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With some good news in the health department under my belt (both literally and metaphorically), I’ve resumed some of the projects that I’ve ignored for a while.


After having paid scant attention recently to my project on SANFL Blow-Ins, I’m again attempting to track them down for the remaining eight teams of the 1960-1990 era. (There’s more than four hundred names in my spreadsheet so far, but the harder bit is finding out more about each of them and finding pictures of them – wish me luck).


Part of my renewed efforts include a couple of recent trips to the MCC Library (thanks again, Trev).


The first one involved rummaging through those Football Times Year Books that are missing from my collection. My second, earlier this week, was initially focused on Football Budgets of 1980, but the discovery of a bound volume of Footy World magazine from the 1970 season diverted my attention.


Footy World was a weekly, newspaper-style publication produced in SA from 1967-71. Its contents were usually reviews of the previous round’s matches (written by Alan Crabb, Wally May, Bo Morton etc), previews of the upcoming round, match results, premiership tables and, notably, detailed stats from each match. The rich pictorial content included action shots from many League games and the (then) new Mini-League completion.














There was the occasional topical feature such as this one regarding the future of footy at Adelaide Oval, while interstate leagues were given an erratic mention, often headed ‘Melbourne Results’.





The main advertising content was sauced (sic) from the various supermarket chains that also acted as the paper’s primary distribution channels, such as this one.





One ad that really grabbed my attention was this one, where footy intersected with grocerial commerce. In the days before the SANFL adopted a more professional approach to licensing etc, it seemed that the slather was open to anyone to devise, use and market their own interpretations of club logo. I couldn’t resist instantly sharing this online.





An almost immediate response pleased both myself and the Almanac’s own Torrens tragic, Peter Baulderstone.



Thanks to Brad Shiell


Then this marvellous collection was posted by a WA-based viewer.



Thanks to @KhanCowan



I dug further to discover these current day offerings, vividly enriching the black and white imaging I’d seen earlier.



A fair return for the initial 20 cent outlay.



Finally, I came across a reference to these Victorian versions (plus a stray Glenelg one), which confirmed the extent of Kristaware’s incursions into the main footy markets of the time.






What started as some innocuous fact finding ended with the discovery of a range of memorabilia that I knew nothing about a few hours earlier (while also distracting me from the task at hand).


Which leads me to ask about any other cherished pieces that you may have in your collection?



Here are some more Kristaware examples. If you’ve got any of these at home, they seem to have appreciated appreciably.

















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About Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt

Saw my first SANFL game in 1967 - Dogs v Peckers. Have only ever seen the Dogs win 1 final in the flesh (1972 1st Semi) Mediocre forward pocket for the AUFC Blacks (1982-89) Life member - Ormond Netball Club -That's me on the right


  1. Can’t say I’ve ever come across one of those, Swish (although, my collecting has dramatically declined since kiddies came along). Anything of that era that holds liquid tends to go for very good money online. My favourite bits of memorabilia tend to focus on the ’80s – 1984 premiership t-shirts and beer glasses have been op shop buys along with a curly-haired Michael Aish doll. I reckon my favourite item, though, is an unused matchbook from the Redlegs Club. Don’t imagine there’s too many of those in existence (but at least one more than there are Redlegs Clubs).

  2. The West Torrens pigeons.

  3. Had a Peckers one back in the day. Gone the way of the Peckers themselves. ?

  4. Footy Tumblers? Sensational. If they’re now worth fifty each it’d be great to find a box housing a couple dozen in Uncle Bert’s shed. The magpie on the Collingwood cup looks as intimidating as Woody Woodpecker.

    Good job, Swish.

  5. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    From Gigs on Twitter:

    “We had the Carlton, Collingwood, North Melbourne, Richmond, South Melbourne and St Kilda cups. Still have the Swans one, but it’s so faded you can barely see the logo. Gave the Richmond one to @TheHolyBoot. You’re rich now, Boot!”

    At those prices, I’ll have to be content with creating a virtual collection.

    Thanks all.

  6. My best piece of memorabilia dates to the 1965 SANFL Grand Final won by Port Adelaide. It is one of the newspaper wraparounds which were around the bundles of newspapers delivered to newsagents. These were then unfolded to be put into a metal wire frame and set up outside the shop to announce (scream?) the day’s headlines. Probably you know the sort. It is the Sunday Mail of 2/10/65 and in excellent condition for a newsprint piece. Unfortunately a previous owner chose to add his small autograph above that of the artist, Dan Russell. Otherwise 100%.

  7. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Thanks Bucko, I haven’t seen that one, I’m guessing it was up on your wall for about twelve seasons. There are a few Sturt ones up for grabs right now.

    I’m currently in the running for a copy of the 1966 GF Budget. I’m guessing you’d like to shred that one.

  8. Actually found it in an antique shop on Goodwood Road about 5 years ago and paid good money for it, at a time before old age pensionerhood set in…. Had it framed and it looks quite good, even if I do say so.

    1966 GF was one of several I went to as a small lad (13 by then). Sat in the north-eastern pocket on those concrete terraces in front of the scoreboard (the only one), right behind those incredible, yet horrendous check-side punts of P. Endersbee. Could not believe my eyes…. Especially after catching the 3.00am train to get there and sitting through the Senior Colts and Seconds GF’s. Am unable to say what happened to the Budget from that day, suspect you may have to search the Wingfield tip many years ago!!

    I presume you know about At The Toss Of A Coin on Brighton Road, just past Sturt Road for old Budgets?

  9. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Thanks Bucko.

    I brought my collection with me when I moved to Melbs 25 years ago, but the minor round Budgets were eventually culled along the way as the kids toys etc took precedence in the storage department. Probably ended up at the Clayton tip in my case.

    I’ve been given temporary custody of a collection of minor round Budgets from 1971-1981 (apart from ’80), but I’ve also accumulated quite a number over the past few years (as you can tell from these pages).

    Endersbee’s checkside exploits were in 1968. I suppose those losses to Sturt all blur into one.

    I pop down to Gerry’s when I am back home (as Adelaide will always be). I’m familiar with the Goody Road store; they recently had Darel Hart’s Centrals #25 and I also helped them identify an SA Country jumper they had. But that shop is quite pricy.

  10. Afraid those Sturt losses do rather tend to the blurry end of the memory, Swish. Although 1976 remains crystal clear! Afraid my Budget collection also went that way as children arrived. When I see the prices these days, I do shed a little tear. But then, we have wedding presents in mint condition which are now starting to appear in antique shops….at hitherto unsuspected levels of cash.

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