Finals Week 2 – Hawthorn v Adelaide: Business as usual at the MCG, mostly.

September 18: Finals week 2

Hawthorn v Adelaide: Business as usual at the MCG, mostly.


The second semi-final should have progressed pretty much like any home game for me, a Hawthorn member with a reserved seat for home games. One difference was having to book a ticket on-line, via Ticketek, but that seemed to go okay, logging in with my Hawthorn member’s barcode number, and selecting ‘Hawthorn members’ in the seat allocation options. In fact I ended up in M15, just 2 rows forward and 2 seats left of my usual season reserved seat. Things were looking very normal. Perhaps some inklings of an unusual night, as on my way home about 5.30, the numbers of fans encountered in Hawks or Crows gear was definitely up on a typical home and away encounter.


As for other Friday night matches, my pre-game activities included a beer tasting at Purvis in Bridge Road, and getting take-away from Schnitz. Eating that accompanied by one of the just purchased craft stouts, I watched the 6 o’clock TV news until the end of the sports section, then headed for the MCG. The Record’s price was up to $10, but as a usual part of my home game preparation, I didn’t begrudge the purchase. Unlike the Ticketek inflated extra costs just because it was finals time. Getting to my seat at 7:15 pm, I found Ticketek had screwed me in another way. I had seat 6 in the row, and seats 1-5 and 7-9 were occupied by Adelaide members who had come across by bus, according to their comments. What were they doing in a Hawks members’ area? Needless to say some terse talk was exchanged as the evening wore on. Obviously they were having a bad evening, I wasn’t impressed with the Crows getting double the free kicks of the Hawks, and let’s just say the atmosphere wasn’t as convivial as it usually was in M15 at a Hawks’ home match. At least they did stay until the final siren, unlike much of the MCC members stand area, and departed leaving cardboard placards stating ‘GET THE JOB DONE’ on the concrete. My last sight of them was as I went over the small pedestrian bridge to the tennis centre, and they were just on the far downward side, almost to the half-dozen or so buses waiting there.


From my notes I see both teams were still out when I arrived, but by 7:26 they had gone back to their rooms. A Carlton Draught kicking contest was then held, with the winner clearing 60 m. The banners were paraded around by the cheer squads. I think the Hawks had ‘Play your role. Matt Suckling 100 games’ on one side, and ‘Together we can, together we will’ on the other. Adelaide’s had Hilux on the back, and a lot of text on the front, not all of which I wrote down. It was something like: ‘We believe in elite standards, we believe in … we are united in our commitment   to get the job done’. So I guess a reference to those placards. By 7:38 both teams were out again, and we had the national anthem and coin toss (which had to be repeated, won by hawks) by 7:50. Game on.


Great intercept and goal, Hodge. Umpire’s goal to Adelaide from a ridiculous out of bounds call. Suckling! Good goal Smith. 2 in a row, Breust. Hodge, good grab from the pack, goal. Breust a goal! Shiels courageous mark but just 1 point. Lewis marks on siren, goal! The quarter ends, and there are happy hawks fans (mostly) all around. Okay my notes are chiefly about Hawks,but that was the first quarter that was, 8 goals to 2, almost game over.


During the quarter time break, there is another round of the kicking competition, and this winner goes even better, clearing 65m, but no one actually hits a barrel for the bonus prize. The Mars ‘kick to kick’ competition winners are announced, and apparently we’ll see them and their mates running around at half time. The sound system is pretty loud and annoying, with music I certainly didn’t ask for or want drowning out conversation.


In the second quarter, the Hawks seem to be really really unselfish, passing around instead of having a shot from 40 m or so. Shoey goals. Finally a tackle rewarded, Puopolo runs down Betts. A bad bounce for Breust, but a great tackle and a goal. Pack mark and goal Hodge. Duryea brave just before. 29:17 there’s a throw in just in front of me. Must remember to have a look at the crowd at that time in the replay. It’s half time.


Both teams are out by 9:14, and Roughead kicks a running goal to start the Hawks winning of another quarter. Lake takes a good defensive mark, Rioli goals becoming the Hawks’ 8th goalkicker for the night. Bad set shot Shoey, goal Breust! The 2nd score review duds the Hawks again, Hill gets a goal to put the aggregate over 100 points. In the three quarter time stats I see Adelaide 20 frees to Hawthorn 11. The umpires are definitely trying to keep them in it, but at this stage it looks like a forlorn effort.


In the final quarter Pupolo goals (10th goal kicker). Roughead rucks, and ends up kicking another long-distabnce running goal. Lewis goal! Breust gets his 6th. MCC staff move around the ground, someone nearby says ‘they look like minions’, probably the folk with the foreign accent behind me, at I suspect their first MCG match, and at 10:25 it’s all over.


From my notes I see I didn’t record any Adelaide goals or plays, pretty much because there weren’t that many, only 2 goals per quarter, and there was more than enough Hawthorn activity to comment on. In the end it was definitely business as usual at the MCG, and the Hawks who got the job well and truly done.



Hawthorn:          8.4          11.6        16.7        21.9.135

Adelaide:             2.2          4.3          6.7          8.13.61



Hawthorn – 6 Breust; 4 Hodge; 2 Smith, Roughead, Lewis; Suckling, Schoenmakers, Rioli, Hill, Puopolo

Adelaide – 4 Jenkins, 2 Lynch, Dangerfield, Walker


Best: Hawthorn Hodge, Breust, Mitchell, Stratton

Adelaide: Dangerfield


Crowd: 70,879 at the MCG


My votes: 3 Hodge 2 Breust 1 Mitchell






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