Footy Friends


By Jasmine Conrad and Violet Dunn




We wish that we could be playing football like them.


We would be proud to wear a footy jersey. I wonder how it would feel to be the captain of a team? Imagine having our own mascot and everyone cheering us on.  Having a team that has your back all the time. People to look up too and making new friendships along the way. It would be so cool to have our own footy card one day. Wouldn’t that just be amazing, it would be a dream come true. Two friends Violet (Hoofa) and Jasmine (Jazz) have been dreaming of playing football for years.





Caulfield Bears making Her-story. Heads held high, mouthguards in mouths, muddy footy boots, stinky change rooms, socks rolled up to our knees and the roar of the crowd as we run out onto the field for the first time. Number six, wearing her jersey with pride (Jazz) and number twenty seven leading the team out as captain (Hoofa). Hearing the bark of our very own mascot: Kipling the dog wearing a Caulfield Bears jersey. All we could hear was encouragement and enthusiasm from the crowd.


At our end of year presentation night, we were surprised with our very own footy cards, a slideshow reflecting our great season to the music of Beyonce’s hit single “Run The World”as well as trophies. It was such an amazing night.


All of a sudden our dreams had just come true!!!!!



Jazz and Hoofa.





Wow, what an amazing season that was. It was filled with so much excitement. But we are even more excited for the season coming – 2018. We will have more confidence and we will be gaining up our skill with new coaches and new players. We have made so many new friends and have new assets to our team. Now we are the new role models for the younger girls and it feels great.


The season ahead is getting us all pumped and ready to go. We have seen all of the older girls in AFLW do it so why can’t we? Now footy played by girls isn’t a big shock for people. Now it is just a group of girls playing a tough match of football.


Anyone can play football no matter what.



Footy Friends.


  1. Hi Jazz and Hoofa,

    It’s a beautiful story and friendships through playing footy is so awesome, isn’t it?

    I love your passions of playing footy too. As a player at the Osaka Dingoes, I have the same emotion. Love playing footy.

    Next weekend, I am making a debut on the footy field. Can’t wait.

    Enjoy the footy and friendships. All the best.


  2. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Great stuff Jasmine and Violet love the passion

  3. Great work once again, Hoofa. The Bears are lucky to have such forward thinking and passionate players; I’m sure you and Jazz will be terrific role models for the new girls!

  4. Love it. Many wonderful parts to your story – I love the excitement in your (writing) voices. Please keep us up to date on your week by week matches.

    PS. Love the dog’s name! Kipling! What breed?

  5. Colin Ritchie says

    Anyone can play football no matter what. Well said Hoofa and Jazz!

  6. Jim Kesselschmidt says

    Lovely story. Go Bears.

    I used to barack for the Caulfield Bears (mens) VFA competiton back in 1970 when my family shifted to South Caulfield and Tony Jewell (an ex Richmond player & Premiership coach) was captain coach of the mighty bears.
    Glad your having lots of fun

    Like JH said keep us informed.

    Go those mighty bears (Although back in the 70’s they wore Geelong jumpers & played at Princess park South Caulfield. Where to you play?

  7. Yvette Wroby says

    Wonderful stuff girls and I am glad we get to hear your stories. Keep them coming.

  8. Good luck for the 2018 season, Jazz and Hoofa.

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