Federer the Fantastic

by Danni Eid

I’ve noticed how cricket is suddenly taking over the main page of the website and it kinda kills me. I just can’t handle cricket, I find it boring- please don’t kill me!!!- Meh you know what, I’ve seen a premiership so go ahead, Lol.

What I’m saying is I love cricket as much as 40 year old men love Michael Buble! Anyway, in desperation to get a piece of another flavor up I thought I’d address the happenings of the ATP championship.

Roger Federer must be running out of room in his trophy cabinet!

With my mum having full control of the television I hardly got to watch any of the tournament until I mistakenly came across the final itself. Mum was out doing shopping and I was flicking through and got to the fox sports channels. Reading it was a tennis match I stopped to see who was playing and let out a gasp when I saw my favourite of them all on the screen. Federer cut a tall, imposing figure on the court, dressed in red- nothing and I mean nothing looks bad on that guy! On the other side of the court stood his worthy opponent Rafa. He wore purple and a look of determination. His concentration face is intriguing to me, he reminds me of a viper about to strike. I personally know how Rafa feels about facing Roger, having posted a question to the Herald Sun which he answered.

I asked-

I AM a huge Federer fan and would like to ask, how do you feel on the court when you play him? And how is playing Fed different to playing other tennis players?

Danielle, Melbourne

He answered-
WHEN I am on the court I am OK. I know I have in front of me one of the best, if not the best player ever, and it is something special always.

He is a great champion and a great guy too. The matches with him have something special also because they are normally finals.

Finals, right you are Rafa! What better way to end the ATP finals in London than a classic Federer V Nadal? With Nadal standing at number one and Federer at number two I felt a big edgy. I oooooooed and ahhhhhhhed and mostly OMGGGed at Roger’s skill, clapping as if watching Jacques Louis David at work. Roger is the artist, his racket is his pallet, the ball his paint and the court is his canvas.

The Swiss champion even took a spill at one stage, falling to ground unstable on his Nike runners. *GASP!!!* When he didn’t reach for his knee I drew breath, he’s fine!

His wife seemed calm as the match went on, can’t say the same for Rafa’s uncle Tony.

Federer waltzed to his 66th career title with the 6-3 3-6 6-1 win over the respectable Rafael Nadal and he even brought out the flawless backhander.

As a Federer fan I’m hoping Roger will repeat his success in the upcoming Australian Open. Up on my wall among all the Collingwood premiership posters and cut outs I have one Federer poster. The cover off the Herald Sun from the last Australian Open, titled ‘Sweet Sixteen.’ Most will be cheering his opponents not wanting him to win again and again, wanting some new blood kissing the trophy. Personally I beg to differ; I don’t know how anyone could possibly tire of the great Roger Federer, well I won’t anyway.

About Danielle Eid

Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. Steve Healy says

    Well written Danni, I agree that Federer is a great player even though I don’t really like tennis- or Federer.


  2. Is theer any truth to the rumor that J A will be opening the batting and bowling for Australia in Perth?

    He could do no worse and we would certainly get Danni onside.

  3. Steve i still can’t get past the fact that you once said you thought Federer was…’sleazy’….arrghhhh! *angry face*

    Phantom, even if that was true it would serve no justice. You see it would mean
    my beloved Superman would have to wear those thick Cricket whites which means all his bodayciousness would be hidden!
    :( Now that’s a tragedy.

  4. Steve Healy says

    He just has a hint of sleaziness in his smile- he doesn’t lead a sleazy lifestyle though, which is the most important thing. And he can hit a tennis ball

  5. Danni,
    When he is on song, there are few things in sport better to watch than a Federer back-hand
    down the line. But whilst I have always admired Federer’s unique abilities as a player, I
    was surprised and disappointed by his attitude following his loss to Tomas Berdych at
    Wimbledon this year. Seemingly, he could not bring himself to give his opponent any credit;
    his attitude being that it was not Berdych who won the match, rather it was he, Federer, who
    lost the match.

  6. John Butler says

    Danni Danni Danni.

    Your parents spending all that money on your education and you still can’t appreciate the finer points of the great game of cricket?

    There’s more to life than black and white (navy blue for instance). :)

  7. Danni,

    surely cricket clobber would be better than a big white CFC on the front of navy blue or a red sash on a black background?

  8. Smokie, i didn’t see the after match interview so i can’t say much on that. Although if you and i both showed surprise to the loss then imagine how Fed would have taken it. He is human after all and sometimes, although with Roger is it rare, that anger and frustration in losing gets the better of him and may have on that occasion.

    JB, sorry but I just can’t watch the stuff!
    In footy you get monster grabs, excitement with goals being scored every few minutes, great tackles and the pace of the game (unless you are watching the Swans) is very captivating. I find cricket slow and boring. It’s a sport I would rather maybe play than watch. My Dad loves him footy, soccer and tennis but he doesn’t like cricket either.
    Mum hates cricket more than footy- and that is saying something!
    Btw I normally did everything go to out of PE class when I was at school. It wasn’t so much the active side but the fact that we had to change back and forth into uniform. Although I don’t remember playing cricket after year nine…
    As for that last line, nice try! My mum’s side tried that when I was five didn’t work then and it won’t work now! :p

    Phantom, no not really (as much as is pains me to say) it’s not worth it if you can’t see his great arms. *swoon*

  9. Steve Healy says

    I think you should just barrack for the Demons, Danni.

    You would definitely be happier

  10. Not with that jumper Healy.
    Plus theres more chance of me taking Phantom’s advice to the hoops than joining the Dees.
    Let us not forget that i am happy at the FLAGPIES and there’s a chance of back to back happiness.

  11. Nice article Danni.

    When does the Aussie Open start? I too prefer that to Cricket.

  12. Josh- according to the count down clock on the website 41 days! :) YAYYYYYYYY

  13. Steve Healy says

    Yes, Jurrah is really good at jumping- whats wrong with him?

    Tennis is too predictable, repetitive and a bit dull. Cricket is way better, but tennis is ok

  14. 13- Roger Federer PREDICTABLE!!?? you have got to be kidding me.

  15. Steve Healy says

    well yeah, in the sense that you know he’s usually going to win. And i mean tennis in general

  16. It feels like the old days, the past four comments on the website have been from you guys. Not trying to be sentimental, but…

  17. Steve Healy says

    Don’t worry, i was thinking the same thing.

  18. Good report danni, i prefer cricket but tennis is still good to watch. Apparently Lleyton Hewitt will call it a day after the Aussie open.

  19. As he should Jeff.

  20. Booked your ticket to Freo Danni?

    Better hurry before all those ‘sand groper’ gals get to him.

    Remember what happened to Prince Charles on Cottesloe Beach.

  21. Andrew Starkie says

    men of all ages hate buble

  22. Phantom, i had my bags packed from last week and will be flying over to join him in a few days. As for the beach- i HATE the beach! Sand is annoying and i always get badly burnt so i haven’t been back in about 8 or so years. Im not worried about the freo girls one bit- Jack does have a girlfriend. *annoyed face*

    Mr.Starkie- You still need to give me valid reasons to why that is! lol :)

  23. Does Jack know he has a he has another ‘in waiting’?

    You will have to get over the sand phobia. Beaches are a very good for being out and aboutat.

    Slip, slop, slap (Jack’s girlfriend).

  24. 24- lol i doubt Jack knows, no point trying to compete with his barbie though.
    i just like to think were engaged lol

  25. Geeze footy love sucks sometimes.
    Can’t even read a piece about how Jack is going to repay Freo for taking him without my eyes going all teary! Looks like I’m a half Freo supporter now.

    If anyone is interested, my favourite piece by Jacques Louis David is ‘The Death of Marat’ 1793. Interesting to see how journalists were dealt with back then when voicing their opinion. Charlotte Corday is one rebel.
    Freaky fact- Marat, the man in David’s most famous painting, is also like Roger, Swiss.

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