Fitzroy Rotary Pick One Update: Round 14

Honourable Discharge for Comp Organiser


Writing this report 30 minutes shy of leaving the Epworth after recovering from gall bladder surgery and a significant set of abdominal bugs. Of course nothing like the strain felt by the Jabbers and Snorters (formerly known as the Boozers). Weird that Sam Mitchell got closer to a fine than any of the actual defaulters.


Not much change in Comp 2 after the rout caused by Melbourne in R12.


Don’t forget to pay if you have not already done so.


Update :


Comp 1

Prize Money $2100

Sole Winner    Alex Pattison

Air BP “Commercial Airlines”

M +61 437 120 150


Comp 2

Prize Money $1200

R13 Eliminations 4 (Swannies)

Remaining Tipsters 30


In R14 you cannot select Western Bulldogs (v Carlton); Fremantle (v Brisbane); North Melbourne (v Gold Coast)


Peter Hille

Competition Organiser

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