Fitzroy FC

Fitzroy Football Club event – lunch with Barrie Cassidy and Ged Kearney (July 14)

Next weekend sees Fitzroy FC host Barrie Cassidy and Ged Kearney for their annual ‘Political Football’ lunch.

VAFA – Fitzroy v Ajax: ANZAC Day at Brunswick Street Oval, then, and now.

John Harms spent ANZAC Day at the Brunswick Street Oval helping with Auskick, having lunch (and speaking at lunch) and then watching an exciting match between the Roys and the visiting Ajax side.

VAFA Premier C – PEGS v Fitzroy: The ‘made’ were ‘in the gada da vida’ – then la la B(o)mb(er)*

Undefeated Fitzroy went into PEGS territory and were met with a club of immense spirit. They returned home to languish trivially. [More George III! code to crack – Ed]

VAFA Premier C – Fitzroy v Williamstown CYMS: A variation on a theme? meme? dream? team!

‘Sing a song of sixpence, an oval encircled by sky.
Two n’ twenty each of seagulls and lion cubs, matched in a vie.’
Read Stephen Fenton’s report from Saturday’s VAFA Premier C clash between Fitzroy FC & Williamstown CYMS.

VAFA Premier C – Fitzroy v Marcellin: Reasons to be Cheerful

Back from volunteering in Timor Leste, Phil Hill wanders down to Brunswick St to watch Fitzroy defeat Marcellin

VAFA Premier C – Old Ivanhoe Grammar v Fitzroy: Ploughboys and Engines

King George III’s latest VAFA match report from the weekend’s clash between Old Ivanhoe Grammar and Fitzroy in VAFA Premier C.

Not Taking Sides Against the Family: Fitzroy and the Lions through the generations

With his first son born just last week, William is faced with the prospect of assigning him a football team to support. Clearly in this age where personal choices about identity are so important, he feels he must tread lightly as he relates from his personal experiences.

VAFA Premier C – Peninsula OBFC v Fitzroy: See you later relegater, in a while Cr(OG) a dial

King George III is back in all his whirlwind, intertextual glory. A tour de force (farce) of literature and film as he tells the story, however cryptically, of the Roys’ win down on the peninsula. “Bookending the smallest library of goals” is in running for the Statistic of the Year.

Fitzroy are still going strong

Mandy’s dad lives in a dementia wing of a nursing home that he calls a “memory support wing”. In his head, Fitzroy is still running around smashing all in their wake, with all their superstars still safely in the fold, living out their proud history, makes his daughter very happy. She recalls fondly some of those memories of her dad and the footy, when the Roys were still going strong!

VAFA Premier C – Fitzroy v Old Mentonians: You know the season has started when…

Phil Hill has hit the ground running with his Round 1 match report(s) of the big triple-header on a stunning afternoon at BSO. [Great win to the Roys – JTH]