Footy: North’s best matches of recent years

By Josh Barnstable

After reading a couple of stories on the Almanac about rivalry and how teams stack up against others in terms of a rivalry, I decided to dedicate this piece to some of the great games that North Melbourne have played against the other teams in the league over the past few years.


Round 6, 2003

The clash between these two teams became even more special after Wayne Carey’s well-publicized move to the Adelaide Crows after the sex scandal involving former teammate Anthony Stevens’ wife Kelly. The game was even for the first half, with the Crows leading by five points at half time. They kicked things up a notch in the second half though, running out winners by 54 points. Carey kicked four goals, while Stevens finished with 20 possessions.

NM 3.1 7.6 8.12 9.16 (70)

ADEL 5.3—8.5—11.8—19.10 (124)

Round 17, 2005

Both were in good form heading into the clash, with the Crows in the top four while the Roos were looking to cement their spot in the eight. The Crows started well, getting out to a 30 point lead at half time, before stretching it to 34 at three quarter time. But Adam Simpson playing on with broken ribs and a punctured lung inspired his teammates as they rushed back into contention of winning the game, but fell short, losing by 13 points. Former Roo Scott Welsh kicked six for the Crows, while Brent Harvey picked up 26 touches and kicked two goals.

NM 4.2—7.5—10.9—16.13.109

ADEL 6.2—12.5—16.7—19.8.122


Round 3, 2003

The Roos came up against the reigning premiers with some form after winning the first two games of the year. The Lions led at quarter time though, but the Roos regained the lead by six points going into three quarter time. A hectic final quarter was spearheaded by Michael Voss, who played one of the all-time great games. With the Roos leading late in the game, the Lions scrounged a point and the siren sounded with scores level, indicating the first draw for the year. Voss was outstanding, finishing on 26 disposals and kicking five goals, while Digby Morrell kicked five for the Roos.

NM 4.1—9.4—13.9—16.13.109

BRIS 4.4—8.7—12.9—16.13.109

Round 15, 2006

I think its about time the Roos were scheduled to more Etihad Stadium games, all these classic matches so far have been from that venue! Here’s another one. With both sides struggling at the tail-end of the ladder, both sides were looking for the four-points. It was the Roos who looked the better side for most of the match, leading by 19 points at half time and 13 at three quarter time, but the Lions came from nowhere in a pulsating final quarter to record a one-point win, thanks largely to the Roos’ inaccuracy in front of goal. Voss again played outstandingly, picking up 28 touches and booting a goal, while Jess Sinclair racked up 32 possessions.

NM 4.4—7.12—8.16—11.18.84

BRIS 2.3—5.5—7.9—12.13.85


Round 3, 2004

As much as I’d like to mention the Round 22 match from 2003 between these two sides, I won’t seeing as it wasn’t much of a good game and many of you Carlton supporters are still fragile from that match. This one was a beauty though. The last game between these two at the MCG started with a bang, with the Roos leading by 14 points at quarter time. This extended to 21 at half time, before the Blues came back to trail by four at the last break. Enter Daniel Wells. After a rather innocuous Ryan Houlihan-boot out on the full, Wells gathered the ball and split the middle from the boundary line to give the Roos the lead and eventually the win. Adam Simpson collected 25 touches while Matthew Lappin picked up 28 possessions and booted two goals.

NM 7.0—12.3—14.5—17.9.111

CARL 4.4—8.6—13.7—16.10.106

Round 8, 2007

One of the North Melbourne home games at Carrara was a beauty against the Blues. The Blues were in command at half time, leading by 20 points, but a Brent Harvey-inspired Roo outfit charged back into the game and eventually ran away with the four points in a very entertaining game of footy in what was Adam Simpson’s 250th game. Harvey finished in 32 touches and booted three goals while Shannon Grant and Brendan Fevola kicked five goals each.

NM 4.5—8.10—15.14—22.15.147

CARL 5.4—12.6—14.9—20.10.130


Round 19, 2005

One of my favourite matches, the Roos were in finals contention while the Pies were in priority pick contention. Yet Collingwood found themselves in front for almost the whole game. Scores level at half time, the Pies kicked away to lead by 13 points at three quarter time before taking it out to 23 points as the game entered red time. The Roos replied quickly, with goals to Corey Jones, Sav Rocca, Shannon Grant (2) and Nathan Thompson for the winning goal, putting the Roos in front with five seconds remaining and leaving the Collingwood players and coaching staff baffled. Nathan Buckley picked up 21 touches and booted three goals while Harvey had 34 touches and kicked two goals.

COLL 3.2—7.7—10.11—14.14.98

NM 3.4—7.7—8.10—15.14.104

Round 5, 2008

Under lights at the MCG, the Pies were staring at the four points, much like they were in the aforementioned game above, but yet again the Roos kicked into gear at the right moment. Trailing by 15 points at half time, the Pies got out to a comfortable lead late in the final quarter before a shocking bounce in the middle of the ground by an umpire I can’t recall the name off saw the ball go North’s way, where Ed Lower pounced and goaled. Lindsay Thomas and Shannon Grant then goaled to seal the game in a very memorable game. Josh Fraser was outstanding for the Pies with 18 disposals and four goals, while Harvey once again had 34 disposals.

COLL 2.4—8.6—10.11—15.15.105

NM 3.4—5.9—9.12—16.16.112


Round 13, 2006

No games really come out at me when thinking about North v Essendon clashes, except for the battle of the cellar dwellers in 2006. With North in 14th spot and Essendon in 16th, the game was played in front of a huge audience on a Friday night. The Bombers led slightly at half time before the Roos came to life to lead by 19 points at three quarter time. The Bombers came back hard in the final term, but the Roos held on to record a seven point win, their second win of what would be a three game winning streak in a rather bleak year. Harvey was again outstanding with 32 disposals, while Thompson booted four goals. Brent Stanton racked up 35 touches for Essendon.

NM 4.4—5.8—12.9—14.12.96

ESS 2.3—6.7—9.8—13.11.89


Round 15, 2007

Like Essendon, not many games spring to mind when thinking about Fremantle. But this one sure does, one of the best games North Melbourne has played this decade. In the top four and mounting confidence, the Roos came up against the dangerous Freo at Subiaco Oval. They led by two points at quarter time, extending it to five at the main break. It was reduced to three at the last change, and a hectic last quarter that saw just four goals scored saw the Roos come out on top by a mere four points in an epic. The next day, Freo coach Chris Connolly quit his job. The Roos had done their damage. Adam Simpson finished on 33 possessions, while Steven Dodd was the Dockers’ best with 28 touches.

FREM 4.4—6.6—9.9—11.12.78

NM 5.0—7.5—10.6—12.10.82


Round 20, 2007

A battle between the two main contenders for the flag at that point was mouthwatering on paper, but failed to live up to its expectations until the second half. The Cats led in a scrappy game by 10 points at half time, before both teams went on the attack, Geelong leading by 37 at the last break. The Roos came back hard, and I remember listening on the radio and really thinking they were a chance. Unfortunately the Cats killed off that chance with a few junk goals, running out 27-point victors. Steve Johnson was one of the Cats’ best, picking up 24 touches and booted four goals, while Jess Sinclair picked up 21 possessions.

NM 2.8—4.10—7.11—13.13.91

GEEL 5.6—6.10—13.12—17.16.118

Round 11, 2008

With the 105-point defeat at the hands of the Cats still smarting, the Roos were keen to avenge that loss in their first match-up against Geelong for the year. Trailing by 22 points at quarter time, things didn’t look too good, but the Kangas turned the game on its head, kicking 7.2 to 4.6 for the second quarter to trail by eight points. This was extended to two goals at the last break, before a rather even final quarter saw the Cats win by 13 points in a high scoring match. Gary Ablett was outstanding with 39 touches and two goals, while Cam Mooney booted seven against his old side. Harvey was superb with 28 touches and a couple of goals, but it was Ablett’s performance that stole the show.

NM 3.2—10.4—15.7—17.12.114

GEEL 7.0—11.6—17.7—19.13.127


Semi Final, 2007

Rivals from the 70’s, and a perfect game for these two to battle it out was the Semi Final under lights at the MCG. With the Roos coming off a 105-point drubbing to the Cats and the Hawks on a high after a great win against Adelaide, the Roos were tipped to bow out of the finals in straight sets. It was clear it wasn’t going to happen from the outset, the Roos were on. Aaron Edwards soared high to take the mark of the year early in the first quarter as the Roos raced away to an eight-point lead at quarter time. This was pushed out to 17 points by three quarter time, and the fear of a Hawthorn revival was strong. The Roos stood up though, kicking five goals to blow the game open, running out 33-point victors in front of 74,981 people. Adam Simpson and Jesse Smith were outstanding with 27 touches each, while Edwards and Harvey booted four goals each. Jordan Lewis racked up 31 touches for the Hawks.

NM 3.3—5.5—9.7—14.9.93

HAW 2.1—4.3—6.8—8.12.60

Round 3, 2008

With the Hawks looking to avenge their defeat from the game aforementioned, they decided to play dirty, as they did in said game above. Brad Sewell (I think) took out Daniel Pratt with a heavy blow to the stomach, and then taunted him while he was down. This didn’t stop the Roos from leading by 21 points at quarter time, before it was sliced to two points at half time. It was taken out to 17 points at three quarter time, the same margin at the same time as the Semi Final match, but this time the Hawks ran over the top of the Roos thanks to Buddy Franklin’s five goal effort, the Hawks winning by 16 points. Brad Sewell collected 34 touches while Harvey was again prolific with 27 disposals.

NM 4.6—7.7—12.8—13.8.86

HAW 1.3—7.5—9.9—15.12.102


Round 5, 2006

With the Roos struggling for the four-points and Melbourne establishing themselves as a finals contender, the game was seen by many to make or break the other teams’ season. The Dees led by 20 points at the main break before the Roos stormed back to take the lead by three at the last change. A seesawing final term saw the lead change many times, but with star Nathan Thompson off the ground due to lactic acid in his legs, the Dees got past the finishing line first with a James McDonald goal. Why Thompson was off the ground so late in the match was the topic of debate in the next week, but his 5.3 performance was enough to warrant a Brownlow vote. Cameron Bruce finished on 23 touches for Melbourne.

MELB 1.3—7.5—9.9—13.12.90

NM 2.4—3.9—9.12—12.14.86

Port Adelaide:

Round 18, 2005

With the Roos clinging onto the remaining spots in the top eight, it came up against fellow finals candidate Port Adelaide at Manuka Oval. The Power came to play, getting out to a 40 point lead at half time. The Roos reduced it to 10 points by three quarter time. The final quarter was tight, and after the Roos threatened the Power got back out to a handy buffer. The Roos kept coming though, and a long run by Troy Makepeace ended in a great goal, putting the Roos in front with not long to go. They stayed in front, winning a classic by four points in front of 10,431 people. Corey Jones was magnificent with 21 disposals and five goals, while Kane Cornes collected 23 possessions.

NM 1.2—3.3—10.7—15.10.100

PA 4.3—9.7—11.11—14.12.96

Round 7, 2009

The game didn’t promise to be much, but it turned out to be one of the best games of the season. Leading by 31 points at the main break, the Roos were making the most of their chances in front of goal. They led by 13 points at the final break, before a pulsating final term finished with the ball in Port Adelaide’s 50 and every North player occupying a bit of space in that area, the Roos hanging on to win by five points in a high-scoring thriller. Adam Simpson and Andrew Swallow both had 27 disposal, one goal games, while Jack Ziebell had 23 touches and booted a sausage. For the SA mob, Kane Cornes finished on 29 possessions.

NM 5.1—12.1—15.3—20.5.125

PA 4.1—6.6—12.8—18.12.120


Round 11, 2003

Made memorable because of the comeback made by Bali bombings victim and North player Jason McCartney. It was a tight game for the whole duration, with the biggest break score being a four-point lead to the Tigers at quarter time. The Roos hit back to lead by three at the last change, before a seesawing final term saw McCartney turn into the hero of the match, booting the ball towards goal where Leigh Harding gathered and kicked his third, giving the Roos the lead. The siren sounded not long after, with the Roos clinging onto a three-point lead for a remarkable win. McCartney hanged up the boots after the match. Shannon Grant was outstanding with 21 disposals and three goals, while Joel Bowden picked up 22 touches and kicked a goal.

NM 3.4—8.5—10.12—13.14.92

RICH 4.2—8.6—10.9—13.11.89

Round 16, 2009

A game that Richmond should have won. Leading by 20 points at quarter time and 42 at half time, they allowed the Roos to get back into the game and the margin was sliced to 16 points at three quarter time. After a seesawing opening to the final term, the Roos took control and hit the front, before Richmond regained the lead yet again. North attacked again, but a last-gasp goal to the Tigers saw the game end in a draw. Brent Harvey was back to his best with 31 disposals and two goals, while Richard Tambling accumulated 27 possessions.

RICH 4.5—10.6—11.9—12.13.85

NM 1.3—3.6—8.11—12.13.85

St Kilda:

Round 3, 2005

The Roos surprised everyone with this performance, taking it up to one of the power-teams of the competition. Trailing by eight at half time, the Saints extended it to 12 at the last break, before a Shannon Grant-inspired Roos powered home to take the four-points in great fashion. I still remember Stephen Milne marking and playing on while the umpire was talking to the man on the mark, Mine was subsequently tackled and the Saints’ hopes were dashed. Grant was terrific with 21 touches and four goals, while Nick Dal Santo had 30 touches.

STK 3.3—7.5—12.7—14.9.93

NM 2.2—6.3—10.7—15.10.100

Round 21, 2009

One of the most attractive games from a North supporter’s view, but one ugly game from anyone else’s. With the Saints coming off their first loss of the year against the Bombers, the Saints were expected to brush North off like a fly. For the second time in the season, North stunned St Kilda with a 5-goal start to lead by 14 points at quarter time. This time though, the Roos continued with the job, taking the margin out to 16 at the main break. It was cut to six at the last change, and the Saints took the lead late in the quarter and all hopes for the Roos looked dashed. Drew Petrie stood tall though, kicking two important goals. Nathan Grima was also pivotal, spoiling what looked like a certain Riewoldt goal with seconds remaining. The siren ended with the ball in Petrie’s hands, the Roos winning in the upset of the season. Andrew Swallow was terrific with 33 disposals and a goal while Petrie booted four goals. Sam Fisher ended on 31 possessions for St Kilda.

STK 3.0—4.4—6.9—8.11.59

NM 5.2—7.2—8.3—10.4.64


Round 19, 2004

One of the best comebacks this decade. In Glenn Archer’s 250th match, the Roos looked out of place in the Harbour City for most of the night. Trailing by 29 points at half time, it was extended to 40 at the last change and all hopes were gone for North Melbourne. They started winning the ball in the midfield though, and once the ball went forward they seemed to kick a goal everytime. The margin was chipped away at, until it dawned on everyone that the Roos were still a strong chance. This became a reality after an out-on-the-full free kick was given to Corey Jones deep in the forward pocket. He ran around and snapped a ripper on his left, giving North the lead. They hung on for the memorable win, a perfect way for Archer to celebrate his milestone. Corey McKernan played his best game for North in his second stint with the club, picking up 16 touches and booting three goals. Brett Kirk was outstanding for the Swans with 33 disposals and a goal.

SYD 5.2—9.3—16.4—18.4.112

NM 2.4—3.10—8.12—17.16.118

Round 6, 2008

Not a very attractive game, but tight and controversial. The Swans got off to the better start, leading by 15 points at quarter time before the Roos took the lead by five at the last break. The Roos got out to a handy buffer midway through the final term and looked home, before the Swans came back and a Brett Kirk snap on goal looked home but was touched right on the line, drawing scores level. The siren sounded, and Brent Harvey and Brady Rawlings hugged in celebration, before realizing the score. Controversy followed after the game after it was alleged Jesse White was still on the ground after he was supposed to come off, the Swans having 19 men on the field for a small moment of time. It has since sparked a change of the rules. Petrie and Harvey finished on 22 possessions each while Kirk accumulated 23 disposals.

NM 1.2—3.7—7.9—9.10.64

SYD 3.5—4.7—6.10—8.16.64

West Coast:

Round 13, 2003

Known for being played in atrocious conditions of mud and rain, Subiaco Oval resembled a mudpit instead of the sunny oval that we are accustomed to seeing. It didn’t stop the match from being entertaining though, with the Roos taking a five point lead into quarter time before the Eagles led by nine at half time. This was extended to 14 at the last break, before the Roos found themselves back in the game. A late Ashley Sampi goal broke the deadlock, giving West Coast the win. Ben Cousins was good with 23 touches, while David King collected 24 possessions and booted two goals.

WCE 3.4—7.6—9.8—11.10.76

NM 4.3—6.3—7.6—10.7.67

Round 15, 2005

With both sides in the top eight and in form, a good match was expected for Friday night footy. The Roos led by two at the first break, before the Eagles broke away to lead by 27 points at the last change. The Roos came back as they usually do, slicing the margin to single figures. But two shocking misses from point-blank by Leigh Harding saw the Eagles escape with the four points. Simpson finished on 32 possessions while Harding had 19 touches and kicked 3.4. Ben Cousins and David Wirrpanda both had 25 disposals. This was on the same night as my sisters 21st so I have no recollection of watching this game, only listening to it in a pub on a radio.

NM 3.4—6.6—9.9—14.13.97

WCE 3.2—8.4—14.6—15.11.101

Round 19, 2007

With both sides occupying 4th and 5th spot, this game was expected to be a ripper. And it didn’t disappoint, with scores level at quarter time. The Eagles led by eight at half time, before doubling that by the last change. The Roos fought back hard, but went down bravely by 17 points. Daniel Kerr was a star with 34 touches and a goal, while Eddie Sansbury was the Roos’ best with 18 possessions and two goals. Once again, I failed to watch or listen to this game because I was at a funeral. Despite all the goals kicked, not one player kicked over two goals for the game.

NM 4.4—8.7—11.10—15.12.102

WCE 4.4—9.9—13.14—17.17.119

Western Bulldogs:

Round 10, 2003

One of the most entertaining games this decade, good job for these two considering the Dogs were last on the ladder at the time and the Roos were teetering in the eight. The Dogs started well, as did the Roos, the Bulldogs leading by two at the first break. This was extended to 27 points at half time, before the Roos fought back to reduce it to eight points. The Roos ran out the final quarter on fresh legs, finishing off the Dogs in one of the highest scoring games of all time. Adam Simpson played on of his best games with 38 disposals and a goal, while Brad Johnson finished on 24 possessions and kicked four goals.

WBD 7.2—14.7—19.13—22.13.145

NM 7.0—10.4—19.5—24.12.156

Round 9, 2008

In Brent Harvey’s 250th game, the Roos were keen to keep their good record against the Doggies in tact. Things were even at the first break, before the Dogs broke away to lead by 24 points at half time. It was cut to 11 at the final change, and with Harvey inspiring all after being knocked out in the first quarter to only return and kick a terrific running goal, complete with a blind turn and dummy. The Roos came strong in the last term, hitting the front late in the game before Brad Johnson marked with a few seconds remaining. From point-blank, Johnson missed, giving the Roos the win by three points in a memorable match. Brady Rawlings was good with 28 touches and a goal, while Adam Cooney ended up on 33 possessions and a goal.

WBD 5.3—11.7—14.10—16.14.110

NM 5.3—7.7—12.11—16.17.113

I hope you enjoyed reading over this matches and I hope it brang back some memories, I know it did with me!


  1. John Butler says


    That last game of 2003 was no doubt one of the lowest points in Carlton’s history. But there’s a lot of scar tissue under the bridge since then.

    I can go back earlier than you, to when the Roos stole a couple of classics against us at Princes Park. Of course, there’s Blighty’s mighty torp after the siren (75 meters?), and I even remember Stephen Easton kicking a late goal to beat us. Sadly we later compounded the wound by recruiting him.

  2. John

    I remember in 2003 my family were deciding whether to attend North v Carlton in the last match or North v Hawthorn in Round 19. We decided with the Hawks clash which ended in a bad loss, I always kick myself for not going to the Carlton demolition. Was it 124 points? And my memories of Kangaroos-Carlton clashes go back to the 1999 Grand Final ;)

  3. …yeah you just HAD to include the Collingwood one, didnt you? lol
    was that the same game where the ump bounced the ball more to your side? or the one where it was close all the way and Tarrant miss the goal which could have helped us win?

  4. Lol Danni i mentioned the umpire bounce in the match summary, and it was Didak who missed the goal to almost seal the deal in the final stages.

  5. The ump’s name was Damien Sully.

    Hey Josh, when was that game when Shannon Grant got a too short 50m penalty and missed a sitter from the goalsquare?

  6. Actually i just remembered, the game where Tarrant missed late in the game was in Round 4, 2005 at the MCG. Anthony Rocca did his achilles tendon that match, and Glenn Archer kicked the first two goals of the game. I think the final score was 93-90.

  7. ..darn!
    still..stupid umpire!


  8. ohh okay, i was at the Tarrant game and when he missed it Dad was so pissed he made me leave! :(

  9. Steve Healy says

    thats another thing Im good at, umpires names.

    I loved that game in Round 10, 2003, I watched it recently and there was an amazing barraage of goals!

    Yay, its the weekend

  10. Shut up Adam, it was Round 1 2007.

  11. School was fun, i forgot what it feels like to be cold.

  12. Steve Healy says

    yeah Round 1 2007 the final score was 10.19 79 to 12.10 82 I remember it really well.

  13. Damian Watson says

    John I can add to the list, in 1985 I think it was a player named David Dwyer who kicked the winning goal against us from outside 50 which followed three goals in as many minutes. A similar climax to the Blight game.

    Great descriptions Josh,

    I’ll never forget that North-Sydney game in 2004 for as long as I follow footy. I remember the Sydney trainer had a heart attack in the third term and then of course North came rushing back in the after the last change to hold on , that was a huge win against the odds.

  14. Steve Healy says

    the whole week of school was pretty good overall for me, I went in with a positive mindset and provided the goods throughout the length of the game (school week)

  15. Steve Healy says

    ill never forget North V Sydney in Round 4, 2004 at Manuka OVal

  16. yeah..i remember the days when school was fun.
    just distant memories to me now.

  17. I started slowly, went good in the middle part of the game but got weary in the final quarter.

  18. I thought the heart attack incident happened in the Sydney-Melbourne game at the Telstra Dome like a week later. I remember talking to Corey Jones about that final goal during the 2005 Pre-Season Family Day.

    Found out Waaia is playing a practice match against Lancaster today, it’s like 60km away!

  19. I started with alot of enthusiasm, got a bit tired during the middle but finished the match on a high.

    Haha just looked up Lancaster Footy club on Wikipedia and there is a link to an article that Daff wrote lol.

  20. Steve Healy says

    Thats impossible Josh, Melbourne played Sydney at the Dome in Round 20, I was at that game and the dees lost 7.4 46 to 10.7 67

  21. DOUBLE ENGLISH periods one and two- teacher didnt show up but left work which i finished in one period, then thought cos its year 12 why waste 40 minutes? so i revised history.
    literature- teacher old us she was going to be away but left us group work.
    FREE- continued history revision
    Media- payed attention until my head hurt.
    History- normal class, took notes, went over stuff.

  22. Steve Healy says

    5 almanackers on at 4:50? what is this?

  23. I did media in year 11, the media teacher at my school’s 60 years old and under 5 feet tall. But she’s the scariest person of that description I’ve ever met.

    It’s Friday night Steve. Danni and me aren’t going to do homework on a Friday night. And it’s just a coincidence you guys are on too.

  24. Damian Watson says

    Really? I thought it was the match against North but I’m not 100% sure.

    School was alright I suppose most of the week was a bludge.

  25. My day went something like this:

    P1: Food-spent most of the lesson laughing with mates and preparing for a Low Fat Pasta dish we’ll be making on Monday
    P2: Photography-just sat there talking to Jeff
    P3+P4: Maths-finished all the work set for the class
    P5: English-learnt the difference between there, their and they’re. I already knew but it was good to refresh the mind.
    P6: P.E-played some weird sport and then talked to my teacher about our Supercoach teams.

  26. Steve Healy says


    Round 5, 2006

    With the Roos struggling for the four-points and Melbourne establishing themselves as a finals contender, the game was seen by many to make or break the other teams’ season. The Dees led by 20 points at the main break before the Roos stormed back to take the lead by three at the last change. A seesawing final term saw the lead change many times, but with star Nathan Thompson off the ground due to lactic acid in his legs, the Dees got past the finishing line first with a James McDonald goal. Why Thompson was off the ground so late in the match was the topic of debate in the next week, but his 5.3 performance was enough to warrant a Brownlow vote. Cameron Bruce finished on 23 touches for Melbourne.

    MELB 1.3—7.5—9.9—13.12.90

    NM 2.4—3.9—9.12—12.14.86

    CARN THE MIGHTY DEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a game

  27. Anyone see the picture of Majak Daw on the back of the HS? What a specimen he is.

  28. 23- lol speak for yourself Adam
    Right now im deliberating between staring my media photography contention, business revision or history hw.

  29. I haven’t been assigned any homework yet.

  30. Steve Healy says

    By the way, last night the Dees announced jumpers:

    Jordan Gysberts got 5
    Luke Tapscott got 35
    Max Gawn got 37
    Jack Fitzpatrick got 48
    Joel MacDonald got 28
    Warnock changed from 37 to 1
    McKenzie changed from 49 to 13
    Bail changed from 41 to 44 (pointless)

  31. Yep I saw that pic of Majak Josh he’s a tank, it’d be great to see him get a game this season.

  32. Steve Healy says

    You havent been assigned ANY homework yet?

    We’ve had a lot of homework every night so far

  33. Steve Healy says

    They said that Majak’s debut could be 18 months away, im disappointed

  34. dont say that Josh! not only did i get HOLIDAY HW but i got homework ON THE FIRST DAY BACK and all week!

  35. danni <3 tanks

  36. Damian Watson says

    I got the Herald Sun every day this week aside from today.

    I forgot to ask, how was the match in Shepparton?

    I remember that game in 2006, the biggest miracle of that match was that the crowd passed the 30 000 mark. Of course the turnout to a match between those two clubs four years on is less than the amount at a shopping car park at midnight lol just stirring.

  37. Damian Watson says

    I didn’t get any homework for the weekend either! lol

  38. Steve Healy says

    I cant believe that the AFL increased ticket prices again!

  39. I get the Herald sun delivered.

    I’ve got a large load of homework this week too. It’s like those arcade games where you whack animals that pop out of the holes. No matter how many times you whack them, they keep coming back!

  40. Majak is magic, and nah i reckon he’ll play in the Cats’ game in a couple of weeks.

  41. Steve Healy says

    it doesnt sounds like he’s gonna play a game though

    its not working… :(

  43. Whack-a-mole Adam? I’d like to whack a few moles at school too.

    We get the HS every day and have done for years. Steve, the prices only went up by a $1 lol i think so anyway i only read the first few lines of the article.

    Well, i did get english homework on Wednesday but i told my teacher i wouldn’t be able to do it because i was going to the Essendon match and she said fair enough.

    Speaking of, Damo i wrote an article about the game so it should be up tomorrow or in a couple of days, but it was good.

  44. I think they should play Majak in round 1 of the NAB. Give the fans a reason to come along. Give us a better reason.

  45. Steve Healy says

    I wanna see the Dees intra club match next weekend- it starts at 10am, and when I get back ill be able to listen to Adelaide V Port Adelaide on the radio

  46. Whack-a-mole? Yeah, I couldn’t find the word. Danni and me are onto Level 12, and the moles are popping up really fast.

  47. Steve Healy says

    Well Josh Im sure you dont give a $%*&$%&)W*%$*&$ about ticket prices since you only go to the footy a few times a year but it affects us city kids

  48. Steve Healy says

    There popping up faster this year than last year thats for sure

  49. I’m on level 10 and it seems pretty easy.

    Not to mention we usually go to games where we get in for free due to being members. Lol you should have seen Mums’ face before when she saw the picture of Daw.

  50. I’m not a city kid. Eltham’s almost bush!

  51. Steve Healy says

    same, but I go to some non-melbourne games and away games where I just buy general admission tickets

  52. Lol in homegroups today we played person-bingo, where we had a sheet with stuff like “A person who is wearing a blue shirt” or “A person who rides horses” and you had to find someone in the room who fitted in with the description and get them to sign it. One of the descriptions was “A girl who barracks for North Melbourne.” A lot of people couldn’t find anyone, so the teacher took the girl bit off and everyone came rushing for me lol.

  53. Steve Healy says

    ive never even been to Eltham, not that I’d want to lol

  54. Damian Watson says

    I reckon Eltham is closer to the city from where I live.

  55. At least they took the girl bit off the card rather than taking the boy bit off you.

  56. Steve Healy says

    homegroups? is that some cancer charity?

  57. STATUS- IN HEAVEN!! aka- eating a king Snickers chocolate bar.

  58. Homegroups is the pointless thing we go to at the start of each day, who knows what you city kids call it. On fridays homegroups goes for 40 minutes.

  59. Steve Healy says

    we call it homeroom

  60. 57: Get some nuts!! Ah i love saying that

  61. well i call it pc.
    or homeroom

  62. I’m kind of disappointed at the lack of response to comment 55…

    I never, ever had homegroups.


  64. Except in primary school.

    Year 7 and 8 we had forms, but never classes just called “Homegroup”.

  65. Steve Healy says

    63- Get a room chocolate bar and Danni

  66. LOL, jealous steve????

  67. Comment 55: I don’t get it. There was no card lol.

  68. once a week we have a MEETING just tithw our homeroom and homeroom teacher, its for us to kinda let off some steam, let our teacher know how were going and that stuff.

  69. Steve Healy says

    once a week? at the start of every day we have 15 minutes with our homeroom

  70. by the way today we found out what our homeroom’s theme is going to be for the year 12 dance at the swimming carni. our teacher was teasing us so we told him as a joke that he had to be in it too LOL
    our theme is Gansta.

  71. gangsta*

  72. Our homegroups only goes for 6 minutes, then on friday after period 2 we go back for 35 minutes and sit there “studying”

  73. 67: Meant piece of paper. Don’t know why I said card.

  74. yeah we have that too steve and at the end of the day. but thats not enough time for a good old D&M

  75. Steve Healy says

    yeah we have it for 5 minutes at the end of the day as well this year I forgot

  76. Fall Out Boy broke up :|

  77. ….1140KJ?????
    ohh no..i just ate 1140kj!!!
    that so bad..i mean it takes half an hour to burn off like 60kj….

  78. What do youse do in these homegroup classes?

  79. Damian Watson says

    We just have 10 minutes of homeroom at the beginning and end of each day.

    Do all of you guys finish at 3:20?

  80. so any ideas of what my costume can be for the year 12 dance- comment 70-71

  81. Steve Healy says

    Thank god they broke up- terrible band.

    1140kj isnt any trouble for me

  82. well Adam we have D&Ms just talk to our homeroom teacher about any issue and how we are feeling and stuff.

    nah damo i finish 3:30.

  83. lol yeah cos ur thin STEVE!!
    mann..i so shouldnt have eaten that..!!
    but its chocolate, the love of my life

  84. Steve Healy says

    I finish at 3:25 on Monday, Wednesday-Friday, 2:30 on Tuesdays cos of the sport thing we have now. In year 7 and 8 we finished at 3:15 though


  86. A big cap, aviators, baggy clothes and bling. Some high-tops too, i could help you out with all of those lol.

    I finish at 3:22. In homegroups the teachers just call the role and we sit there talking about what’s going on for the day for the school, what meetings are happening and room changes and stuff.

  87. Danni:

    Comment 76: “Fall Out Boy broke up :|” “Oh, bet that was Danni…it was Josh? WTF?”

  88. lmaoo no thanks ADAM!
    i cant wear that only cos im plaining to wear that style but as a Police cop for our muckup day. lol

  89. You better take photos Danni.

  90. Damian Watson says

    That’s a shame, I liked some of Fall Out Boy’s songs and I’m not exactly a fan of some of todays music.

  91. I liked the song “This Ain’t a Scene, it’s an Arms Race” when I heard it on an AFL video game. When I discovered how popular it was it lost its attraction for me.

  92. lol photos of what?

    for gangsta i was thinking some short-shorts (dark blue denim) a tight black singlet, ill tie a bandana around my arm, lots of bling, sunnies, my ed hardy cap back wards half side ways on my straightened hair and no shoes cos we get to jump into the pool as as the finale as the whole year level. lol

  93. Damian Watson says

    I liked the song Thnks Fr Th Mmrs and I think it was on Channel 10’s footy promo for a while a couple of years ago.

  94. Of muck up day!

    I love how you mention the fact that your hair is straightened in that list of clothes, shouldn’t that almost go without saying?

  95. comment 93- i agree i like that song too.

  96. lol you would think not since im gonna jump into the pool and it will get wet so thats why i said it lol.

    ahhh lol ohh yeah dont worry i will!
    a collingwood supporter cop

  97. Steve Healy says

    The only songs I like are ones that remind me of footy

  98. Steve Healy says

    status- working on my pre-season poem

  99. I have 41 songs of Fall Out Boy in my iTunes.

    Just saw footage from the Richmond intra-match, Cotchin and Martin have been playing well. Oh and Carlton decided not to play their match because they were worried about getting injuries so fans weren’t happy about it being cancelled.

  100. If it wasn’t for Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship wouldn’t have made Hot Mess Danni!

  101. if i dont find a cop costume i could go as SUPERWOMAN!! i also like the girl costume for soccer umpires.

  102. Steve Healy says

    they cancelled it cos of the rain mostly, Josh. Which is very disappointing

    nawww i didnt know that josh!

  104. The 2nd idea isn’t bad Danni, you can red card anyone who bags Collingwood or the Jonas brothers, says “fuck” or “youse”, or teases you about being short. If you bump into Brendan Fevola, don’t give him a red card, give him a fist instead.

  105. Damian Watson says

    That is ridiculous why would you cancel an intra club match for that reason, although another injury won’t help.

    My mind just flicked back to last year’s Intra Club, match poor old Cameron Cloke.

  106. lol no one teases me about being short, ive been like 5 years with the same girls, everyone is past that point lol.
    i could also arrest people if i took the cop option.
    :) lol that would be funny.

  107. 105- MY CAMERONNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!! :(

  108. Jeez Majak Daw is gonna be good..

  109. ohh an also im not the shortest in the year level, theres more than 5 girls shorter than me.

  110. hahahah i was just thinking if i go as a cop i should hand out parking fines to my teachers! lol

  111. I could not believe my eyes when i first saw that incident Damo, I was sort of hoping to see a bit of a scuffle at the Essendon match because i wanted things to be interesting and that i don’t care if Essendon have a fight amongst themselves lol.

  112. 110: Yeah that looks good, go as that Danni

  113. Oh i like that one too lol

  114. lol nah id NEVER wear the one adam picked..thats so clingy!!!

    i like this one 2

  115. Steve Healy says

    None of those bloody links work cos of intergard.

    All sexy cop outfits are meant to look good, cos there sexy

  116. lol ahahahha Josh!
    yeah ill look so hawt in that Wiggum outfit

  117. Haha Steve your missing out, how does it feel? haha!

  118. lol i would have loved to go as an AFL umpire! too bad they dont have costumes out!

    lol maybe i should go as a bride

  119. Go as a crazed Collingwood supporter, in otherwords, be yourself.

  120. You’ve got a lot of time to think about it Danni.

    What the hell is Intergard? Is it a type of mozzie repellant? :P

  121. oh come on josh! thats no fun! i wanna dress up!

    firefighter anyone? lol

  122. Yeah Danni, go as a bride to muckup day, then a sexy policewoman to your wedding.

  123. 125: Good-looking pictures repellant. Lol

  124. hahahhahahaahahah lol yeah i dont know how that would go down in the church… LMAOO

    Adam get a collingwood jumper and pass as Pendles.

    i think ill prob go as the cop.

  125. We don’t do dress-ups i don’t think for year 12 muck up day. I think our school banned it.


  127. We dressup get a dj and dance after we trash the school and the year 11 hallway lol.
    then they have to clean it.
    and we get a breakfast party


  129. That’s why i don’t like my school, they are total fun-police. You can’t even access Supercoach and the AFL websites because “it’s not what computers are for”

  130. lol for our school its the only day the girls dress..or should i say hardly dress and get away with it. lol so everyone embraces it, including the very entertained dj. lol

  131. Steve Healy says

    Yeah it is good looking pictures repellant, although there’s still some good ones that arent blocked

  132. So who’s been watching the Biggest Loser?

  133. not me

  134. me neither

  135. You suck then.

    This is the last friday night of no football we’ll have for around 30 weeks. :)

  136. Steve Healy says

    if you watch that **** you’re an even bigger loser

  137. Steve Healy says

    Yeah yesterday I told my Mum that if we’re gonna go on any outings on weekends it has to be this weekend or we’ll have to wait until october

  138. 140: :D :D :D

  139. Lol my food teacher said out loud in class today:

    “So Barney, writing for any more books at the moment” Lol got me a little bit embarrassed.

  140. LOL i was singing the Braney (dinosaur NO RELATION TO JOSH AT ALL) theme song all day! lol

  141. barney* lol BRANEY!

  142. Damian Watson says

    The Barney off ‘How I met Your Mother’ is funny,’Bros before Hoes’.

  143. Lol if i grow up to be half as funny as Barney off How I met your Mother, i’ll be happy.

  144. Steve Healy says

    ive never watched how i met your mother

  145. Damian Watson says

    It’s a good show but you really have to watch from the beginning to understand everything.

    I like that Bro Code he invented, my friend worships it.

  146. You don’t watch Biggest Loser, you haven’t watched How I Met Your Mother, your missing out on life Steve.

  147. I like the bro’s before hoe’s code, but its hard to follow.

  148. Damian Watson says

    Come on Josh that show will eventually lose ratings and it will be cancelled, it happens to every othe reality show.

    Within 3 years Biggest Loser will be

  149. Steve Healy says

    I hope Australian Idol ends

  150. 152- LMAOO

  151. Steve – It actually has ended. For now. Yay!

    I hope Two and a Half Men dies…although there doesn’t seem to be any chance of that happening.

  152. Steve Healy says

    ive never watched two and a half men either

  153. i love Drake and Josh.

  154. Aw thanks Danni, love you too. Haha :P

  155. 159- lol

    status- craving cherryripe

  156. Damian Watson says

    Two and a Half Men No.1 comedy in Australia!

  157. do ya guys like my bimbo spelling

    should i make it lairrrrrrrrr or Lyerrrr??

  158. Please don’t Danni

  159. lol okay ill be my brunette self

  160. I hate my P.E class, full of all of the sluts of our school who wear skimpy clothes during P.E and do cartwheels and stuff all around the gym.

  161. lol see what i have to put up with Josh?

  162. Oh i knew what you have to put up with, it’s a lot worse at my school though. I mean every single girl in my P.E class has pashed another girl because “it”s what you have to do to be popular”

  163. 168- please dont go there thats just…NO COMMENT

    nah i have to put up with sayings such as,
    “i dont which guy to hook up with this week..i mean i hooked up with his cousin but i dont know…”


  164. Sorry Danni but that’s what the reality is with half of my school. Not to mention half of them smoke and get drunk each weekend too.

  165. yeah some of the girls smoke, only a few but they do go to ‘drink-ups’ every few weekends.

  166. A new year 7 girl and a year 7 boy both smoke, not to mention the girl has most likely been with a few guys too. Oh well i’m glad i’m not in year 7 anymore.

  167. gee thats bad, smoking is just like feeding yourself poison.

    our year 7s are when they hit year 9-10 they change and go crazy.

  168. Year 7 was a horrible time for me.

  169. Year 8 has been the best year for me so far, but year 10 is shaping up to be a good year. I’ve had a great week.

  170. Damian Watson says

    Yeah many from our school drink and smoke a lot, a few guys were caught with cannibis last year.

    A Year 7 tried to commit suicide last year which wasn’t pretty either.

  171. Steve Healy says

    there are heaps of guys who drink and smoke in my year level

  172. Really? ..what happened with that year 7?

  173. Damian Watson says

    Nothing too much, he was about to jump over the railing of the bridge which isn’t too high maybe 20m. His feet were basically off the railing when a couple of the teachers ran in to grab him and he was dangling off the edge, so maybe another second and then who knows.

    I wasn’t actually there but a lot of my friends saw it happen.

    I thought Essendon was one of North’s main rivals Josh lol.

  174. Oh that’s no good. Good job by the teachers on saving him though.

    Yeah they are, but can you find any more good games between these two sides in the past 6-7 years that have actually had meaning? Lol

  175. Damian Watson says

    Maybe Round 16 2001 but yeah I suppose in recent years there haven’t been any memorable contests.

  176. A couple of years ago a guy in my year level brought a fake gun to school, there was a massive uproar.

  177. There was the biggest fight our school has ever seen a couple of years ago, it was huge and brutal. Lucky to be apart of it :)

  178. Damian Watson says

    Just a ranom question, does anyone ever read the MX paper we have in the city?

  179. Yeah i do, it’s quite a good read.

    What the hell is the MX paper? Lol

  180. Damian Watson says

    The Mx is the free newspaper that’s offered in the city only on weekdays, whenever I drop into the city I take one or my Dad picks it up for me.

  181. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I love the MX

  182. Oh fair enough, does it compete with the Sun and the Age?

    Just found out my practice match for Waaia is on the 27th of March, so i miss out on the Hawthorn-Melbourne clash :|

  183. Damian Watson says

    No but I think it is a part of the Herald and Weekly Times.

    Do you play on the Saturday morning or afternoon Josh?

  184. The game will probably start at 11, so i won’t miss much of the game but i was looking forward to listening to the pre-game stuff on the radio.

    I think the NAB Cup AFL Record comes out tomorrow, i need to get it.

  185. what hap in year 7 adam?

  186. Steve Healy says


  187. Hmmmm, I was at Richond vs North in ’03 bloody Ottens kicked our last goal if i remember correctly

  188. Steve Healy says

    finally some almanacker civilisation.

    I was watching the cricket, great finish

  189. Hell yeah Steve, how well was Shaun Tait bowling ! 160.7k’s who does he do that ? lol. Dave Hussey finally showed what he can do nice to see Steve Smith go well tonight too.

  190. Hell yeah Steve, how well was Shaun Tait bowling ! 160.7k’s how does he do that ? lol. Dave Hussey finally showed what he can do nice to see Steve Smith go well tonight too.

  191. Steve Healy says

    yeah that stumping was brilliant. Tate was freaking, he only went under 150km twice I think, and once was a slower ball

  192. I loved it when Watson took a wicket the first ball of the last over, that was the match winner.

  193. Steve Healy says

    yeah, what about Umar Gul moving across the crease like that to open the stumps up? that was ridiculous

  194. Yeah what was he trying to do !! lol pretty disappointed that Brad Haddin went out cheaply love watching him play

  195. I’m really in the mood for football at the moment, never been so hungry for it this off-season.

    This time next week i’ll be relaxing in my room listening to the game on the radio. Ahh gotta love it.

  196. ohhh i cnt wait! although the bad thing is that i wont be paying any attention in class the day of the collingwood game cos ill be so excited.

    status- Writing media photoshoot supposed to be detailed and long..this is gonna kill me! lol

  197. Steve Healy says

    yeah you can smell footy in the air.

  198. I just finished reading the Side by Side book.

  199. lol i just ate rice for breakfast!

  200. I’m begging Mum to take me to Numurkah so i can hire a couple of DVD’s.

  201. Age article from today:

    Tall forwards Graham Polak and Dean Polo showed some promising signs alongside key forward Jack Riewoldt, despite weather for the intra-club clash between Richmond’s seniors and the Coburg Tigers at the exposed Highgate Reserve in Craigieburn making goals a lot harder to come by…

    ..Trent Cotchin, who has had two consecutive interrupted pre-seasons and played only 10 games last year, ran out three quarters yesterday, silencing any suggestions that his football career was over.


  202. …..huh???
    okay im offically confused

  203. 1. Dean Polo is NOT a tall forward
    2. There were NEVER any suggestions Trent Cotchin’s career was over.

  204. lol exactly! especially NUMBER 2..i think hes in my supercoach team

  205. Steve Healy says

    I bet Danni doesn’t even know who Dean Polo is.

    Yeah I read that Adam lol

  206. yeah i do, he invented that game you know which one, ‘Marco-Polo’


  207. Steve Healy says

    Hahahah, what number is he Danni?

  208. just had a look and i was right, along with Cotchin i have Deledio and D.Martin From the Tiges

  209. Meh, i dont know im not a doctor!

  210. Steve Healy says

    Same number as Anthony Corrie

  211. 14?
    you know..i dont think they should have given 14 away.. Wakelin was a great defended and how many games has Corrie played?

  212. Steve Healy says


  213. Typical article from the scum at the Age (aside from C.Noakes)

  214. 56???????????

  215. 219- and sam lane!!! don’t forget her!!

  216. About 54 for Brisbane those games were..

  217. Josh did u rear the Tick..tick BOOM article by Ralphy!!!????

  218. Oh yeah and Slane. I reckon she should jump ship and work for the HS. Abut 6 pages of AFL news today in the HS, including that big article on Mick Malthouse. Love it.

  219. read**

    ohh see! thats a waste of a number!

  220. Steve Healy says

    He played 3 for Collingwood

  221. Steve Healy says

    your forgetting JTH and Daff, Daff actually wrote a great article in the age today about Jimmy Bartel’s Dad, not that you’d know

  222. lol if BOTH SLANE AND JRALPHY worked for the HS..I think i would just die of happiness!!

  223. They should move Alan Toovey to number 14 and Corrie to 34. Speaking of, did anyone know that Dean Solomon swapped guernsey numbers from 6 to 7?

  224. They still work for the age? Ok besides them.

  225. seriously 3 games? thats so bad..i could have played more! I MEAN they treat Roccas 23 like something that is royal but then Wakelin’s 14 gets 3 games!
    im not happy..

  226. Steve Healy says

    yeah I knew that, he just wanted to have his old number I think since Peake left

  227. Yeah but its changes like that that irratate me. They shouldn’t hand out numbers like free samples.

  228. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I know, its about time a player made a higher number famous instead of earning lowing numbers as they get better

  229. Yeah someone like Stephen Hill or Jay van Berlo should be given number 6 or 7 and Solomon should move to the 20’s or so because he hasn’t done anything special in his time at the Dockers.

  230. you know i really thought Pendles would end up with Buckley’s number 5.
    im not complaining about Maxy getting it but im just saying what i thought would end up happening.

  231. 10 looks good on Pendlebury anyway

  232. yesh it looks better than the 16 he used to have which thay gave to cuddlesnrainbows.
    i think the 16 used to be his basketball number.

  233. Steve Healy says

    No thats not what I mean Josh.

    Van Berlo is 47 he should make himself famous by wearing that number, like Rehn made 52 famous.

    Danni, thats pointless. Pendlebury started his career in 16 before moving to 10 the year later, why would a player move from 10 to 5?

  234. Richmond gave all its first year players high numbers – they’ll have to earn a lower one. Out of the newbies, Martin has the lowest number with 36. (not counting Mitch Farmer)

  235. its got nothing to do with moving up or down steve, i only thought that cos i saw him as a future buckley.

  236. 27 looks the best on a footy guernsey, i don’t know why.

    Hall played well in the Bulldogs intra-club match today, he kicked 2.3 i think and gave a big bump to Lindsay Gilbee that would have landed him in hot water if it was the season proper.

  237. i diagree josh, number 9 looks the best on a footy jumper! 8)

  238. Danni – you’re not allowed to have the number 16 in most bball competitions (except high level ones i think) because there is no way for the ref to sign the number 16 with his fingers. For the same reason you cant have any number ending in 6,7,8 or 9, unless the numbers are 6,7,8 and 9. The highest number allowed is 55.

    So 16 can’t have been Pendles’ bball number. I suspect it was 10, but they only gave him that when it became available.

  239. 244- ahhhhhhhhhhh okay then :)

  240. Steve Healy says

    I just realised that the Dogs havent given out their numbers yet

  241. If anyone’s interested, heres my current supercoach team:
    Backs: Goddard, Hodge, Cornes, Mackie, Kenelly, Ladson, Sheppard (Davis, Webberley)
    Mids: Swan, Dal Santo, Selwood, Cotchin, Trengove, Martin (Shuey, Bastinac)
    Rucks: McIntosh, Kreuzer (Trengove, McNamara)
    Forwards: Goodes, Riewoldt, Pavlich, Brennan, Dangerfield, Ziebell, Polak (Gumbleton, Tapscott)

  242. What do you mean ref signing the number Adam?

    I like what Richmond did with the new recruits by giving them high numbers and making them earn a lower jumper. But they made too many number-changes with the experienced players to my liking. Martin will inherit the number 11 i reckon.

  243. Yes they have Steve, the only one i can remember is Barry Hall recieving number 28. The others are on SFF.

    I’ll show my SC team too..

  244. Steve Healy says

    If you play basketball and commit a foul the ref will signal your number using their fingers

  245. Steve Healy says

    its not on their list yet though

  246. I didn’t like them moving Jake King to 28, he was a true 46 type player.

  247. Stuff the list, if it’s on SFF it must be true

  248. Steve Healy says

    ill type my SC team too, its crap cos I dont put any effort into it

  249. Pre-preparing an excuse Steve?

  250. Steve Healy says

    1. Goddard, B
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $613,600
    2. Grimes, J
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $501,200
    3. Mackie, A
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $421,400

    4. Macdonald, J

    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $421,300
    5. Hurley, M
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $393,600
    6. McGrath, A
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $388,700

    7. Sheppard, B
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $149,200

    23. Davis, P
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $100,200
    24. Carlisle, J
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $94,200
    8. Ablett, G
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $744,200
    9. Judd, C
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $589,300
    10. Bartel, J
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $578,400
    11. Dangerfield, P
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $332,700
    12. Ziebell, J
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $320,800

    13. Scully, T
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $179,200

    25. Trengove, J
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $174,200
    26. Jetta, L
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $114,200
    14. Sandilands, A
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $538,600

    15. White, J
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $290,100

    27. Warnock, R
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $132,200
    28. Skipper, W
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $101,400
    16. Goodes, A
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $607,200
    17. Fevola, B
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $495,700
    18. Knights, C
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $441,400
    19. Staker, B
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $271,800
    20. Burton, B
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $268,700
    21. Warren, B
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $260,900

    22. Stack, B
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $189,400

    29. Watts, J
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $139,900
    30. Daw, M
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $109,400

  251. Barney’s Believers:

    Backs: B. Goddard, J. Adcock, A. McLeod, B. Sheppard, X. Ellis, N. Malceski, Je. Smith (M.Drum, D. Grimes)

    Mids: M. Murphy (VCAPT), J. Selwood, S. Black, J. Ziebell, J. Trengove, A. Morabito (B. Cunnington, J. Melksham)

    Rucks: H. McIntosh, M. Leuenberger (had a weird dream last night he was traded to Sydney), (D. Currie, A. Cordy)

    Forwards: P. Chapman (CAPT), A. Goodes, B. Harvey, C. Sylvia, L. Franklin, C. Knights, A. Wonaeamirri (T. Dennis-Lane, G. Weedon)

  252. BACKS-
    Maxwell, Mackie, Scarlett, Tarrant, N.Brown, M.Brown, Obst.

    Pendles (VICE) Mitchell (CAPT) Deledio, Swallow, Higgins, Cotchin,

    C.Cloke, Hille

    Franklin, Mooney, Monfries,
    Superman, Hawkins, Medhurst, Dawes

    Slattery, J.Trengrove, Barham, D.Martin, Rusling, R.Tarrant

  253. Steve Healy says

    not bad josh. Hmmm I had a dream that Port Adelaide played Collingwood in the grand final this year and won a couple of nights ago

  254. Steve Healy says

    hahaha its funny how almost all of your team are players who you think are good-looking Danni

  255. i have 2 players that same as Josh.
    i have 4 players the same as Adam

  256. 260- thats the point Steve, i have one HOT team!

  257. Steve Healy says

    its skill not looks Danni.

    My team’s the best out of all of ours

  258. excuse me STEVE!! my team is not only goona look hawt in out blue and black jumper but they are gonna rack up heaps of points!

  259. Steve Healy says

    my dream team:

    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $455,700
    2. Enright, C
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $394,300
    3. Grimes, J
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $392,300
    4. Drummond, J
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $333,500
    5. Raines, A
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $218,200
    6. Kennelly, T
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $204,700

    7. Hunt, J
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $164,100

    23. Grimes, D
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $99,500
    24. Silvagni, A
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $77,800
    8. Boyd, M
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $456,400
    9. Selwood, J
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $453,400
    10. Vince, B
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $441,400
    11. Burgoyne, S
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $314,600
    12. Scully, T
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $157,500

    13. Rohan, G
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $137,500

    25. Blease, S
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $94,500
    26. Armstrong, T
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $94,500
    14. Sandilands, A
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $419,800

    15. Jolly, D
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $381,500

    27. Warnock, R
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $101,800
    28. Skipper, W
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $95,800
    16. Chapman, P
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $494,500
    17. Riewoldt, N
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $468,100
    18. Knights, C
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $372,000
    19. Tippett, K
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $319,400
    20. Ziebell, J
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $285,600
    21. Henderson, L
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $226,000

    22. Wonaeamirri, A
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $138,700

    29. Taylor, T
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $89,500
    30. Podsiadly, J
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $77,800

  260. Steve..why is ur team so..unpretty?

  261. Ha whatever Steve

    Yeah when i was looking at Danni’s team when i put her into our league (sorry for peeking) i noticed most of her players were the ones she would dddiiieeeeee over. I swear i saw R. Federer in the midfield though..

  262. Steve Healy says

    my dream team or my supercoach team?

    Do you have Danni’s password?

  263. Nah i deleted the email

  264. lmaoo thats okay Josh i was gonna tell u guys anyway! lol naww federer!! :)
    yeahh i love my team..its soo Dieeeeeeeeeeeee-worthy! :)

  265. hahah lol see look at what Steve asks!
    thats why i trusted Josh to do it!

  266. Steve Healy says

    why would you trust Josh more than me?

  267. Well actually i saved the email for future reference if i ended up playing Danni in the grand final haha

  268. hmmm i dunno steve how about you re-read the second part of comment 268??

  269. Steve Healy says

    I wasnt asking for the password I was asking whether Josh had it

  270. josh im a collingwood supporter…dont mess with scarey..ROARRRRRRRRRR!!

  271. Steve Healy says

    fine Danni, should I hide behind a rock until you start trusting me again?

  272. well steve if it makes you feel better..i would to call you if i ever ended up on ‘who wants to be a millionare’ and had one life line left on a question to do with footy.
    happy now?

  273. 275: Is that why you asked me what the password was on MSN? Haha

  274. STEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  275. Steve Healy says

    You cant kill two birds with one stone, but you can kill one bird with 2 rocks

  276. Mum found a baby galah on the side of the road yesterday and took it home, it died this morning.

  277. Steve Healy says

    hmmm what happens on MSN stays on MSN thats all I can say

  278. 282- :(

  279. At least we gave it a better final night, if we left it it would have been attacked by big scary magpies and crows.

  280. STEVE…GO !!
    U better find HUGE ROCK in a DARK CAVE!!
    Not impressed Healy!


  281. Steve Healy says

    so your saying you want me to leave?

  282. im telling u to hide bahind a rock, obviously i cant trust u!

  283. Maybe i shouldn’t have said that..

  284. Steve Healy says

    You said you were gonna hide behind a rock a few nights ago Danni.

  285. yeah i go there when people bag me for my collingwoodness

  286. Steve Healy says

    Well I don’t go there because I can handle criticisim

  287. know what..its fine..
    cya guys.

  288. Random comment: Glad tennis got cancelled this morning because the only pair of shorts i had to wear was a new pair, they are black with white stars all over them, i wasn’t gonna risk wearing them.

  289. Damian Watson says

    Gee this upcoming week will be the slowest of the year I can’t wait until the footy starts.

    I can’t believe it has already been one whole year since Black Saturday.

    Did anyone read Jon Ralph’s article today on Malthouse?

  290. Steve Healy says

    yeah I know Damo, I cant believe its only 6 days though

  291. Yeah Damo me and Danni were talking about that earlier. It was a good read.

    I’m looking forward to Friday, i’ve got P.E to finish the day so it’ll be a good way to finish the week and welcome the footy season.

  292. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, im gonna be doing reports on all 4 games next week I think

  293. Steve Healy says

    Anyway gotta go guys, im off to the Healy family reunion

  294. Damian Watson says

    Josh do you know anything about a new AFL live radio in the country areas? all I know is that Craig Hutchison owns it and I think Sandy Roberts and Rex Hunt will call some of the matches.

  295. Steve Healy says

    Gee Rex’ll have a tough job if he’s doing that and triple M

  296. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I think Rexy’s only calling one match on Triple M.

  297. Nah this is the first i’ve heard of it, but Craig Hutchison can keep away from the country. I hate him.

    I’m uploading pics from the Essendon match, i’ll send them soon as well as a couple of photos from my Central Australia trip that i recently found.

  298. You u think I cant take criticism? I mean seriously its like this;
    Some one pokes you its like, whatever not a really big reaction right? Then the poke u again and again and again, now u get annoyed, it gets worse and you get angry so you ask them to stop but they keep going at it so in the end u would be really pissed right?
    Well let me tell you that’s how it sorta feels when a person bags your club over and over again, so don’t you think I have a right to react?

  299. yes im a collingwood supporter and i understand that everone hates us, ive heard all the jokes and insults, but all together i have really had enough an dthink people should just grow up. its another footy team like the others so why shouldnt the supporters get the respect?

  300. I understand that Danni, i hate when people laugh at the fact that i go for North Melbourne, but it’s what you have to put up with in the footy world. Taunting other people because of their team is the way of the game, but i understand that if you love your team as much as you do it would affect you more.

  301. By the way, comment 285: i wasn’t having a go at Collingwood, i just saying there is a large family of magpies where the galah was sitting so it would have been in danger if we left it :|

  302. Damian Watson says

    All I can say is that copping flak from other supporters is a sacrifice you make for supporting a particular club, especially if that team is Collingwood.

  303. yeah see Josh you only get a small dose of what i get, i mean pretty much evryone cant stand Collingwood except its supporters and your right about that if i didnt love my team that much it wouldnt affect me, but im not being a dramaqueen (for once) when i say that it seriously hurts after all this time its not even pokes and more..its turned into stabs.

  304. 307- yeah i know..thats just an animal thing.

  305. yeah i know Damo, normally i ignore it if i can but after all this time its really pissing me off!

  306. You know what, i have no idea why people don’t like the Collingwood supporters. I agree that they can be a bit weird looking, loud and annoying, but every club has their weirdo’s. The only time i truly did not like the Collingwood crowd was when that bloke bashed Nathan Jones’ father, but other than that i can’t see a reason as to why i shouldn’t like Collingwood (except for Joffa, but he brings a laugh to the game i suppose.)

  307. exactly Josh thats what i mean, every team has its ‘weirdos’
    and im not lying when i say that the Collingwood supporters i make friends with at the footy are pretty much just like me. the collingwood vs carlton thing yeah thats a rivalry i dont like Carlton in the spirit of the game its never pretty when those to play. As for the supporters i cnat say anything i mean look at Damo, hes great!

  308. Michael Allan says

    Hey guys,

    Looks like I missed out on a bit.

    All I can say is, Danni I hope you don’t think I think your a scumbag cause I call you one, cause I don’t.

    And about the password, Danni I think you should change it. You can do that if you click on a tab that says update your details on the right hand side.

  309. Yeah, the Swans probably have the best-behaving supporters in the league but they might have someone who’s just as bad as the main weirdo’s you get at Collingwood, Carlton, Essendon and the like.

  310. By the way i didn’t give anyone your password Danni and i did delete the email, so there is no hassles about changing your password but if you want to then go ahead.

  311. hey Mikey.
    nah its fine i know Josh wont do anything.

    well since i have sat with the Saints cheersquad i have to say they have pretty nice supporters too.

  312. Michael Allan says

    312 – As an AFL member I sit in a mixed area with passionate supporters from both clubs and without a doubt Collingwood supporters are the worst to be around.

    Carlton’s aren’t a wholer lot better but they’re are fewer ‘wierdos’ as we’re putting it.

    I know all teams have them but there is no denying Collingwood have the most.

  313. And Josh, Joffa is a really nice guy, im being serious. i met him outside the gates at the G and he was nice to take a photo with me.

  314. Speaking of seating, where should we sit at the footy Michael? I’m thinking second tier on the wing.

  315. Do you still have that photo Danni?

  316. lol yeah i do.
    although i look so bodgey in it so no one is seeing it!

  317. Lol fine, did everyone get my email?

  318. lol….ill send it only if u ignore how bodgey i look.

  319. Michael Allan says

    well I can get the ticks if our memberships come in time. Not sure how seating for NAB cup works for AFL members works. I might need to look it up.

  320. ohh crap.i didnt attach it..
    just a sec

  321. Agreed.

    Michael you don’t have to worry about getting us tickets, everyone just has to pay for them themselves lol. But if you wanna get free tickets be my guest.

  322. Michael Allan says

    I’d rank supporters 1 being the worst and 15 being the best, I didn’t include Richmond.

    1. Collingwood
    2. St Kilda
    3. Carlton
    4. Adelaide (based on rep, not on any experiences)
    5. Essendon
    6. Hawthorn
    7. Port Adelaide
    8. Fremantle
    9. West Coast
    12.North Melbourne
    13.Western Bulldogs

  323. Michael Allan says

    Josh, you’d still need to pay it’s just I’d be able to get them for you cheaper and in a better spot.

  324. Michael Allan says

    Well better than the general public anyway.

  325. I cant sit anywhere except ont the bottom level and right up the front at the footy.

  326. Josh i like the last photo u took, its cool. :)

  327. the joffa pic is from 2008

  328. Michael Allan says

    yeah that’s we’re we like to be Danni. Dad always wants us to sit on level N but you can’t get right on the wing like you can if your on Level M. Feel like your apart of the game more.

  329. I hate Port Adelaide supporters with a passion

    Adelaide 4th? Really, i thought they would be one of the best behaved in the league, whether its based on reputation or not.

  330. BRISBANE 11TH?
    id would put them 2nd.

  331. lol true and the players can hear you!
    one occasion i called out to Cameron Cloke..this was at the Collingwood North game, the Tarrant miss. he heard me and looked over for a bit then ofcourse the Bryce Gibbs goalsquare story lol

  332. Michael Allan says

    I haven’t ever been to AAMI stadium but I always here how filty they are over there.

    Whhats wrong with Brisbane supporters Danni?

  333. Michael Allan says

    Josh just checking ticketing now, what did you have in mind?

  334. dont really like em…
    they think they OWN the MCG when they are from Brisbane. a friend tole me when she went to the footy the brisbane supporter was getting all defensive about her and her brother wnating to sit i the area..wasnt a member area of anything but he told em to “piss off” and guess what? they were Brisbanse supporters.

  335. Danni, please explain what bodgey means to you? Coz you don’t look bodgey in that photo, Joffa does a little bit..

  336. bodgey as in..i dont look my best, my hair sucks, weird facail expression, would delet it if i had a better one.
    thats what it means and yes i do!!
    lol ive changed heaps my hair was Light brown then 2008. lol

  337. Oh fair enough then.

  338. Michael Allan says

    Well i’m off see you all later.

    By the way, my supercoach team is awesome!!!!1!!1!

  339. cya Mikey.

    mmm wonder how my school photo came out..

  340. Haha

    So Danni what are you sending Superman for Valentines Day?

  341. lol

    well i was thinking of getting a really big stamp, squeeing into a postbox and sending myself really.

  342. Ah ok, good luck with that.

    How come the HS always publishes your comments!!

  343. lol..i dont know i have never rated valentines day…maybe that will chnage once im engaged. lol

    i dont know..but im still freaking out about having TWO comments answered by RAFA!! :)

  344. I have respect for Melbourne-based Brisbane supporters, as they’re probably ex-Fitzroy fans and they stuck with their club even when they changed states.

  345. I’ve got 1,973 emails in my inbox from FootyAlmanac comments :|

  346. Yay 1973!

    Here’s the 1974th…

    Yay 1974!

  347. lmaooo are they frm our convos?

  348. Yeah mostly lol. I don’t use the address anymore though but i had to venture into it before and got lost in emails!

  349. Status – phone is not working. Not happy :|

  350. lol
    random question-
    has anyone seen ‘Run Lola Run’ ?
    i watched some of it in Media cos our teacher loves it and it was really cool.

  351. Nope, never heard of it.

    Adam, “like” my latest Facebook status would ya? I’m trying to beat someone with how many “likes” i get.

  352. lol well its German and the lead role of ‘lola’ is the most ranga girl ever.

  353. Haha, on the Superfooty forum there was a topic on the Majak Daw picture in the HS from yesterday, and it turned into a discussion that ranga’s should be exterminated or something like that.

  354. lol what! no one touches HEATH SHAW!!

  355. Blog with Crawf on Monday at noon!!
    On the Superfooty website!

  356. He can’t be a ranga, he’s got brown hair.

  357. but ofcourse we will be at SCHOOL!!!

  358. Nope Josh, Heater is a Rangga, i have looked at him, very closely

  359. Damn, seriously why do people organize things like that during school hours?


    i prob would hav dieddddddd

  361. I think you would have only gotten as far as “BLOG WITH JACK ANTHONY”

  362. hahahahhahahahaha lol that is so true!
    you know me too well.


  363. They talk about Jack crying after he kicked that goal in the book, he got a lot teasing about it, and Mick was gonna yell at him the next morning coz he was reading about himself in the paper.

  364. …WHAT?? please expand!!!!!

  365. Which part?

  366. ALL OF IT!!!! :)

  367. Well i don’t have the book on me at the moment but they just say that after he kicks the goal the coaching box erupts into full-on cheers for the first time of the year and that he will cop a lot from teammates about not being able to control his emotions but his teammates know how special the moment was for all of them. Then the next day or on the Monday he is reading the paper at the Lexus Centre and Mick asks if he is reading about himself and he replies “No Mick, i am not reading about myself” and then it says that Mick would have blasted him if he said that he was.

  368. ……………..HE READS THE PAPER?????

  369. Hahahahaha what did you think he was one of those bogans that don’t read?

  370. I LOVE HIM!! I LOVE HIM!!
    I LOVE HIM!!

    ………… 8)

    I LOVE HIM!!

  371. lol no….its just..if he reads the paper and then one day i write an means that he might read it.

  372. Josh…he’s so amazing.

  373. Oh well this will kill your hopes then. He was reading the Age.

    Lol nah, it didn’t say if he was reading the Age or Sun.

  374. you know what i love about him?
    he seems like a guy that likes attention and i love giving him attention.

  375. Meh lol i don’t see that in him.

    But you should get this book Danni, it’s a good read. They seem to talk about Medders and Pendlebury the most.

  376. … gonna cry

  377. Why?

    Oh and i love how they always bag Presti lol. In the Semi-Final chapter Dane Swan says to him “Riewoldt kicked four goals on you last week, how many is Tippett gonna kick on you tonight?” and Presti goes “You worry about getting a kick, i’ll worry about saving the game”

  378. cos…im staring at this photo from the site that we taken of the team just standing around and Jack looks so freaking gorgeous in it! and i love him so muchh!! :(

  379. 384- rofl

  380. And i can’t remember who it was but one of the players almost cries when he visits the places that got burned down in the Black Saturday bushfires, think it was Rocca.

  381. ..i cnt even watch Titanic!
    cos the main role name for the guy is JACK! AND teh chick is like
    “JACK!!” and she crying cos he can’t get through the flooding water…im in there thinking of jack anthony crying my eyes out!

  382. i would have cried too.
    bloody hell i get emotional, i wasnt always like this!

  383. I think its about time to say that you have a problem Danni.

  384. really think so?
    i mean i knew something was wrong that game i was watching, when Jack got the ball everything around me would slow down and stuff…i dont whats wrong with me!

  385. Yeah when you cry when you watch Titanic is bad enough.

  386. lmaoo it was only bad cos its a love story and the whole hitting the ice-berg and Jack is trying to save Rose but she wont leave without him and the whole time shes always yelling “JACKK, JACKK” and im just crying cos we all know how it ends.

  387. I don’t, i’ve never watched it.

  388. Anyway, did you see my pictures from school camp?

    just have a box of tissue near by.

    yeah i did lol the signs were funny.

  390. ….the ending is the crying part.
    if u dont watch the whole thing then watch the last 2 chapters.

  391. I think i watched it when i was like 5 or something but i can’t remember. I remember a girl standing out on the deck of the boat and a bloke comes out and puts his hand on her shoulder or something but that’s all i remember.

  392. Did you see my fishy??

  393. …thats the ‘My heart will go on’ song part! ….omggggggggggggg its soo beatiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
    i love Jack….
    nawww man..

  394. the fishy pic didnt send.

  395. I caught the second half of it in English once – I’d been away for the first half. It’s probably the second most I’ve ever been moved by a film.

  396. in the end they are both floating in the ocean but Rose is onto of a wooden door so shes no in the water which is freezing cold and Jack is holding her hand trying to keep her alive and then he tells her at one point to “let go” and he dies…..and she lets go.
    ofcourse im crying through this whole part, its so sad.

  397. Aw what? Damn

    Hmm i don’t want to watch it because it sounds like a boring movie to me…Finding Nemo was pretty moving for me.

  398. omg Adam..isnt it sad??????
    its such an amazing film…if only Jack held on a little bit longer…..and Rose WHY DID SHE LET HIM GO! i mean he told her to and he died but..i wouldnt have let him go…. :(

  399. Josh if u have’nt watched Titanic who aint seen nothing! RENT it, watch it..its really sad and there heaps of really intense scenes.

  400. I cried with happiness at the end of Slumdog Millionaire.

    Speaking of James Cameron blockbusters, for Avatar I was simply awestruck at the awsomeness.

    Oh yeah…and I dunked in bball today…but it was called a travel.

  401. ..stupid rose!

    status- feeling teary

  402. Adam are u the type that does cry during a film then?

  403. Not normally, I was crying with happiness then, not sadness. That’s different. I’ve never cried with sadness during the movie…I burst into tears watching the Jungle Book when I was little though because I found the tiger scary so Mum and Dad took me home.

  404. I need to see Avatar.

    And i need to see the Hangover properly, i went to the movies to see it and wasn’t allowed in because i was “Under 15”. I was like 14 and 11 months old! I was so pissed off that day, we ended up watching Ice Age 3 which didn’t really disappoint.

  405. I’ll admit i’ve gotten teary a few times in some movies. Not when i was little either.

  406. ohh thats too bad cos sensitive guys are soo cute!!

    ive seen The Hangover lol funny stuff.

    lol i cry when i watch Toy Story 2 and i cnat wait for number 3!

  407. Another fuuny movie, The Proposal, Me and my bestie were laughing soo badd

  408. I think i’ve seen the Proposal.

    I hired Death At A Funeral once, it was supposed to be a really funny movie, i turned it off 10 minutes in because i hadn’t laughed once.

  409. Anyone ever seen A Fish Called Wanda? It’s the last movie to have actually killed somebody – this guy from Norway had a cardiac arrest from laughing too hard.

  410. yeah? its the one with Sandrs Bullock in it. i was laughing so bad.

  411. I hired Death At A Funeral at one point during the holidays, but I actually bothered to wait for the funny bits. And boy, did they come.

  412. 416- wow…and nope.

  413. 416: You serious? I’m gonna avoid that movie..

  414. hmmm i might rent that movie around end of year exam time.

  415. The movie I’ve been the most underwhelmed by is Superbad – I couldn’t see what was so great about it, it was like American Pie, but not funny and with terrible characters. Btw I loved American Pie 1&2.

  416. you cant get past ‘Mean girls’ so much like what i have to put up with.

  417. Hey I watched it. And I’m not dead. Danni better not though, Roger Federer appears naked, she might die then.


  419. 424: Just kidding.

  420. The Devil Wears Prada is a pointless movie. Paul Blart: Mall Cop is pretty funny

  421. Although i have seen Colin Firth..with well not much on in St. Trinnians

  422. Click- Adam Sandler is good.

  423. You’ve seen an old man almost naked? Ewww

  424. 427: Haven’t, Haven’t
    428: Haven’t
    423: Have. We watched it in health, but I missed the end. Opposite to Titanic. Liked it more than I expected to.

    HES 49!!! And hes really good-looking!!
    <3 Colin Firth!!

  426. the guy from mean girls, the main one..
    DAMN! hes sooo hawt

  427. has anyone seen: Angus, thongs and perfect snogging?
    thats were i go the name Robbie for the guy in my story.

  428. I really think you spend too much time in girls schools Danni.

  429. lol well its not my fault!
    i would h ave loved to go to a Co-ed school eventhough my grades would have gone from ‘A’ to ‘D’

  430. lol i should send u my story Adam but i have no idea if u have time to read it with all our studying.

  431. My story was better, it had action :|

  432. Nah you can send me it, how long is it? I’m a quick reader.

  433. Steve Healy says

    Hey guys, im back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  434. lol okay gimme a min. it cna be ur bedtime story.

  435. It’s like 40 pages long lol

  436. I meant Danni’s story is 40 pages or so long.

    Steve, like my Facebook status please.

  437. okay i sent it :)

  438. Wasn’t planning on reading it all now. 444!

  439. lol Damo LOVED my story!! :)

  440. lmao i was just kidding, just let me know what u think when ur done but i have sent it.

  441. Your story was good with the bit about cancer, gave it an emotional edge.

  442. thanks Josh..i loved the party chapter the best. we should stop talking about it cos i dont wanna ruin it for Adam.

  443. Steve Healy says

    Hang on ill go on facebook now.

    Im going to the dees intra club match next saturday

  444. I should give your story a re-read.

  445. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I liked your story danni

  446. If I’m not posting Danni, treat it as a sign I’m reading your story.

    Just got the photo of you and Joffa, you’re unquestionably the prettiest in the photo.

  447. yeah im reading it now..havent had a look at it for ages.

  448. ..ohh god thats the worst photo of me!! argghh i look so bad!!

  449. Haha agree with 453. Although Joffa didn’t look too bad..

  450. Danni wanna send me your story again please? I can’t find it, and i’m not going into my email inbox looking for it.

  451. i remember it was really cold that day so i look really white and…Arrghhhh!!

  452. Steve Healy says

    Joffa’s face looks like it has been run over by a massive truck a few times lol

  453. i sent it Josh.

  454. i was like 14 in that photo! argghhhh lol and my hair was BROWN! lol

  455. Your 14 in that photo??

    What game was it do you remember?

  456. Collingwood vs Carlton

  457. “Jurrah has appeared as a savoir”

    I’m trying to remember what the word savoir means in French, since I did French until year 10. But I can’t. Danni, what’s a savoir?

  458. i have no idea, that would be one of the many typos you will find it should read SAVIOR.

  459. Steve Healy says

    what year, 2006?


  460. think so, you see dad took it on his phone and i cnt remember what year he blue-toothed it to my phone. but i think we lost that game.

  461. Steve Healy says

    was it the game where Collingwood lost and it was high scoring and Eddie Betts kicked that great goal?

  462. Wow Adam, already up to Chapter 15, that’s impressive.

  463. Steve Healy says

    I mean Collingwood won

  464. Steve Healy says

    im actually a slow reader

  465. the Betts goal was on my birthday that year..i remember cos i was pissed off and i spoke to the mother of a hot c’wood supporter who wore an orange tee-shirt under his jumper..

  466. Nah it wasn’t on your birthday Danni coz it was in Round 21 that Betts kicked that goal.

  467. hmmm okay..not sure then but i remember we lost the game where i met Joffa.

  468. Hmm k. Anyway im off now, i’m bloody tired.

  469. okay.

    sweet dreams Joshy

  470. I’m off now. I finished the story Danni, it’s very obvious that you are a very talented writer and I had a bit of a giggle when all of the boys got pink paint all over them and Steve deciding to come to the party as a Melbourne fan in socks and sandals!

    I wouldn’t want to be at a funeral with the Jonas Bros playing though.

  471. Hey Danni, what if you married a man named Juan Pye and he decided to hyphenate his name and become Juan Eid-Pye?

    im marrying Jack Anthony. :)
    thanks for the compliment, im glad u liked the story.

    sweet dreams guys

  473. Steve Healy says

    im off to the Melbourne intra club match next saturday

  474. Steve Healy says

    hmmm it looks like everyone’s gone

  475. Hey people, Dad bought me the NAB Cup Footy Record today, i’ve only flicked through it so far but it looks good. Except that Mathew Stokes is one of the bargain picks for Mr. Dream Team.

    By the way, did anyone else open up the HS to the Brett Ratten story and think that the kid he was with looked like Damo?

  476. Damian Watson says

    lol He doesn’t look anything like me, he almost appears to have a monobrow lol.

    Did anyone read the article about Channel 7 refusing to show Friday night games live?

    I’ll probably post my Pre Season piece soon.

    Danni was the game R12 2008? where Fev booted 8 and we ran away with the game in the last term.

    I saw Titanic once and haven’t seen it since, any film with Celine Dion music I try to avoid lol.

  477. Steve Healy says

    I might go up the street and get the nab cup record soon, I cant wait to read it.

    There’s a great article on Paddy Ryder and Leroy Jetta in the age

  478. i think it might have been that game Damo..all i remember is that we lost and that it was against Carlton.

    dont knock it till you try it Damo, Titanic is a classic.

  479. Steve Healy says

    Titanic’s all right, I’ve seen it a couple of times.

    I’ve got the record!

  480. lol Steve u can even say u watched it with me once! lol since we watched it at the same time… RICKY PONTING CAPTAIN! lol

  481. Steve Healy says

    hahaha yeah poor Ricky, he had a whole life ahead of him but shot himself in the head lol

  482. thats why they call the film a tragedy!
    remember how upset i was everytime Rose would yell “Jack!!”

  483. Steve Healy says

    I don’t think i’ve ever been this happy about footy starting, but then again I probably say this every year

  484. I’m excited every year.

    im like dying..i need my Jack Anthony!!!

  486. hey Adam! :P

  487. Steve Healy says

    I need my every player in the AFL

  488. Only one week…hey Danni ;)

  489. 494- ROFL

  490. so Adam tell me what study subject have to put aside for today and tonight?

  491. Steve Healy says

    well only 5 days actually, and plus on Saturday morning im off to the Dees’ intra club match, so thats 5 games ill be watching/listening to on the weekend

  492. there is a small possibility that i might be going to the Collingwood family day….
    and you know what that means

  493. I have quite a number of Chem questions to do and I have to finish this persuasive text analysis for English :(

    I shouldn’t be on here, but my self discipline sucks on weekends.

  494. argghhh well last night WHILE I WAS ON HERE ALL DAY!! (thats soo bad) lol
    i did my media which could have taken 30mins tops but co si was on here took like HOURS and when i left off here it was 12:something and i felt bad so i did most of my history which i have to finish today along with business revision.

  495. You seem to have endless business revision…I didn’t think business was that hard, 2 guys at my school got 39 and 37 last year doing business as an enhancement.

  496. Steve Healy says

    hahaha hopefully you have fun at that Danni.

    I’ve actually got quite a bit of homework to do as well, but ill get to that later :)

  497. gee well they must be pretty smart.
    i only find it hard cos its my first time and its one of those LOTS OF INFO subjects where u have to like memorise heaps but cos i also do History and Media which are both also thoery which needs to be memorised im finding life pretty hard.

  498. im scared of what will happen.
    i mean when i meet Jack Anthony will I pass out? Will I dieee? Will I be so starstruck that I wont be able to speak, will I just stand there crying???

  499. Hey guys, I meet Brent Stanton last night ! He is smaller then what i expected but he is a good bloke.

  500. Jeff, dude where u been?

  501. Damian Watson says

    Is the Dees intra club going to be held at Casey Fields?

    I don’t have any homework but this will probably be trare in the coming months.

    This might be a silly question but are any of you guys intrested in the Superbowl?

  502. Yeah I’m surprised that Bus Man gets scaled down by 2 or whatever…with a lot of facts to remember i thought it would be scaled up more. A guy at my school got 50 in it last year…

    Brent Stanton? What was he doing in Waaia?

  503. i love america but..nope

  504. Danni,I meet him at my cousins engagement party was pretty mad.

  505. Funny you should mention the Superbowl Damo, I like NFL, I learnt all the rules by playing Madden. It’s actually an amazingly complex sport…and I’m disappointed that tomorrow the Superbowl’s on and I have school :(

    Earlier I watched this show America’s Game on ONE, they were talking about the Indianapolis Colts’ run to the Superbowl, I almost cried with happiness after they beat the Patriots.

  506. I didn’t meet him in Waaia I meet him in Eltham Adam.
    He is so small :|

  507. Steve Healy says

    Yeah im kind of interested in the superbowl, this year i’ve watched a few NFL games on One HD and enjoyed them a bit, even though American footy can get a bit boring. I want the Saints to win.

    Yep, its at Casey fields Damo

  508. Steve Healy says

    Yeah Stanton’s only 182cm, thats about 1cm shorter than me.

    How tall are you Jeff?

  509. ohh thats soo cool!!

  510. I’m about 178cm Steve.
    It wasn’t just he’s height either he is really skinny

  511. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I love that show as well Adam, and I’ve also played Madden 10 on my brother’s PS3, its an awesome game

  512. Damian Watson says

    I follow the Carolina Panthers but they had a crap season and I don’t think they made the Playoffs.

    I like to keep an eye on the NFL but I probably don’t follow it in an in-depth way. I think they are replaying the Superbowl on One HD tomorrow night.

  513. I don’t believe you Jeff. You weren’t in Eltham last night, surely not.

  514. Steve Healy says

    Yeah he doesn’t have much bulk does he?

    Why was he there, does he have some connection with your cousin?

  515. I support the Packers actually, we lost to the Cards, that game was a cracker I heard, 51-45.

  516. Steve Healy says

    oh thats good, I follow the Cardinals cos of Ben Graham but I do know a couple of other players.

  517. Steve Healy says

    yeah it was 51-45, I didnt watch the game though but thats as high scoring a game as you’ll ever see

  518. lol look at u all go, all i know is that is American. lol

  519. I was in the main street adam, the strada I think the place was called.
    Yeah Steve my cousins fiancee is mates with him. Yeah he needs to put some muscle on he looks tiny.

  520. Did anyone else hear that AGAIN 7 is not showing any live matches this season on Friday nights, preferring to put on Better Homes and Gardens at 7:30.

    Total joke.

  521. Steve Healy says

    Do you like the look of Seamus McNamara Danni? He played really well in the intra club game, apparently Jolly tapped it down to Beams who kicked to McNamara who goaled all in the first 10 seconds

  522. Never been there, I normally go to the Eltham Hotel. It’s not too far from my house, although I wouldn’t say it’s close.

  523. Steve Healy says

    Yeah thats crap Adam, but I thought they’re waiting till 2012 to show games live on Friday nights when the new broadcast deal comes.

    I recorded the footy last night, West Coast V Hawthorn 1992 Elim Final. I’m gonna watch it soon

  524. Seamus McNamara sounds more like the name of an Irish pub owner than a footballer.

  525. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I mentioned that before Adam, it’s a discrace because they have the choice and more viewers would tune into the footy, although BH&G rates well.

    It looks like this will be the case until the next TV rights.

  526. yeah i read that on HS website.

    lol i dont know yet Steve..i need to see him in action but i did hear he scored the first goal! YAY lol

  527. 531- Adam dont be mean :(

  528. Steve Healy says

    better homes and gardens- havent watched that for about 5 years

  529. Damian Watson says

    Steve have you noticed that they are replaying the same games late at night as they did a couple of months ago? surely Channel 7 have more games in their vault they can telecast.

  530. It’s 1339 on the main street Eltham nice place was goin off last night

  531. 534: Danni how does that qualify as being mean?

  532. i only watch it if i see chocolate cake in the cooking segment. lol

  533. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I have noticed that Damo, although it won’t affect me because I’ve only watched and recorded a handful of them

  534. lol cos hes not a pub! hes a footy player!

  535. thats like saying Malthouse sounds like a ballroom in a reception center! lol

  536. Out of all the things in the world, cooking is what I’m worst at.

    And Dane Swan sounds like a graceful white water bird found in Denmark :)

  537. well, lmaoo looks like we cant get married Adam, cos i burn toast!! lmaoo

    very funny- Denmark lol

  538. Steve Healy says

    hahaha Adam

  539. ….gee i should ask Jack if he knows how to cook.

  540. Steve Healy says

    I started cooking dinner about a year ago- but after one time i didnt try again

  541. hahahah lol Steve!!
    thats so cute, you should try again

  542. Steve Healy says

    But then again my 10 year old sister is a good cook

  543. Steve Healy says

    Nah I won’t my only talents are footy related

  544. the only thing i can make are cakes…lol yeah i know very funny, the ony thing i cook its sweet stuff, Augustus lol

  545. Steve Healy says

    gee I really hope I get the work experience with the Dees, if I dont it ill have to try the Herald Sun and SEN

  546. i dont think the Sun will take u since thier placements had a deadline of December 30th or something last year for this years placements.

  547. Steve Healy says

    oh ok, I wouldnt be too sad about missing out on the Sun though

  548. what!! you have no idea what it would mean to me to spend JUST ONE DAY working with Jon Ralph!!!

  549. Good luck Steve.

    If anyone’s interested, here’s something I made and put onto youtube a while ago:

  550. Damian Watson says

    Yeah the Herald Sun and SEN have already allocated the places.

    – signing contract agreements for Ch10

  551. Adam ive seen that vid b4 :) lol

    Damo promise me that if u see Ralphy or Slane tell them that i said they rock!!

  552. You mean you’ve seen another Hitler Downfall parody Danni? Or you’ve seen that particular one before, without knowing I made it?

  553. Damian Watson says

    lol those Hitler parodies are hilarious.

    Will do Danni.

  554. Steve Healy says

    hahahah thats hillarious Adam, good work.

    Its ok, at least we havent hired Terry Wallace haha

  555. ive seen a few, including that one!]
    i love the Collingwood ones. lmaoo

  556. Mornin.

    I’ve been in Shepp all day at my sisters place, and speaking of work experience i’m going to ask my careers teacher tomorrow about getting a week down at the Shepp News, which is where Hayley works. It’ll be weird going to work with my sister.

    I was a bit disappointed in the NAB Cup Record, i dunno why. But the Herald Sun and the Age had some quality footy articles in it. Finally we are seeing more football news.

    I’ve got cooking tomorrow, we’re making low-fat Fettucine or something. Hope i don’t burn down the school. I’ll try not too.

  557. Oh and i got to drive home :) forgot to wear a seatbelt though..

  558. Lol, you’re not even 16 yet.

  559. Doesn’t matter in the country

  560. Forgot to wear a seatbelt!!….JOSH!! don’t you ever do that again

  561. I said to Mum if i should stop and put it on but i was already half way home so yeah. Lol and Mum goes “Jeez, you better put it on seeing as there is a cop car behind us” and I got so frightended.

  562. 565- lol who cares Josh looks about 19 anyways!

  563. seatbelt is the first thing i do and then mirrors.

  564. The first thing i did was put the car into drive and started driving, then remembered the mirror, then i was told to use up the whole road.

    Was talking to Hayley today about year 12..

  565. lol.

    really? let me guess you mentioned how im totally freaking out in the first week? lol

  566. Yep, and i mentioned how you won’t come to the footy. She said your crazy, and that taking time off from studying is just as important lol. Oh and she’s having surgery on her knee, it’s just an arthrescope (or however its spelt)

  567. Oh and i was thinking Danni, you should write a sequel to that story, maybe focusing on me and Lilly and Steve and his Melbourne chick :|

  568. ohhh well i hope that goes well. :)

    i figured since going to the footy would take the whole day i thought i would do something else, but still footy related. the Collingwood family day is coming up and it only goes from 10:00am-1:00pm plus if i go i have to leave at like 12:30 so thats nothing and theres a chance of meeting Jack Anthony, so there i think thats a great reward break form myself and i have the whole day to study so its like i didnt even go! :)

  569. ..i dont think steve had a Melbourne chick.

  570. Yeah but, when you go to the footy at Etihad, how long does it take for you to get to the stadium?

  571. Josh its not how long it takes me to get there, if im going to the footy it takes ages for me to get ready and then the footy goes for a few hours plus if theres traffic on the roads i gethome later and normally when i get back form the footy in exhusted so theres no way i would study.

  572. Takes ages for you to get ready?? Jeeeeeez. Fine i give up.

  573. Josh of course it does!
    i have to look good when i go to the footy, heck i dont even go to the supermarket without eyeliner, atleast!

  574. Hmmm.

  575. come on, atleast be happy for me..i migh be meeting Superman!!

  576. I’m just sad that i was hoping you would come coz the Almanac launch was like the best day of 2009 for me coz i got to meet all of you, even though we barely spoke a word to each other so meeting up at the footy would be a good opportunity to talk without hundreds of people talking.

  577. ………nawwwwwwwwww Joshyyyyy!!

  578. 509: Jeff doesn’t live in Waaia, thank god.

  579. really? then how do u know him

  580. Danni, believe it or not Waaia is surrounded by about seven towns. Jeff lives in Numurkah, which is 10km from my house, which is where i go to school, which is where my parents work etc.

  581. ohhh okay. lol

  582. the funniest thing happend on friday at school, i was in free with soem friends and we brought up our drama play from year 10 and started laughing..and the funny thing was the main character that ‘my mum’ wa sdating in the play is a stooge called Steve LMAOO hes a dentist and he gives me a toothbrush for my bday! lol the audience was dying from laughter when my friend Danni (who played steve) came onto the stage…she hadnt even said a word she just walked out and the audience erupted with laughter! we were looking at eachother trying not to laughing im like ‘OMG why are they already laughing!’ ‘STEVE’ was dreesed in our school blazer, long baggy jeans, dark glasses and a cap’ lol i wish i had it on video..

  583. Lol, sounds like it’d be more funnier if i saw it.

    Oh i was stopped at the traffic lights today in Shepp and i looked to my left and there was this girl staring at me and i was like “Omg, is that Danni?” It looked just like you, had a big nose and all (no offence) and me and my friend were bagging her and Mum put the window down without me knowing and i think the girl heard me coz she was smirking at me as she drove off.

  584. lol none taken, if roger Federer keeps him, ill keep mine! :)
    WAIT why did u bag her? thats just MEAN

  585. Oh coz she kept staring at us so me and my friend were shouting at her from the comfort of behind the window..

  586. lol well obviously it wasnt me cos..why would i be there? lol
    and i would have been like

  587. my brother took a photo of me when i was asleep and on thet angle my nose looks great..too bad it only looks that way when im sleeping!

  588. Yeah i was like “Hey that’s Dann..oh wait what would she be doing up here..”

  589. I’m always getting grief off Jeff because of my “large” nose, yet it’s not even big. My nose is long and skinny, his is short and fat.

  590. lol..i think u no wait which one of the guys has the button nose?

  591. think its steve..he has a cute nose

  592. So, did 583 sway your decision at all? :|

  593. :( ohhh mannnnnnnnn…
    Joshyyy please dont….

  594. :| ahh farrk

  595. Don’t you hate it when you realize you have school tomorrow?

  596. yeahhh lol lets see what i have

  597. ENGLISH

  598. In other words


  599. I also found out today that our school doesn’t allow students to sleep in if we have a double free in the morning or whatever.

  600. Yeah same with my school.
    that sucks though, like i love to sleep.

  601. I’ve had some pretty spaced out dreams the past couple of nights. Like last night i dreamt that it was friday and the first game of the NAB Cup was on and the power went out and i missed it or something. Nightmare.

  602. lol…theres always random guys in my dream.. LOL no noth like that!!
    but yeah…weird.

  603. i have always wanted a turtle..or a duckie..or a rabbit.

  604. Ever dreamt about Jack?

  605. …only once <3

  606. id name the Turtle: bon-bon
    the Duckie- Gibbs
    and the rabbit- Truffles

  607. We had a duck once, it didn’t end well

  608. …………Duckieeeeeeeeeeeee :(

  609. i dont want a duck..I WANT A DUCKIE!!

  610. It was Hayley’s fault!

  611. hahahah lol Hayley!

  612. i also want a call it…

  613. I was talking to her today saying i should go for a weeks work experience at the Shepp Strip Club

  614. hahahah lol
    and what did she have to say about that?

    honestly i wouldnt set foot in one even if u paid me!

  615. You can have a goat.

  616. She said that all the day time strippers are gross and that’s all i would see or something like that lol.

  617. ..well i only want the goat if its little and cute.
    id call it……

  618. No you can only call it that if you got a possum.

  619. mann i feel so bad….i bet Adam has done heaps of work and here i am making business notes for the last hour or two. lol hes such a goodboy!

  620. …ewwwww i dont want i possum..OMG I WANT A CHIPMUNK!!

  621. We used to have a possum, it chewed my leg apart one night and i think i got stiches or something.

    If you got a chipmunk you would have to call it Alvin.

  622. nahh ill call it ‘Chippy’
    lmaoo NAWWWWWWWWWW chippy :)

  623. or Chappy.

  624. nahh that sounds like ‘chapstick’
    lol maybe id call it….. Riley

  625. i sent an email to my fav teacher that left our school when i was in year 8, inviting him to our graduation at the end of the year.
    would do all the best teachers leave?

  626. lol how does it feel?

  627. wait do ya think the person that writes the article is the one who reads the comments??? cos that mean RALPHY read mine!! :)

  628. Steve Healy says

    thanks for the nose compliment Danni.

    Josh I always have the same dreams, where I miss footy games, I get really scared.

    g2g dinner

  629. Frustrated, because i had to scroll through 92 comments to find it lol.

    But seriously how does BHG get more viewers than the footy? Stupid old people and gardening shows..

  630. lol well look at that Steve comes in and out of nowhere!

  631. 637- roflmao

  632. Seriously though, can you imagine a teenager going “Omg omg omg it’s friday, Better Homes and Gardens is on!!” Footy wins hands down.

  633. this is what happends with me.
    i turn on ch7 atleast 20 mins earlier co sim THAT excited and i sit there with my hw doing that while i curse the show and totally ignoring it until i hear the “well thats all for todays episode..blahh, blahh blahhh.”

  634. Yeah same, seeing the credits roll for BHG is the happiest moment of the week

  635. you know..i think thats our mistake..i mean cos we have it on the show cos we are waiting for the footy they THINK they are getting rating cos WE LIKE IT! thats it from now on im waiting till 5mins to the footy so they dont think im sitting there enjoying BHG.

  636. I agree with one of the comments i just saw on the article, if the footy keeps getting aired at 8:35, Seven should cut the crap and go from quarter time straight to the start of the second quarter, then from half time straight to the third quarter. What’s the point in having a 10 minute break, acting like it’s half time when its an hour delayed and there is no point for the break.

  637. 644: probably makes no sense but i know what i mean

  638. …riteeeeeeee
    i just think it should be live damnit!
    and to all those people who nag about Collingwood getting an ‘easy draw’ go take a look at the collingwood draw this year AND EAT IT! cos is one of the hardest!

  639. PS- Im fine…real calm lol

  640. I suppose the proof is in the pudding about the Collingwood draw. Yes they do get an easy fixture, but have they made the Grand Final in the past five years?

  641. No Josh they havn’t ;).
    Pretty pissed better homes and gardens is on instead of the footy being live.
    Thats BS if you ask me.

  642. Steve Healy says

    No, they should never cut quarter time and half time breaks, it doesnt make any sense, I for one need breaks when watching the footy to go to the toilet, get something to eat or kick the soft footy around the house.

    The 8:30 telecasts are actually gonna benefit me cos ill be playing basketball on some friday nights, and ill have time to come home and watch the delayed broadcast but if it was live I wouldnt

  643. …no they havent…
    but thats the thing..if they dont get there with the ‘easy fixture’ i think they will with the hard one cos they are forced to work whereas they would have bludged with the ‘easy fixture’

  644. yeah i need breaks to get more books and chocolate. lol

  645. status- moisterizing legs

  646. Steve Healy says

    more books, seriously Danni, you dont have to worry about work while watching the footy, just throw the books away for a few hours and relax!

  647. Sounds fun danni lol.
    W.I are starting to settle in the cricket :|

  648. Steve Healy says

    whats the score Jeff? im in my room so I have no idea what it is

  649. yeah i know steve but i find that i can get little things done, like small amounts of hw out of the way, most of the time i only do it if i have a sac the monday comming.

  650. Steve Healy says

    guys, can a thread change be on the agenda?

    It always gets a bit too much to scroll down when we approach 700

  651. Exactly! I’m trying to get Dad to arrange to get tickets into the North rooms too, he said he’ll try, we used to always go into the rooms.

  652. true..someone change it

  653. 4/106 Pollard is going alright.
    After 24 overs there R/R is rising too :|

  654. I was thinking last night, Steve you know on the longest thread on SFF, we should create one on here. Get like 12,000 comments on one article lol.

  655. CATCH JOHNO !
    Yeah I think that’s an alright decision Josh
    Pollard gone :)

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