so shy on Thursday!

  644. Steve Healy says

    don’t worry Josh, you can redeem yourself in the next fab 5 meet up.

    What were the mistakes you found in the Almanac?

  645. In the Round 15 Hawthorn v North Melbourne match details, for either the Malarkey Votes or Brownlow Votes it has an (A) for Adelaide next to Brad Sewell’s name, and i cant remember the other one i found.

  646. So Danni, if we organize this book signing thing in Shepp, are you in?

  647. shepp? is that like Shepparton?
    lol like i said before guys i can say anything from now.

  648. lol josh you were REALLYYYYYYY SHY lol
    i was trying not to be shy..i think i did okay but i still could have been much better.

  649. Yep, if i ever say Shepp its short for Shepparton, if i ever say Murka its short for Numurkah, remember that lol. Sadly there is no shortened version of saying Waaia.

  650. Lol when you first walked in i was trying so hard to avoid eye contact but then we looked at each other and i was like oh crap! haha

  651. lmaoo!!well u missed my heel getting stuck then i wanst sure if it was you then i saw they gersey and im like yerpp its him. after a few minutes i was like” okay HES SO NOT comming over, looks like ill have to make the first move” LOL

  652. Haha i was willing myself to go over to you but i was afraid you would be too scared to talk and it would be awkward so i was texting Steve telling him to hurry up and get their so he could break the ice but next thing you were standin in front of me lol

  653. Steve Healy says

    Danni, are you intersted in this book signing?

    when I walked in I walked up to Josh and shook his hand lol

  654. lmaoo COME ON!! when steve cam ein i thoguht he was gonan hide behind one of the sponsor posters!! I doubt he would have broken any ice! LMAO

  655. LMAOO I SAW U BOTH!! jst standing there staring at me looking FREAKING SCARED like i was gonna eat you! LMAO

  656. Steve Healy says

    hahaha yeah I should’ve hidden actually.

  657. Doubt i can make it to the book signing, sorry guys. :(

    steve did u read my Jack anthony wag story? on this tread??

  658. Michael Allan says

    Hey guys orry I haven’t been on at all, I was busy yesturday.

    Sorry again about the footy Josh.

    Dissapointed you didn’t stay longner Danni.

    Upset that Colllins had to change numbers but I like Hardwicks new number system.

    If we’re going to a footy match next season (which my parents suggested thursday night on the way home) I’d be happy to organise tickets becuase I can get cheap guest passes in the AFL reserve.

  659. Steve Healy says

    yeah I did lol that was funny.

    Anyway I gotta go now I think i’ll read the almanac

  660. Steve Healy says

    Yeah that’d be great Michael cya guys

  661. k bye steve!!

  662. mickey, buddy!! hows it going?

  663. Michael Allan says

    Not too bad Danni.

    I saw one man star wars last night.

    If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a one man show where the guy does the entire original trilogy by himself without any props or sound affects in one hour. It was hilarious.

    I love Star Wars.

  664. omggg u guys should have danced like this at the launch!!

  665. Michael Allan says

    I would’ve needed music if I were to bust a few moves.

    Oh and Danni, as if you call yuorself fat. Your all skin and bone. I was epecting you to have a little chubyness from all your eating that you say you do but you were very thin.

  666. lmaoo i was supposed to sing!!
    its funny cos theres 4 guys in that video that dance and there four of you guys! :P

    lol i didnt say i was fat, an di am chubby! ive put on weight form these past 3 weeks.
    eating nothing but chocolate!
    by the way Michaeal very impressive, not bad for a red-head! lol

  667. That’d be awesome Michael, dont worry about the footy lol but i will say your not the next Mitch Morton, you wont be snapping any goals with that action. I also looked at Round 6 as an option to go to the footy, North v Melbourne at Etihad on Saturday, Essendon v Hawthorn at the G that night and Carlton v Collingwood the next day lol i know that wont happen but it doesnt hurt to dream.

    I remember i went to shake Steve’s dad’s hand 2-3 times but each time i did he looked away just as i was about to extend my hand.

  668. lmaooo JOSHH!!
    you are soo cute and SHYYYYYYYYYYYY

  669. LOL when i shook ur hand you looked awkward and i was like.. “Ohh crap..ive scared him off already!”

  670. I dont think i shook Damo’s hand, can’t remember though lol.

    Once i figure out how to make some, i’ll send you guys some copies of the speech John, Daff and Anson made at the launch (mum video taped it)

  671. Michael Allan says

    Thanks Danni, if only more girls could think like you.

    I’ve done 3 game rounds before they’re fun. I’d be happy to do one with the Fab 5 but it’s a bit hard if Josh is in Waaia and Danni’s “year 12 first” mindset. I’m going to sydney in round 3 to watch Richmond play but every other week I’ll be available I think.

    I felt awkward when I shook your hband Danni cause thatt’s what you told me to do but you didn’t offer and I kind of forced it. lol, soz about that.

    You should’ve come outside with us even just to spectate cause it was easier to hear eachother.

  672. Lol were you there when my sister made me try that red bull shot? Its taste was shocking!

  673. Lol it was easier to hear each other yet we still had to repeat ourselves sometimes. But the conversation was pretty steady towards the end of the night.

    Your going to the SCG Michael? Awesome, and if the Fab 5 organized a day at the footy i would happily come down, if i was free that day though

  674. Michael Allan says

    I wasn’t. That would’ve been funny.

  675. My favourite report from the book so far is Andrew Starkie’s Round 7 report of North v Port Adelaide by the way

  676. Michael Allan says

    Yeah we went their two years ago and even though we got smashed it was fun because we have cousins who live in sydney and it’s a good city.

    It’d be funny if we all did a report on the game that we went to together.

    Personally I’d like to see West Coast play to see my man LeCras.

  677. Oh Michael whats your email addy? I’ll send you the pics i got, i got a good one of Warren haha.

    Melbourne v West Coast at the MCG Round 8?

  678. lol im being serious Mikey, theres RANGGA! and theres pretty Rangga! LOL
    i dont even rember shaking ur hand. i stopped doing that after Josh and steves reatcions!
    lol i was there for the red-bull moment!!
    still cnat belive u guys missed my heel getting stuck!

  679. Lol yeah i first saw you when you walked into the beer garden Danni, then i thought Michael was with you but it was a ranga with a beard so it wasnt him. Michael was at the bar when we went out for a kick

  680. haha yeah i didnt know where i was going, i was gonna enter throught the front than my uncle saw the footy jumpers and said: “eyy dont you think it over there?”
    and right he was LOL

  681. i didnt see michael until he was with you guys later on.

  682. lmaoo yer..thats not a nice picture at all!

  683. As much as i dont like ugly players at my club, i hope Hooper is drafted to the Roos. Actually, not being racist but the only Aboriginal player to talk to me on Friday was Cruize Gartlett. Thomas, Wells and Campbell just signed my book and walked off. Then i repayed him by almost running into him in the car! lol

  684. Damian Watson says

    Hey guys,
    Did a fair bit of study today.

    I read today that Kelli Underwood will be calling more games next year, I’m intrested in your opinions lol.

    Nobody went to shake my hand lol.

  685. Michael Allan says

    sorry guys, my laptop just had a hissyfit and shut down on me.

    my email is [email protected]

    lol good to know I’m not RANNGGA!

    Yeah Dannh I was at the bar and spotted the guys so I went out to kick the footy and when we got back that’s when I spottedyou and ya came over.

    Josh why do you care if youy have godd looking players at the club? lol

  686. Michael Allan says

    Well we were kicking the footy at the time Damo so I thought a hello was more appropriate.

    I’m not a big Kelli fan, I wish Tiffanny Cherry would go into commentary. I liked her as boundary rider and I reckon she’s got the voice for it.

  687. lol damo…after the reactions i got from shaking josh’s and steve’s hands i thought id spare you getting scared! lol

  688. Michael Allan says

    I’m off now cya later.

  689. Yeah i read that in the Herald Sun today, funny how Luke Darcy can commentate netball and not have a word said yet Kelli Underwood gets critized when she commentates football. Women deserve a place in the game, but they shouldnt play it. I remember having to not tackle a girl who had the ball once, but the reverse effect happened once. I got the ball and this mammoth of a chick was playing and she went to clean me up and i dropped the ball and ran for mummy i was that scared!

  690. And Michael i just want the Roos to keep their record of having every player not ugly (with the exception of Goldstein, Smith, Jones, Thomas, Wells, Rawlings, Hansen and Urquhart)

  691. lmaoo josh u sound like me in comment 691

  692. Damian Watson says

    Is Luke Darcy a good netball caller? I haven’t heard him yet.

    I like the Shanghai experiment. I wonder how long it will take until we witness an AFL game for Premiership points overseas.

  693. Might i add Scott McMahon to that list…

    Michael, when your on next, delete me off MSN and then add me again, coz i think im always offline to you when im online

  694. omgg DRACYY!!!!!!!! :)
    ive heard him, so cute commentating netball!!
    i saw him on a billboard and died!!

  695. Nah i never heard him either.

    When i picked up the paper this morning i thought they were talking about playing a season match over their, but i read on and it was for an exhibition game.

  696. Do you die at absolutely anything Danni?

  697. no, it has to be something really pretty

  698. Damian Watson says

    Do you guys possibly know who to send our pieces to on this website?

  699. Gigs and Daff

    Damo, do you know Percy Jones?

  700. Damian Watson says

    Yeah one of the biggest characters in the game, my favourite vision of him is refusing to give the ball back to the umpire and when he kicked the ball into the post from one metre out in the Carlton reserves.

    Was he on your radio segment or something?

  701. Lol no, after the launch on Thursday me and Dad walked up to the pub down the street to meet him (Dad said the pub Percy owned was just up the street) he was half drunk but i got his autograph. Dad just showed me some old vision of him from the Grand Final against Collingwood.

  702. ..

    you guys…
    im soo upset..

    status- crying!!!

  703. Why? :(

  704. Steve Healy says

    Oh, me and Michael were there, so you actually went to that pub? that’s awesome.

    Why are you upset Danni?

  705. Damian Watson says

    Yeah a lot of Carlton players still reside around that area and own pubs.

    Which Grand Final Josh?

    What’s wrong Danni?

  706. Yeah it was just a short walk, then i went to a servo and bought a pie lol. Little did i know that Mum and my sister had ordered room service at the motel. I went straight to bed when i got there though.

  707. im soo stupid.. i go and to watch my jonas concert dvd and i sit through the song that ALWAYS MAKES ME CRYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

    and now im crying soo badd!!


  708. I feel so stupid for saying this, but i dont know what year it was, but the one where the ball was tapped back into the goalsquare by Wayne Harmes where Sheldon goaled.

  709. Oh ok so its nothing serious?

  710. Damian Watson says


    Second best Grand Final in history, only 1970 can beat that classic match.

  711. You know what was better?? 1999, i still get sick when i see Justin Murphy going up in that pack and stuffing his leg up. How good was McKernans goal from the centre square?

  712. serious?? im crying my eye out here!!
    thanks nick Jonas for singing and writing such an emotional song THAT MAKE ME CRY EVERYTIME I HEAR IT!!
    im even worse this time cos i watched him sing it!!!

  713. Steve Healy says

    cool Josh, hey Damo Hawthorn V Geelong 1989 GF is on tonight, followed by Essendon V Melbourne in 2000. I’m thinking of an all-nighter but I don’t think it’ll happen

  714. Damian Watson says

    Pfft Josh everyone knows the real Grand Final was the previous weekend when we pipped Essendon by one point in the Preliminary Final.

    Yeah I remember that Murphy injury, have you seen one of Shannon Grant’s goals in that match where there were about 12 lucky bounces?

    Do you remember Winston Abraham Josh?

  715. lol mum jst came and shes like

    ME: “…jonasss…!!!”

    HER: “ohh not again”

  716. Steve Healy says

    Ah yes Josh the 1999 GF. I’ve watched that quite a few times actually cos it’s on Bigpond TV. I remember that goal by Shannon Grant (I think) that bounced sideways and went through for a goal

  717. Actually the best Grand Final would have to be 2009, in my opinion

  718. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I’ll probably wait until the holidays for those.

    The Dees were fairly competitive until Half Time but the match was over by the last change.

    Have you seen the 2000 QF Steve?

  719. Do you mean the goal where he kicked it from the boundary line and there was an overhead view of it on the replay?

    Yes i remember Winston, im still in awe of his mark a few years back at Manuka.

  720. Damian Watson says

    I think 1989 Grand Final was probably the best, the game had everything.

  721. Steve Healy says

    I’ve seen the last quarter only, many times in fact. GO DEES! I rember a game I went to in 2004 or something where the Dees beat Carlton 160-55. Do you remember that game Damo?

  722. On the 99 Grand Final, Stevo played that game with a broken ankle and torn pectorial muscle, thats determination that only growing up in Waaia you get!

  723. Steve Healy says

    Winston Abraham’s screamer at Manuka in 98′ was one of my earliest footy memories- I remember watching that game.

    Disagree Josh, 1989 was the best as Damo says.

  724. I remember that match Steve lol i think it was Round 5 or 10, 2004

  725. Steve Healy says

    Nah it just proves that people in Waaia are more injury-prone like you have told us Josh lol.

  726. Damian Watson says

    I went to that game in 2004 as well.

    I left at the seven minute mark of the second quarter!

    One of the rare times I left before the siren.

  727. Steve Healy says

    Round 6, 2004 Melbourne 24.12 160 to Carlton 8.7 55. Bruce kicked 7 that day, unbelivably

  728. Actually it was Round 6, 2004. That round featured three one-point finishes, with the Dogs beating the Roos at Manuka in a high scoring affair one of them. I remember being close to tears after that game coz Johnson didnt even kick the goal that put them in front, the ball didnt connect with his boot.

  729. Steve Healy says

    you know a good game? When the roos led 22-91 in the second quarter against Essendon in round 16, 2001 and lost 171-159

  730. Damian Watson says

    lol I remember the look on Dean Laidley’s face when Johnsons’s goal was paid.

    Then there was the Aussie Jones debacle that night, it wasn’t the best weekend for umpires.

  731. Steve Healy says

    Oh yea that was the same round as the Aussie Jones point against Brisbane.

  732. That game was terrible Steve! Dad actually bought me a video of the game today LOL

  733. And the other one point margin was Hawks v Richmond, friday night

  734. Steve Healy says

    hahaha, that’s the second time me and Damo have said the same thing!

  735. Steve Healy says

    The next round was when Ashley Sampi flew into the heavens against the Dees at the MCG, at least the Dees won by 49 points. I was at that game as well.

  736. SAAAAAAAMMPIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Whatever happened to him? Adem Yze helped him up by pushing him further into the air lol

  737. Steve Healy says

    yea lol. He got into a bit of trouble in 2006- alcohol or assault or something, and then I think he got delisted/quit at the end of 2006

  738. I remember he was going to be redrafted last year but he pulled out

  739. Damian Watson says

    Remember when we were all praising the Saints after they had that 10 game winning steak at the beginning of the 2004 season? They even had a DVD Box Set with all the games.

    Of course this year they won almost double that and no-one made a huge deal about it.

  740. Yeah after annihilating Carlton at the Dome in Round 10, they went to the movies instead of traning and lost the next two games to Sydney and the Bulldogs

  741. Steve Healy says

    yea it was cause St.Kilda had an average 2003 (finished 11th) and then going on to win 10 games in a row was a big acheivement. I saw a DVD that has all of Buddy’s 113 goals in 2008.

  742. Yeah Buddys Bonanaza, i wanted to get that DVD, i might get it for xmas this year, along with the boxset of How I Met Your Mother.

  743. Steve Healy says

    I remember a game on friday night in 2002, St.Kilda scored 3.10 28 to Collingwood 16.15 111. I remember scoring that game, it was 1.3 9 to 9.9 63 at half time.

  744. Damian Watson says

    Does anyone think Buddy will better his 2008 form?

    I remember Leigh Matthews made that silly claim that he was the best player of all time.

  745. Lol yeah that he was from another planet, i think Buddy can kick up to 140 goals, and 2010 will be that year.

  746. Steve Healy says

    yeah Buddy’s bonanza would be good to get. I wanna ask my parents for heaps of DVD’s of classic Dees’ games.

  747. Damian Watson says

    What about the Sydney St Kilda match in 2002.

    Scores at Half Time St Kilda 2.2 14 Sydney 1.4 10.

    lol How I met Your Mother, that is a great sitcom, it hasn’t been on TV in recent months.

  748. Lol that was a drawn game from memory. The 2007 Saints/Swans opener was almost as worse.

  749. Steve Healy says

    Buddy just isn’t consistent enough. He’s a real pain for dream team, he gives away too many free kicks.

  750. Thats why you do Supercoach, its much more rewarding.

  751. Steve Healy says

    I do both, but I like Dream Team better and I pay more attention to it.

  752. I find it hard to keep up with those competitions

  753. Steve Healy says

    the key is to only concentrate on one team- my dream team. It was called Steve’s Dees, lol Steve’s Dees is the name of my NBA fantasy team as well.

  754. Damian Watson says

    I think Supercoach is a better option because it is based on effectiveness. Although I’ve never really seen how Dream Team works so I can’t really make a comparasion.

  755. Steve Healy says

    Of course every Herald Sunian prefers Supercoach! lol

    Dream team is simple: kick= 3 points, mark= 3 points handball= 2 points tackle= 4 points free for= 1 point free against= -3 points Hit out= 1 point goal= 6 points behind= 1 point.

  756. okayy..all better now :)

    lesson learned- past foward if the song comes on!!

  757. Steve Healy says

    Isn’t it a good song if you cry during it?

  758. Damian Watson says

    Just because The Age aren’t wealthy or popular enough to form their own competition. lol

    Yeah that is fairly simple.

  759. yes, its a beatiful song.
    bad its sad and it makes me cry. :(
    Jonas songs that make me cry

    ‘A little bit longer’ (the one that made me cry jst now )
    ‘hello beautiful’
    ‘cant have you’

  760. i always sing ‘hello beatiful’ around skool, candy loves it lol
    corse my versions isnt as romatic and sad.

  761. Steve Healy says

    don’t they give you 8 points for a goal on supercoach? that doesn’t even make sense?

    Sometimes Dream team and supercoach can be really different, I think it was in Round 4 where Gary Ablett got 146 dream team points but 208 super coach points.

  762. Steve Healy says

    I’ve never heard a song by the Jonas Brothers to tell you the truth.

  763. lol i believe u steve.
    look most guys hate them because they get all the attention from girls.
    ive been a fan for about 3 years now.
    once on the tennis break Federer was playing and both me and candy were watching they played the song ‘Games’ By jonas brothers and that my fav song. it all happ so fast it came on with the tennis scores and i SCREAMED!! “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OMGGGGGGGGGGGG!!” AND started to wave my arms to teh music. i was excited cos it was teh first time they had been endorsed here in australia. as soon as i sent candy a message to tell her she had sent me one to tell me!

  764. Lol i’ve never heard a Jonas song either, i guess we’re not missing out on much

  765. i beg to differ.

  766. Games- Jonas Brothers

    I’m waiting for you right outside
    The place we first locked eyes, oh
    I feel like we’re both losing sight
    We don’t get to do this twice and I wonder

    Will you care when I’m gone?
    And it’s time and I’ve really had enough
    And I’m sorry for the trouble

    It’s been costing us so much
    Splitting apart, it’s getting harder to tell what you want
    So bored with these games, games

    The last time that I left these steps
    Was after our first kiss
    I wonder why you haven’t shown
    I’ll be leaving here alone and I wonder

    Will you care when I’m gone?
    And it’s time and I’ve really had enough
    And I’m sorry for the trouble

    It’s been costing us so much
    Splitting apart, it’s getting harder to tell what you want
    So bored with these games, games

  767. Steve Healy says

    Did you copy and paste that or write that Danni? lol

  768. If i say that i typed it…what would u say?

    i mean hello 3 year fan, owner of all albums, imported form usa, corse i know these lyrics off by heart!

  769. Damo you remind me of Zac off School of Rock!

  770. Damian Watson says

    Really? I don’t think I look like him.

  771. yeah josh, damo is better looikng!

  772. You do! I just realized then haha. Can you play guitar?

  773. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, he does look like him Josh.

  774. not really!! Damo is more muzza therefore better looking!

  775. Damian Watson says

    No I don’t play any instrument.

    I hope I don’t have the same voice either!

  776. steve looks like a drummer

  777. Haha Danni, you scored comment 666, thats a bad omen

  778. Whats wrong with Zac Attacks voice?

  779. Damian Watson says

    He just sounds miserable throughout the whole film.

    Michael would look like that red head who is always on the labtop.

  780. ohh really how about the fact that in my ras3/4 exam i was NUMBER 13??

  781. Steve Healy says

    I look like a drummer? lol what’s that meant to mean? I’m not a musical person at all, I hate learning instruments

  782. He’s named Marco i think, i would be Dewey Finn lol

  783. Steve Healy says

    how funny’s that gay kid? lol

  784. LOL steve u have drummer rock appeal!

  785. Steve Healy says

    Lol i’ll take that as a compliment.
    well I better start practising. I think I still have a drum set at home that belonged to my sister.

  786. Haha yeah, and Lawrence on keyboard.

  787. Steve Healy says

    “you are a fat loser with body odour!” hahaha that’s hillarious.

  788. omgg josh you should have brought ur guitar to the launch and taught me how to playy!!

  789. My Mum could have, she is much better than me lol.

  790. ommgg we could have performed at the Launch!! lmaooo
    Damo and Mikey back up singers, joshy on guitar, Steve on drums and ill be the laed singer

  791. lol Danni I don’t think it was the time or place to do that.

  792. lmaoo come on steve im sure i could have found a quite corner!

  793. hahaha I thought we’re gonna be a commentary team not a band!

  794. Haha ahh no.

    Guys, what is the launch of a third book in the series called? Daff was going on about it in his speech, i cant remember.

  795. Lol we coulda done it outside, but somebody wouldnt come!

  796. lol..i dont know..i was too bucy looking at the little kids sitting near my shoes!

  797. Don’t you have the speech taped by your Mum Josh?

  798. yeah Danni, SOMEONE wouldn’t come cos of their shoes.

  799. Yeah but the video camera is in the car, the car is outside, its raining outside and ill get wet.

  800. lol…ohh yeah… not on there am i??
    how embrassing!!

  801. im sorry!!
    but hey come on, i looked pretty hot!!

  802. I was sliding around in the mud and rain a few hours ago- I love rain

  803. Danni, are you sure that you weren’t wearing stilts instead of heels when you were with Sam Mitchell? lol

  804. Lol your the only person in the Fab 5 not featured in the video Danni.

  805. omg for the last time, i was wearing higher heels!! not the ones i wore to the launch!

  806. You weren’t THAT short Danni

  807. lol lucky me, knowing me i wouldhave said or done something bloody embarrasing like get my heel caught in a brick-cement step

  808. lol thats nice of you josh trying to make me feel better about myself..
    unlike somebodyyy and his stilts!!

  809. I almost stumbled over something like that later in the night when i was talking with Steve, Michael and Gigs.

  810. I wish I saw that lol. It’s funny cos the day before you were talking about when you entered that store and the wind blew your hair- it was the opposite on launch night

  811. But you were still short might i add lol

  812. omgg that was soo funnyy at the store!
    like it was a shampoo ad!!
    and the guy in the laptop section saw the whole thing!! LMAOO
    and then before i had even opened my mouth i manage to like get my bloody heel stuck in that step thingo!! luckly JTH, Mr.Starkie and Joshy didnt see it even thought it was right infront of them

  813. Steve did you recognize that betch who drove in the alleyway while we were having a kick?? Was she a knacker?

  814. I don’t think she was. She was so mean to us, not the Almanacker spirit.

  815. Yeah im thinking of calling her a name in my report on the launch but afraid she’s a knacker and will see it

  816. lucky i wasnt there or it would have been a betch fight!
    i would have been like
    “Steve hold my heels!”


  817. oh ok. I think i’ll start that report now

  818. hahahaha Danni. wouldn’t you use the heels as weapons?

  819. lol nah you havent seen me in action!
    you jst hold my heels and stay back.

  820. Haha i can see Danni being tossed aside by that man mountain that was a woman lol

  821. Danni V the Gigantic maori b*tch

  822. hey guys, im not as cute as i look!

  823. When will we see you fight Danni? lol

  824. Who was it that asked me if i brang the gigantic maori betch (GMB) to the launch?

    Oh and Danni, when you said to me “nice shoes” was that a sarcastic remark?? lol

  825. hmmm id say at Nathan Browns wedding, near the end of the ‘I DOs’
    ill rugby tackle his soon to be bride.

  826. Michael Allan says

    Haha yeah I what an idiot.

    She was like waving for us to move and we were like what? lol.

    If it wasn’t for her we could’ve kept on kicking the footy in that spot and then it wouldn’t have gone over the fence. I blame her.

  827. Michael Allan says

    Danni don’t kid yourself. After what I’ve seen, your way too small to be fighting anyone.

  828. She could fight an ant

  829. no! why would i say that u had nice shoes if u didnt!
    im one of those people that would tell you if i didnt like you stuff!
    i liked your shoes

  830. lmaoo fine be that way!
    thats the last time i try to get back at someone stopping u from playing footy!

  831. It was so funny when I was looking for the ball there were windows behind me and it turned out to be windows into people’s apartments, I saw beds and clothes and in one room the light was on so someone might have seen us

  832. Lol coz Mum and Dad were bagging me before the launch coz of them, calling me a poofter haha. Me and Michael almost had the same shoes

  833. Michael Allan says

    Yeah they were pretty similar.

    Thaanks for the pics Josh.

    The woman next to you in the group photo was Kelly Muldoon. She did the Grand Final report that J Harms read from.

    She was at Daff’s house when I collected the books so I was speaking top her and she was really nice.

  834. me, Damo, Michael and Josh had all similiar shoes. All white flat sort of ones.

  835. Oh she wasnt the hot chick Michael, i dunno what happened to her, no offence Ms. Muldoon.

    Do you guys want to see my piece on the launch or do you want to wait till it gets put up?

  836. I’m workin on my piece now.

  837. i wanna see it

  838. Footy Almanac Launch 2009

    Its Wednesday, I wait for Thursday to come, I have been waiting since Daff told me that the launch would be on the 19th of November. It’s the 18th. I’m at tennis training, wearing my Waaia guernsey, I’m in full concentration with my coach, we are doing some work at the net (known as a volley.) I hit each ball down hard into the court, ball after ball, I need concentration so I don’t cop a tennis ball to the face. It gets easy after a while. I just repeat the process: jump, smash the ball down, reach right, smash the ball down, reach left, smash the ball down. My stomach drops, I lose my breath, I fall to the ground. I’ve been hit in the groin! After a while I recover, down a can of Fanta and I’m in the Ute with Dad driving to Shepparton to stay at my sister Hayley’s place. I get there, and we have a shocking dinner of fish + chips. That night, shamefully, I watch Dodgeball for the very first time. It is a funny movie. Soon, its morning, Thursday. I have a quick cold shower, and get my hair cut. I also buy a $20 footy from the Sportsmans Warehouse. Red. Finally the time comes, Mum and Dad pick me and Hayley up and we are off to Melbourne for the launch of the 2009 Footy Almanac, not before a quick stop at Maccas. I’m freezing in the car with the air-con on, and I read about how Liam Anthony has sliced open his finger in a shocking incident involving a lamp. A freakin lamp! We arrive in the outskirts of Melbourne, I see Danni’s school. I later get told by her that I should have waved to it. Oh well, next time. We do a bit of shopping in Coburg, and are soon at Vibe Hotel, which is across the street from Visy Park/Optus Oval/Princes Park. I get ready, and soon our taxi is here. We pile in, the four of us, and soon we are outside Clyde Hotel. In we go.

    The first people I see are John Harms and Pamela Sherpa, both give my family and I warm welcomes. My nerves calm a bit. Looking for the rest of the Fab 5, I see that none of them are here yet. I grab the allocated number of Almanac books and start reading mine. Danni arrives, I get nervous. Steve is texting me, I want him to get here fast so my nerves will settle. He has arrived, we shake hands and start talking, rather awkwardly but it’s a start. Then Danni approaches and greets us. Gigs talks to me, Damo turns up and we get chatting. Bob Murphy is standing behind us, drinking a beer. Damo, Steve and I choose to go have a kick outside. As we walk out, I notice Michael coming with us. We meet in the alleyway. We have a small square of handballing going, silent handballing. That is until some crazy lady floors it into the alleyway and tells us to move. So we go back inside and start signing books.

    Anson Cameron, the launcher, starts his speech. I am rocked by it, it’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. JTH follows it up with more humour and Gigs has once again amazed everyone by finding an anagram to do with footy for Stealing Picasso, the name of Anson’s latest novel.

    After the speeches, Damo, Michael and I go outside for another kick, this time around the corner from the alley. Danni has left, so its just 4 of the Fab 5 remaining. Steve is eating with his Dad. The 3 of us start kicking the footy around. Damo tries a banana kick. Michael decides to do the same. The ball subsequently lands on a balcony of a University. Damo has to leave, Steve comes out, and we try to get the ball down but to no avail. To anyone in that Uni who opens their window and finds a footy, please call 0400275465 with your details hahahaha. Its soon time to leave, and just like on the website, Steve is the last of the Fab 5 to remain, albeit only for a sure time after me and Michael left. Dad and I venture up the street to Percy Jones’ pub, and I get his autograph, and also get annoyed by a very, VERY drunken Italian man. Dad and I make it back to the hotel in tact though, and I’m soon asleep in the clothes I wore that evening.

    Friday morning and it’s a hot one. A very hot one. We drive to Arden Street where I get into the changerooms and get a heap of autographs. Liam Anthony is there. In a huge cast. Robbie Tarrant is a man monster. Hamish McIntosh is gigantic. And Boomer Harvey is tiny, almost as small as Danni. We have to leave unfortunately, and as we leave Melbourne, a huge storm hits. I see Danni’s school again, and I wave frantically. I looked like an idiot.


    3: Anson Cameron
    2: John Harms
    1: Michael Allan (you beauty!)

  839. Lol very good Josh

  840. Michael Allan says

    nice work.

    I did well to register a vote despite a lack of punctuality, football ability and overall enertaiment value.

  841. LMAOO you should see mine, when im doen that is

  842. You were a laugh Michael, in a good way i mean. If it wasnt for you, it would have been a whole lot awkwarder!

  843. Lol yours should be prety short Danni (haha short) since you were there for about an hour !

  844. I need to write another report on the launch too, for my school newspaper. It’ll be much different to the one above though

  845. Michael Allan says

    Well I’m off now. tomorrow will be my final day before I depart on camp. Goodnight,

  846. Ok, cya Michael.

    My report’s looking good.

  847. The Melbourne launch for the Almanac was like a celebrity event, like the Brownlow minus the huge amount of AFL stars, but still it turned out to be a great night.
    The hectic run home after a day of 3 exams had me running around the house, half dressed, hair straightener in hand while everyone tried to stay out of my way.
    This was kinda of going to be my footy Cinderella moment I guess.
    I guessed wrong, although I did almost lose my shoe!

    I had not even walked into the room and already I had managed to embarrass myself!
    Lets just say it didn’t end up being like the time I walked into JB-HIFI, when the gust of wind from the air-con blew my hair like a shampoo commercial, causing the guy in the laptop section to smirk and giving me a top-notch entrance.
    To cut the story short my heel got stuck in the brick step thingo that separated the beer garden from the carpet where the launch was held.
    This happened right in view of a few people, one being Mr. Josh Barnstable who like the others didn’t notice, thank goodness.
    My uncle had obviously thought nerves had got the better of me because he had stepping into the carpeted area and I was plastered on the equator that separated it from the beer garden.
    Elie- “Come on”
    ME: “yeah…my heel is stuck!”
    Elie: “hahhahha!!”

    After that problem was sorted I socialized with many Almanacers and finally met Mr. John Harms. Mr. Barnstable who seemed too shy had me make the first move and introduce myself to him and his lovely family. Little did I know that he was texting Mr. Healy to hurry up and get to the launch so they could conduct plans on how to ‘break the ice’ and gain world domination, just kidding about the world domination part!

    Must admit I got a bit lonely because Mr. Barnstable was too shy to say much and Mr. Healy who had arrived for a few minutes also didn’t have the urge to come over. It was quite funny because they were both looking my way and saying very little to each other. Shyness had got the better of us all and so once again, I found myself doing the honors and shaking hands with Mr. Healy. I didn’t see Mr. Watson or Mr. Allan’s elegant arrival but im sure neither of them had heel problems! As the room filled with more people I noticed that I was a tad over dressed. I couldn’t have worn my gersey even if I wanted to, no way was I going to wear my long sleeve Collingwood gersey in that heat! Plus the dress I bought had the right colours and I even pinned a small Collingwood badge on the strap.

    The fellas had now formed a small circle and were occasionally glancing over, obviously they were trying to figure out which one of them was going to do the talking and ask me if I wanted to have a kick. Mr. Healy did the deed with the rest of them walking over for moral support. I declined the offer because I had already had trouble with the heels on cement so imagine me on grass kicking a footy, I don’t think so!

    The boys came back with I think it was Mr. Allan who forced a handshake out of me. Lol only joking! Those are his words.
    In our conversations I mentioned numerous times that I wanted to get up on stage and sing and Mr. Allan was the most talkative from the boys, although it was pretty loud and some of the conversation went like this.

    ME: “you don’t look like Linggy!!”

    MR. Allan: “what!!!!???


    MR. Allan: “OHH I thought you said I didn’t look like my book photo!”

    Mr. Harms and Mr.Daffey whom I didn’t recognize because of his shorter hair, which looks much better short, say their entertaining speeches.
    One of which mentions COLIN FIRTH! This causes the boys to automatically look over at me as I smile and try to contain myself form yelling “WOOOOOOOOOO COLIN FIRTTTHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!”
    We also get a shout out on the mic which makes us even more embarrassed, if that’s possible than before. The boys all go red and I just glance at the carpet thinking” ahh! Omg! Lol” Michael took this as a signal to lean over to me and say “FAB FIVE” in a very Italian Mafia accent!

    I can’t not mention the ….interesting…speech made by Anson Cameron.
    Funny, cheeky and a little bit weird would be a good way to describe it.
    After getting the autographs of the fellas which should come in as handy when we all become famous) – oh by the way BOYS YOUR HANDWRITTING IS TERRIBLE!
    I left early because I had some media revision for the next day which was the exam.
    Overall an action packed Cinderella footy moment that I will never forget.

  848. Michael Allan says

    Just before I leave, are you guys going on and posting this? I don’t really see the point if your just posting them here.

  849. Haha that’s awesome Danni, i was standing next to Damo during the speech and we didnt talk at all haha.

  850. Coz its gonna take days for Daff/John/Gigs to put the articles up.

  851. hahah that thing about Lingy was hillarious.

    Great piece Danni

  852. We weren’t playing footy on grass!

  853. Michael Allan says

    Haha yeah, I remember that and I was like “oh c’mon mikey, can’t you hear at all?” lol.

  854. It was so hard to hear, which is why it’ll be great next time we all meet

  855. Yeah next time we meet it’ll be much better, at least at the footy you can hear well

  856. Im off now, night

  857. yeah it’ll be great.

    I’ve gotta go now cya

  858. Michael Allan says

    Looks like for once I’m the last one standing. There’s a first for everything.

  859. You said you were leaving before though Michael.


  860. Michael Allan says

    Yes but I stayed on, I think that counts. Goodnight.

  861. Hahaha in the Age there is a competition for 5 people to win a Footy Almanac 2009 with a piece of any game from the season. I reckon the Fab 5 should enter and win all 5 books lol.

    I also learnt by reading the Age that Nick Davis may be continuing his career at St Kilda, while Emma Quayle gave her top 25 predicitions in the draft and its interesting to say the least.

  862. Michael Allan says

    Haha I read about the competition but I’d say knackers aren’t allowed. lol

    I saw the top 25. She doesn’t seem to rate the ruckmen as their was no Panos and Vardy and Griffiths weren’t till about the 20’s.

    I remember a few years ago she had Cotchin ahead of Kruezer on this list and this year she’s got Trengrove ahead of Scully.

  863. I reckon Trengrove will be taken number 1, but she had the likes of Jetta, Cunnington and Morabito a bit further up then the rest of Australia is predicting. She had Butcher going to North with pick five, i would like to see that happen, but i dont think we need Butcher. Robbie Tarrant is going to tear the competition apart next year, and i mean it.

  864. Yeah I saw that competition as well.

    Nice to see you reading the good paper Josh.

    My Mum just got really angry cos of the mistake in my piece.

  865. I only get the Age on sundays.

    The whiteboard mistake Steve? I got an email back from JTH regarding the book signing thing. Its up to us to organize and he’ll help however he can.

  866. Oh ok, yeah it was the whiteboard mistake.

    Yeah I’m gonna try and win that almanac lol.

    Well sorry gotta go guys i’m off to my Grandma’s house now.

  867. status- eating breakfast

  868. I spent the whole day yesterday at my Nana’s place

  869. Did anyone else see JTH on the ABC this morning?

  870. ..nope! was it good?

  871. I didnt watch much of it, they were talking about Soccer so i turned it off.

    To anyone who cares, my footy is finally down from the tree!

  872. lol yay!!
    is it raining in ur area josh?

  873. Not at the moment, but its been pouring the whole day. The sun is out atm.

    Anyone watching Idol tonight?

  874. i stopped wathing ever since matt corby lost that year.

  875. Im gonna be watching the cricket instead

  876. ill prob jst watch a dvd.

  877. Steve Healy says

    Hey guys. Just got back from Grandma’s house.

    Two mistakes in the Almanac:

    Geelong’s three quarter time score against Hawthorn in Round 1 was listed as 14.9 instead of 14.19.

    Andrew Starkie says Melbourne unveiled 3 debutants against the Roos in Round 1, it was actually 4, he forgot to mention Jamie Bennell

  878. steve!!

    leave Mr.Starkie alone!!

  879. Steve Healy says

    Lol there’s nothing wrong with being mean to teachers.

  880. yeah only if the teachers are evil!

  881. Michael Allan says

    I never pick up mistakes.

    Josh Quayle’s peice was on who she thought would be better at the end of their career, not what number she thought they’d be taken at.

    She normally puts out a mock draft the day before.

    Danni stop being a teacher’s pet.

  882. Oh really Michael? I didnt know that

    Im up to Adelaide v Sydney, Round 13

  883. ohh shut-up pretty rannga! LMAO

  884. Steve Healy says

    Really, Michael?

    I thought it was about who would have the best first season.

  885. Page 239, McLeod is spelt Macleod

  886. Michael Allan says

    Yeah Steve, I wasn’t sure but this is what she wrote

    Remember, these are my personal thoguhts on this year’s group, not a mock draft or where I think they will be picked. It’s based on watching these players live, trawlling through tapes and talking to them and the people who know them well. Let’s wait three years and see how it looks.

    The last statement is why I think she means overall and not just at the end of the season.

  887. I liked Nathan Browns article the page before the draft section

  888. ….NATHAN BROWN????????????????!!!!!!

    Status- listening to Michael Buble

  889. Michael Allan says

    Yep Danni, the good looking one.

  890. Nathan G. Brown

  891. i repeat!!!

    oh shut-up pretty rangga!!!

  892. Michael Allan says


    Yeah it was a good read Josh. I was sure that the best spray would’ve been after the Richmond Geelong game back in 07.

  893. Steve Healy says

    What about Norm Dare’s spray in 1990 when he was coaching the Brisbane Bears?

    Lol that’s from the 90’s DVD

  894. Haha i think that game would have left Wallace speechless.

  895. Damian Watson says

    If anyone has seen the Year of the Dogs DVD there are a few funny sprays by Alan Joyce and Terry Wallace while they where coaching the Bulldogs.

  896. Michael Allan says

    Can’t say I’ve seen that one Steve. I’m sure the Bears copped their fair share of sprays before their merge. lol

  897. Ron Barassi was the best at giving sprays

  898. if anyones copped it from me its would have to be Toovey!

  899. Steve Healy says

    Lol wouldn’t it be funny if Danni was at a Collingwood training session. She’d get them all to line up in a line and take a photo with each of them, apart from Toovey.

  900. Lol Danni would be so loud at Toovey that the Tigers would be yelling out for her to shut up since they are seperated by about 150m

  901. lmaoo steve!
    who knows what i would do face to face with Nathan Brown. on my bday he was about 5 meters away and i was having a complete heartattck and dying!! lmaooo
    thge trainer guy looked at me like i was mental

  902. Steve Healy says

    Were you sitting in the front row Danni?

  903. ohhh maybe dustin martin will jog over to tell me to shut-up… ehhee!! :)

  904. Danni, how many times have you ‘dddiieeeeeeeeeeddd!’?

  905. nahh i was in the saint cheersquad so they were all quite and as soon as the collingwood boys ran out for their war-up and they come on my side i bolted down to the front.
    i was acting like a crazy bimbo!! i swear, the trainer was looking at me like i was a lunatic and the st.kilda cheersqaud was jst staring at me like.. “OKAYYY!!!!”

  906. Haha the opening paragraph to Kelly Muldoon’s St Kilda vs Richmond game in Round 13 reminded me of Danni.

  907. lol well josh!! many times!!
    im very melodramatic okay!! :)

  908. Steve Healy says

    hahahaha. Josh you’ve zoomed through the Almanac.

  909. Watchin the cricket tonight Damo?

  910. 7 hours at my Nanas house yesterday helped.

    I didnt read Round 9 though since i had already read it when i was at Daff’s house

  911. lol i wish a footy player would crack onto me!!


  912. Steve Healy says

    What a great night this was.

    As I stepped into the Clyde Hotel on Thursday, I was excited about meeting a group of people I knew so well but I had never met before, a group of people with one common link: footy. I walk inside, a pool table or two, a cigarette machine and many people surround me. I am greeted by Pamela Sherpa, a nice lady who barracks for Essendon as well as JTH himself, who catches me and says: “You must be Steve”.

    I look around and see Josh Barnstable from Waaia, my Roos-supporting friend I had talked to many times before online, but never actually met in real life. He dons the ‘Argentina’ North Melbourne jumper and doesn’t cop any criticism (not that I saw, anyway). We shake hands and nervously talk to each other. I was texting Josh frantically on my way to the launch; he was sending me ones back like this:

    Alright. Hurry up and break the ice lol i wanna talk to her but cant… come see me when u get here.

    He was referring to Almanacker Danielle Eid, a 17-year-old Collingwood supporter with the right amount of teeth. She sits at the other side of the room, and I give her a stare.

    I talk to my Dad, before I hear a voice from behind me: “Guess who I am?” says the voice. I turn around. Short, balding, familiar looking and 40-something. “Gigs”, I reply. He tells me an anagram of ‘Stealing Picasso’ and when I ask why he isn’t wearing his Bulldogs jumper he says he’s wearing it at heart. I had taken an interest in Gigs’ statistical knowledge throughout the season, he had done the same with me.

    The conversation starts to flow a bit more when a Carlton supporter comes up to me and Josh. I know who it is, despite never before seeing him in my life. “Hi Damo”, I say. Damian Watson, 15-year-old Carlton supporter, good friend and Almanacker. Four of the Fab 5 had arrived. Michael Allan was still to come. Without having much to do or talk about, we decide it is time to have a kick with Josh’s footy in the alleyway next to the pub outside. I go up to Danni to ask her if she wants to have a kick but she says that she is not wearing the appropriate footwear. Very funny, I think.

    On our way outside we notice that Michael has just entered the building, wearing Andrew Collins’ number 42 Guernsey proudly. He joins us as we partake in a kick-to-kick, which eventually turns into a handball-to-handball which seems to be more suitable for the dimensions of space. There’s not much talk, but we seem to be having fun. Josh and Damo handball and kick fluently, Michael looks a bit rustier but he’s still hitting the target. The activity slows to a halt when a car comes zooming into the alley, ruining our game as the woman screams at us from the driver’s seat. We sense that it’s time to go back, but I couldn’t help imagining how strange we would have looked from on-lookers. Four 15-16 year old boys in different team colours, handballing a signed ball in an alleyway next to a pub.

    When we go back in, we have a five-way conversation with Danni included, a difficult one at that since none of us can hear each other properly. Anson Cameron (the launcher), John Harms and Paul Daffey deliver the goods, Anson’s use of swear words really got the audience hooked.

    The Fab 5 passed around each other’s books and signed them, writing funny messages and writing a different thing on every book. Danni leaves early to “study”. I talk to Mark Freeman, the only other guy at the launch who was wearing a Demons jumper; number 36 was on the back. I realise he’s the same guy who writes reports on every racing event in Victoria.

    Disaster strikes when I’m eating dinner with my Dad, Michael has lost the footy while kicking with Josh and Damo. Damo goes home, while Michael, Josh and I look for the footy. It’s hard to get, it’s on a balcony that is lined with prickly bushes. I squeeze through a fence in order to get it, as does Michael but I think it would’ve been a bit more of a challenge for Josh. It’s getting dark so it’s a hard task to find it. I give up and realise that I’m at the foot of apartment windows.

    We return and I look in one of my Almanac’s and realise that Gigs had called David Zaharakis “Mark” Zaharakis in his season review, so me, Josh and Michael go up to him and tell him off. I talk to Michael and his Mum, and shortly after I’m the only remaining member of the Fab 5.

    As I head home, I receive a text from Josh saying that we should all meet up at a match next year. I try to answer back but I’m out of credit.

    What a great idea.

  913. Thank god you didnt include the other text i sent you about Danni haha joking. Great stuff, i thought i provided great support from the alleyway while you and Michael were up there

  914. LMAOOO nawwww poor josh!!!
    i knew i had to do tha talking co she was much more shy than i thought!

    as for steve!!
    Very funny, I think???
    wats that supposed to mean?

  915. Steve Healy says

    I thought that it was very funny?

  916. did u really think i could kick a footy in those shoes without hurting myself and damaging my shoes!! LMAOO

  917. Funny that she would rather sit there by herself and not come out with her mates she had not met before in an alleway!

  918. Steve Healy says

    Hah it was funny today on the way to my grandma’s house I asked if we could stop at the Clyde Hotel so I could find Josh’s footy.

  919. IM SORRY!! i didnt know you guys were willing to carry me out to the alleyway!!!
    my feet were hurting me!!

  920. Lol thanks for your efforts Steve.

    Michael Buble is about to sing on Idol i just heard

  921. Steve Healy says

    yea after that heel incident you didn’t want to go back outside lol

  922. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!
    when?? now??

  923. Michael Allan says

    lol Danni’s mum has taught her well “never go down a dark alley way alone with four guys.” haha

  924. Lol, i kicked the road when i was going to kick to Michael before the balcony incident. Lucky i was wearing shoes or it woulda hurt

  925. ..
    like imgaione u guys trying to help me cos my heel gets caught in a ditch or something

  926. Michael Allan says

    Danni it’s not like we were climbing balconies or anything…oh wait.

  927. lmaoo true that Mikey!
    not even a light alleyway!

  928. Steve Healy says

    Danni could’ve climbed the balcony with us- if she didn’t leave

  929. If we have a launch at the Clyde again, we should bring a basketball coz there was a hoop there


    NOT SHY AT ALL- Mikey
    a tad SHY AND QUIET- Steve
    SHY- Damo

  931. Steve Healy says

    yea but we better be careful that the basketball doesn’t end up in the same place as the footy.

  932. Steve Healy says

    How would you rate you Danni? lol

  933. yeah steve im gonna climb a balcony in my dress!!!
    like BIMBO or what??

  934. I wasnt shy after we started talking Danni! lol

    Well we wouldnt be kicking a basketball so it wouldnt end up on a balcony or anything

  935. i rated myself as – not that shy

  936. Steve Healy says

    my mistake.

    anyone in any clothing can climb a balcony.

  937. This is my shy-o-meter:

    At the start:
    Me: 95%
    Steve: 70%
    Damo: 75%
    Danni: 40%
    Michael: 5%

    Me: 10%
    Steve: 10%
    Damo: 10%
    Michael: 0%

  938. lol nah Josh you were!!
    like i could hardly hear u when u spoke

  939. Steve Healy says

    Yeah Danni have a look at what going outside does for your confidence.

  940. Um no one could hear anyone! lol

    You heard me say “nice pen”

  941. lmaooo MIKEY isnt even 5%
    hey im not 40% maybe 30%

    steve not in a DRESS

  942. Steve Healy says

    My pen was the best!

  943. My pen was the best, i got it for christmas last year

  944. LOL nah i recond that if i did come outside it would have been like this

    MIKEY- 0%
    STEVE- 75%
    JOSH- 80%
    DAMO- 70%
    ME- 20%

  945. Steve Healy says

    the texta that ran out wasnt the best though lol.

  946. Steve Healy says

    Are you saying that Damo would be more confident than me cause he’s your favourite? lol

  947. Yeah i know lol sorry bout that.

    Nah it wouldnt have made a difference if you came out Danni, it probably would have helped. We all would have gotten a laugh from you trying to kick lol

  948. LOL i should have bought my pink one!!

    ps- jst ate a 100g packet of chicken rice crackers, not a good idea!!!

  949. yeah me trying to kick a footy in heels and cute frilly dress! LMAOO

    LMAOO damo was soo CUTEEEEEEE

  950. Steve Healy says

    Just checked: 11,964 comments on this website. So about 1/12 are on this thread

  951. Steve Healy says

    I love chicken rice crackers.

  952. yeh me too, but im not feeling to well after eating teh whole packet all my myself in one go!

  953. Steve Healy says

    I’m eating a nutella sandwich now

  954. Michael Allan says

    Geez Danni I don’t think I was 0% shy. And Danni was less than 30.

  955. lmaoo mr:
    “FAB FIVEE!!” plus italian mafia accent.
    yeah i was less than 30 i mean Mikey and i were yelling at eachother while the rest of u guys jst stood there! LOL

  956. Steve Healy says

    I thought Danni was really shy when she was sitting alone but when she was with us I realised that she wasn’t very shy

  957. I just had some isnack 2.0

    Yeah Danni you said you would be real shy but you werent lol and Steve you didnt lie on the floor or burst out laughing for an unknown reason

  958. yeahh im not shy! :)

  959. to be honest, compared to my normal self at the launch i was shy

  960. Thats why i wanna do this book sign thing and go to the footy, so i can not be shy and redeem myself lol

  961. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I was thinking of lying on the floor when you guys said it but I think i’d rather make a fool out of myself at the school disco rather than an important event

  962. lol i think if it went for longer, i wasnt tired and didnt have to leave early i would have been even less shy

  963. Steve Healy says

    Me, Josh and Michael weren’t shy at all when we were looking for the footy.

  964. And Damo said he had heaps of acne, use all lied! lol

  965. lmaoo if steve did lie on the floor i would have laughed sooo badddddddddd

  966. Funny how the invitation said 6-8, i, along with many others were there from 6-9 onwards lol

  967. Steve Healy says

    Oh, I forgot to say my wallaby story to you!

  968. Steve Healy says

    It was almost 6-until we found Josh’s footy

  969. Lol for some reason i think that security-guard-officer didnt wanna look and just wanted to go home

  970. Me and Steve just got dogged by an ungrateeful betch on bookface!

  971. yeahh steve!! you should have wrote it in my book!! :(

    anyone know the weather 4 tmro im going to the cinema with a friend and i dont know what to wear. im leaving at 9:50 AM

  972. Steve Healy says

    22 degrees. I just asked my brother who’s obsessed with the weather

  973. Wear whatever, you’ll be in a cinema

  974. I’ve got an application on bookface that tells me what the weather will be like in Waaia, a cloudy 24 degrees tomorrow for me

  975. hello josh!! hot cinema dudes!!

  976. Im thinking casual black dress with boots.

  977. Those hot cinema dudes should be in school.

    And the cinema is dark, no one will see you.

  978. Just dont wear heels

    I asked Candy before if she had heard about that waiter guy and you still havent told her she said lol

  979. Steve Healy says

    Yeah you may as well wear nothing to the cinema lol

  980. hello, OLDER hot cinema dudes!! :)
    you know 18+
    :) yeahhhhhhhhh thats wat im talking bout!
    and we go to the food court and shop afterwards!

  981. Michael Allan says

    Danni, you have a bf. Why do you care about “hot cinema guys?”

    sorry I haven’t beeen talking. I’ve been packing for camp.

  982. ohh come on like dudes that hav gf dont look at pretty girls!! and vise versa! a bit worried about you and your obsession of non-clothed people.

  983. Steve Healy says

    lol yea that’s not the first time I’ve said something like that.

    It’s pretty clear that Danni is always searching for a pretty face.

  984. Michael Allan says

    ROFL, he does seem to bring naked people up alot doesn’t he.

  985. ohh and a pretty rangga!

  986. Steve Healy says

    Danni is it just me or is Michael your favourite now?

  987. hes my favourite rangga!
    nah Damo is still my fav!! hes soo cutee
    mikey and i disagree too much

  988. Steve Healy says

    You haven’t really had a fight recently.

    Are me, Josh and Michael still equal?

  989. lol yeah.
    why is this so important to you??

  990. Steve Healy says

    I dunno lol I’m just… interested

  991. Michael Allan says

    I don’t thin we should have favorites or rank each other. It’s not the Fab 5 way.

  992. lol okay
    well i gtg try on clothes for 2mro.
    yes im wearing clothes!!

    cya guys

  993. Steve Healy says

    Yes Michael I’ve already discussed that with Danni. The fab 5 should be equal, like a pizza with 5 equal slices :)

  994. Michael Allan says

    Haha, I was hoping youd say that Steve. Well I’ve gotta go prepare for camp.

    Good luck surviving a week without me.

    Farewell Fab 5.

  995. Steve Healy says

    They’re dropping like dead flies!

  996. Steve Healy says

    cya Michael

  997. Cya Michael

    Danni, how can you spend a day out doing fun things when you say you prob wont be able to do a book signing with the fab 5 for one day?

  998. Steve Healy says

    signing a book with the fab 5 is much more fun than goin to the movies with a friend

  999. I know this is a little late, but Dani, I agree with you about the waiter (i’m hoping you mean the black haired guy with the american accent)

    It was great meeting you guys and i’m glad you guys got to meet and catch up properly, even though it was sad Dani had to leave!

  1000. Wooh comment 1000!

  1001. Oh damn you! Get to bed lol

  1002. Steve Healy says

    Thanks Hayley, what a time to come in on 1000 comments! hahaha

  1003. Lol thanks for being there Hayley, and thanks for talking to Larrissa for me today

  1004. Steve Healy says


  1005. She’s a teacher at my school and friends with Hayley, i needed to find out something for an article for my school paper

  1006. the hot one?

  1007. .

  1008. Nah

  1009. THat link doesnt work, not for me anywayy

  1010. but didn’t it work for you when I sent it to you on Facebook?

  1011. OMGG YAY hayley!! yes the black hair guy!!
    :( i dodnt hear it!
    omgg sooo devastated!! :(

  1012. Haha sucked in josh, I couldn’t have done that any better if i’d tried, who’d have thought it’d be the girl who’s allergic to football coming in at comment 1000!

    Danni, I told my fiancee that he’s very lucky I even came home after the launch because I was going to take that waiter home and marry him and make heaps of cute, american accented babies!

  1013. LOL HAYLEY!!! :)
    i couldnt take my eyes off him!!
    i pointed him out to the guys who gave thier normal dude response in shruging and looking at me wierdly.
    i recon he looked like Leo but with darker hair!!
    he wasnt wearing a name tag..DARNN!!

  1014. Ughhh…gross girl talk..

  1015. Hayley, one of your Shepp News colleagues just interviewed me on the phone, cant remember what his name was..

  1016. I’ll find out who when the article prints.. Mum said the interview was quite late and i’m pretty sure their deadline is 2pm. Did they say what day it’d print?

    Dani, you could always ring The Clyde and asked to speak to the waiter on duty cos you left a copy of the almanac there that had been signed by the editors and it has sentimental value. You just say “oh, you know, the tall guy with dark hair, what’s his name again? He told me but I forgot..” Then you ask for his number and/or stalk him.

    Hahahahah just kidding, but hey, it’d be damn funny!

  1017. lol yeah and knowing my luck they will give me the wrong guy!! ill get some random!!! Hahahhahah!!! :)

  1018. You’ll get the bitch that almost ran us over in the alleyway!

    I think tomorrow Hayley, not sure though

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