Findlays turn it on at Etihad

From our western suburbs correspondent

Jim's speccie

No-one at the MCG, Footy Park, Subi, the Gabba or the SCG saw anything like it. Yesterday, in the game of the AFL round, Footscray Primary School Grid 1 team took on Grid 2 at half-time in the match between Richmond and the Dogs at Etihad Stadium. The much-anticipated showdown turned quickly into a one-sided affair, with the Grid 2 Findlay brothers putting on a clinic down at the Lockett end. Rarely have two key position players dominated a game so much.

Man in front

With the smell of Deep Heat Junior and Scanlon’s Bubble Gum in the air, The Grid 1 kids got off to a good start with a quick point. But that stung the Findlays in to action. Will was impenetrable at centre half back, taking mark after mark, and serving the Sherrin up to his older brother on a Bob the Builder Plate. Grid 1 failed to score thereafter, while spectators downed thermoses to watch young Jim strut his stuff. The game resembled a rolling scrum at times, but there were moments of brilliance, and much hilarity from (and positive parenting for) the kids who had never picked up a footy.  Great fun all round, and the kids were happy.

Will slots one

Final scores : FPS Grid 2     9.5.59     d.    FPS Grid 1      0.1.1
Best for Grid 1 – Daisy-Kate who did manage to get a kick, and Jasmin who scored their only point.
Best for Grid 2 – J Findlay (centre half forward, but looking a lot like Bartlett) 8 goals 1 point, W Findlay (centre half back, mopping up like Luke Hodge) 1 goal, 1 point. Mark of the day to JF for taking a screamer over his brother (see photo) and a brilliant tap out of the ruck from Will Findlay, the shortest man on the ground, after a heavy knock to the head earlier in the game.

In the post-match interview Jim duly noted that it took Jack Riewoldt 2 hours of game time to kick 10 goals last year, but only 15 minutes for Jim to kick 8.

Jim celebrates No.8

A great way to top off a super weekend of frivolity (King Tut, Pies v Cats, long leisurely lunch with the Harms fraternity, and a few replays of snippets from the 2010 premiership game thrown in for good measure) with Pattersons, Sheahans, Harms families x 2.


  1. Well done Jim and Will! Haven’t got any stats on highest individual:team goal ratio but I do remember Simon Beasley once kicking 8 out of 9 at Waverley on a cold and wet (weren’t they all?) Saturday afternoon.

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