Finding the Extraordinary in Women’s Football

By Kellie Mountney


If you blink as you drive by you will most likely miss the small family-focussed football club located deep in the back streets of Strathpine in Brisbane.


To most, it is unremarkable; to many however, for forty-eight years, this hallowed turf has been a place of opportunity. A place where ordinary people like me, have the opportunity to do extraordinary things.


I am not an extraordinary person by any stretch of the imagination. I am a regular, everyday woman who, like so many other regular everyday women who have been inspired by the AFLW competition over the past few years, decided to give AFL a go. I have however, been afforded an extraordinary opportunity that few other women in the sport have.


My name is Kellie, I wear number 26 for the mighty Pine Rivers Swans. I play forward pocket, I tackle hard, I can kick the ball about thirty metres and can hold my own in a game … nothing extraordinary there.


I turn forty-seven in July, I have six children and two grandchildren. My Husband and four of my six children will come to cheer me on each week, and my Grandchildren will get excited to watch Nanny play football and to hear the “Swans coming marching on” song after a win. And, although that is something of which I am incredibly proud, it’s still not that extraordinary.


2018 will be my second season playing AFL and quite possibly my last. I would have never thought I could do what I have done over the past twelve months and I admit, at forty-seven, every inch of me tells me I have played a game of football. I suppose it would be kinder to my body to hang up the boots; but, I am not done yet. Just one more season and that opportunity to do something extraordinary.


In 2018, I will take the field with my two daughters. Ally is twenty-three and Maddie, eighteen and both have played AFL for a few years for another club. What is extraordinary is that these two amazing women chose to change clubs to play my last season alongside me and be part of something truly incredible for us as a family. What is extraordinary is the fact that this sport promotes inclusiveness and diversity and a platform where anyone at any age and skill level can just give it a go. What is extraordinary is that our club has embraced Women’s football and has welcomed us with open arms, our coaches are supporting us wholeheartedly and our team of inspiring women is just as proud of what we will achieve as we are.


So, try not to blink if you are passing our little football club in the back streets of Strathpine in Brisbane or you might just miss this Mum of six and Grandmother of two beaming with pride as she runs out onto that hallowed ground alongside her two Daughters.


Just three ordinary women amongst so many others, taking the opportunity to do something truly extraordinary.




  1. Yvette Wroby says

    Dear Kellie, Ally and Maddie,

    I love this story. I would love a follow up series as well. With photos! I want to hear how the footy year plays out, and what it’s like to play with sisters, daughters and mums. This sort of story is what makes the Almanac such a wonderful place.

    Hope to hear more from you all(if you take out a membership of $100 for the Almanac, Kellie, you can post as many pieces as you like and it keeps the site open for such wonderful stories such as your families.) Thank you so much for contacting us and keep ’em coming.

  2. bring back the torp says


    A lovely story -thanks for sharing it with us.
    I also have played non contact AFL 9’s with my boys -great memories!

    Have you played other sports?
    Apart from fun, friendship, & fitness, what do you think are some of the main attractions for adult females, generally, to play AF?

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