Fearless: 2018 Round13- The Bye Rounds #3…how many umpires do you need?


Umpires. How many does the game need? 3? 4? 5? 6? 1? 2? Everyone has an opinion I’m sure. The question for me though is the question of interpretation. The laws of the game are constantly being fiddled with, much to the fans’ genuine disenchantment. Does this happen in any other sport? World Cup soccer has a VAR system…is that the first change in the sports’ rules for a while? The number of umpires is actually a furphy. Unless the laws of the game are constant and not being changed within seasons, then the differences between laws, interpretation by umpires (sensible and over-zealous), common sense and the broader public understanding of the game will continue to be at loggerheads. To think that Channel 7 wants input into the rules of the game to “jazz” up their product is genuinely laughable. They want more goals…so does everyone!! People will continue to watch the game. The television outlets have no right to have input. The AFL is pandering to the egos in tv sports land if they allow them input.


Set the rules in place for the season and leave them as is for the whole season. Don’t vascillate – leave them be.


Trial new rules during pre-season if you want. Always good to know what works.


Umpires need consistency of interpretation. If the rules aren’t concrete, how can this happen?


Umpires – 3 is enough. In the current scheme of things in the AFL, there are too many variables as discussed. Greater consistency of interpretation aided by no changes will solidify this.


FEARLESS 2018 RD 13: The Bye Rounds #3…how many umpires do you need?

BYE: Adelaide, Fremantle, Geelong, Richmond, St.Kilda and Sydney


The Bombers conducted a raid on Optus Stadium on Thursday night. Mission: win. Method: exploit home team’s newly weakened attack. Enter Tom Bellchambers as the medium for Essendon’s game plan. Beat your opponents, easier said than done when your opponents are NatNoo and Lycett, the best ruck tandem in the AFL. Bellchambers won, Smith, Stringer and Saad showed why they were each recruited. Bombers led by 6 goals at 1 /4 time. Eagles 1.6 to half time poor. Bombers withstood, home by 28pts.


Port had to fight, fight, fight to get on top, top, top of Melbourne and it was only in the last quarter on Friday night at the Adelaide Oval that they managed to do so. Newly resigned Ollie Wines led the way, enhancing media claims to be captain-in-waiting. A 10 point win testament to the Power to win and yet a tribute to the Demons’ effort that they nearly won on the road. Max Gawn led the hitouts and Dees had 4 of 5 top stat getters.


If the Dees want the deep September action, then these are the games they need to win.


Gold Coast started positively on Saturday against the Hawks in Launceston. Maybe old habits die hard as the Suns end up losing by 53pts. A 9  point qtr time lead by the Suns was promising, led by the Jarrods (Lyons, Witts and Harbrow). 2 metre Peter Wright adds much to the Suns forward line, allowing Lynch some time and space. Both kicked 2. Hawks however looked more settled after the first change with Gunston 3, a focal point.


Suns 3.4 in first, and 2.9 for 3 quarters. Hawks tough in Tassie and Suns-shine faded fast.


First Quarter Bang!! Harris Andrews hits the Gabba deck, courtesy of a Jeremy Cameron elbow and this game might not be remembered in the fullness of time for much else. GWS struggling to get the finals appearance back on track and Brisbane struggling to hold the GWS forwards with Andrews seeing stars and Darcy Gardiner off the ground for parts. Luke Hodge fortunately turned back the clock with 30 stats and 1 goal, only to be matched by Josh Kelly with 30, 2 goals. GWS win away by 27 points…now for MRP.


Despite a lengthy injury list, The Dogs managed to get back Morris, Naughton, Adams and Dunkley to stiffen the defence for their clash with North on Saturday night. The Dogs started well and led at the first two breaks, an indication that the Dogs had a point to prove and the Roos were rusty post-bye. Ex-Docker Crozier was playing a blinder. After the half, the Roos started to regain composure, but the game was destined to go down to the wire. It did. Roos 2 points, freely going coast to coast within 30 seconds left.


Watching Magpie Treloar try to deny laws of movement and angles whilst running at full tilt was tough viewing as the Pies took on Carlton on Sunday at the G. Something had to give and Treloar’s hammys were it. Carlton however lost Plowman and Kreuzer, when they can least afford more injuries, especially after losing Casboult in the warm-up. Blues fans wanted consistent effort. Pies fans wanted a win to consolidate the season. Both got it, Pies by 20 points. C.Curnow 3, Stephenson 3. P Cripps 29 stats, 3 goals.


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