Footy on Foxtel

It costs a lot to subscribe to watch Foxtel, and many people do so primarily to watch footy. So it is understandable when they get very upset with the quality of the product being delivered. It’s bad enough having to listen the commentary of that annoying twerp McAvaney, but at least the volume can be turned down. But what do you do when the camera crew is clearly incompetent.

Last Saturday’s telecast of the match between Collingwood and GWS is a case in point. The shots were generally from a distance, meaning that important contests like centre bounces, throw-ins, scrambling for the ball, and quick movements out of of packs were difficult to see. On many occasions the ball could not be seen. When they decided to move to close up it was usually when the contest for the ball was over. It made the match almost unwatchable (as have a number of games, usually from Brisbane, been this season).

The TV channels pay a lot for the TV rights, and should have much more dedication to providing a quality viewing product. In contrast, the coverage of the Geelong-St Kilda match was great. So why is there such a disparity in the vision? Inexperience? Lazy producers? A lack of understanding of what television watchers want to see of a match?


  1. Doug Deep says

    I’m not sure about the Pies v GWS game, but don’t forget some of the games broadcast on Fox Footy are provided by Channel 7. So while on the one hand it is fair enough to have a crack at the fact you’re paying for a crap product, I think you’ll find the games that are produced/hosted by Fox Footy are superior to Channel 7’s efforts.

    I live outside of Victoria, and while it’s not always been perfect, Fox Footy has been a godsend in terms of providing access to live matches.

    Channel 7, for all its history in the game is currently terrible in comparison to Fox. McAveney should have been retired years ago and Luke Darcy, Matthew Richardson et al are actually a blight on the game.

  2. daniel flesch says

    It’s interesting , Doug Deep , how opinions vary. I am also “outside Victoria ” in Northern NSW and resent paying $63 / month for Fox when all i watch is live matches but have to pay for a lot of other rubbish in the bundle like crap cartoons and (shudder , splutter , choke ) Fox “News.” Their non-match footy shows are largely crap too .” On the Couch” is sort of ok , but “AFL 360” is just ghastly , and how co-host Mark Robinson is Senior Football Writer at the Hun is astounding. He spouts inarticulate nonsensical drivel. While i agree with your opinion of the over-excitable McAvaney , and can take or leave Luke Darcy , i am quite fond of Matthew Richardson , especially enjoying his banter with that likeable fool Brian Taylor. But i cannot stand Eddie Maguire on Fox .So there ya go … opinions vary….Think , though , i will be cancelling the Fox sub after this footy season – something really galling about having to pay for garbage you don’t want and won’t watch.

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