E-newsletter: Hawthorn still undefeated in 2016

Here’s today’s e-newsletter. What a terrific week of writing. Such diversity and originality. Thanks to all.




G’day Sportsfans

Hawthorn are having another amazing season: unbeaten so far in 2016. They keep raising the bar. In a great moment for Mankind they’ve beaten Carlton. In Tasmania. In February. (I suspect Brendon Bolton’s old home ground – North Lonny? WAG, can you confirm?)

Anyway, footy has germinated and is breaking through the top soil. And that has stirred some of our Regulars into action. (I think 2016 could be the Year of the Capital Letter) This week we’ve had pieces from Cam Hooke (Pie-love), Mathilde de Hauteclocque (Life-love), Robbo (Thinking love), Kate Birrell (Fifteen-love), Mickey (Monster Truck-love), Archie has Banjo licked (when he writes on the 50th anniversary of the Geebung Ladies Bowls Club), Hamish Neal (on soccer), Dennis Gedling (Bulgaria-love), Joe Moore previews the Swans season, Yoshi (from Japan), Swish Schwerdt (a cracker on teacher-footballers, which had the bonus of flushing out Lucia Nardo’s great piece on Barry Gill), other sides picked by DaveP (Blondes) and Glen (Nude Nut love) Wes Hulls (two beaut pieces in the Hulls style of celebrating diversity and the essence of the game), Keiran Croker on the 50th anniversary of W.M.Lawry’s outrageous determination playing for The People’s Republic (of Northcote), Keiran (again) remembering mid-70s Lakeside stats responsibilities, Glen Natalier (Andy Bichel-love). [Hey, you won’t get that level of originality anywhere else – Ed]

Debuts from Monivae student Matilda Dohle (our first wakeboarding yarn) and Hoops (on the Tatura races). Welcome.

Timely to remember that Citrus Bob Utber holds it all together.

Look out for the Nelson Twins. They will come to your school. They will also team up with Evan Hocking et al to play footy for your club, have a shower, and then make you laugh (a lot). Their flyers are in the list below.

Also, just a reminder that Howitt Partners will save you a stack of Coins (I was going to say Folding Stuff but then I remembered it’s The Almanac).

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Or just enjoy the craic.

Congratulations Hawthorn.

Please Sir – Schoolteacher Footy Players

Swish asks for any of your stories about school teaching footy players, using the 1986 VFL lists as a starting point.

The faith of Barry Gill, my Grade 5 teacher

Remember this classic piece from Lucia Nardo recalling her inspirational Grade 5 teacher, who happened to be a premiership footballer. [This is a seriously good article – and some terrific comments too. Ed]

Tennis Whispers

Evocative summer words and image from Kate Birrell.

Swans 2016: What Comes Before Pre

Rejoice. Mathilde de Hauteclocque is back for 2016. “It’s easy at the start of the season to take up the obvious, reassuring footy narrative. Positive thinking, the best of sports science mindfulness, confidence and pre-emptive strength. But the fact is, that the intra-club is the very beginning of something, the plan before it’s even hatched and we don’t know what will come. It can’t ever be truly mapped or pre-prepared. And it cannot be hurried. This is true light heartedness…”


Blondes have more fun

David P has put together a team of blondes, do you have others to add?

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life 2016 – Pre-Season warm-up

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life 2016 continues with Intra-Club game and usual CFC optimism

New Zealand v Australia – Christchurch Test: Call for writers

The Christchurch Test starts on Saturday. Let’s give Citrus Bob a hand in covering the game, as Brendon Barrie McCullum hangs them up.

Heroes, Villains and Genetics

Robbo questions whether genetic engineering and testing will deliver the elite sportsperson.

Almanac Soccer: Vale Trifan ‘The Wolf Man’ Ivanov

With the sudden death of Bulgaria’s Trifan ‘The Wolf Man’ Ivanov, Dennis Gedling applauds his achievements.

St Kilda Becoming More Attacking

Yoshi likes the look of St Kilda’s forward potential

6-0. How two games eight years apart tell the story of modern football

Hamish Neal compares two games 8 years apart and the story within.

Almanac Racing – wheat or chaff?

The fields step up a notch this weekend and punters need to pay attention. There’s better to come but the racing this Saturday is pivotal to many autumn hopes.


Winding Up Windy Wellington

Gareth Andrews sums up The Basin and the First Test against NZ

Almanac Comedy: Comedians and Footballers will play for your footy club, have a shower, and then entertain you

No one who was there will forget Evan Hocking and the Nelson Twins performing the Melbourne launch of The Footy Almanac 2015. Get them involved at your club.

A hair raising team!!!

Another gem from Glen!, with this “hair today, gone tomorrow” team of nude nuts. Who else should get a run?

School Footy Comes Alive In Wolverhampton And Beyond

Wesley Hulls sees the future growth of school footy in the UK and Europe

A Smile On A Kid’s Face

Wesley Hull explains the simplicity of putting a smile on a kid’s face – give them a footy.

50th Anniversary Reunion of 65/66 District Cricket Final

An amazing scorecard in the 1965/66 Victorian District Cricket Final with Phantom scoring a double ton to help win the game for Northcote. Essendon would have been quietly confident posting 9d/514…from Keiran Croker

Almanac Lawn Bowls: It’s a Bonza Weekend in the Bung as the Lawn Bowls Birds Celebrate 50 Years By Going Bone on Bone With Disco Ernie – Viva BrisVegas!

The Geebung Ladies Bowls Club is turning 50. Archie got the flyer in his letterbox.

Stand up and be counted: Education package from Classic Comedy Company

The Nelson Twins are offering an education package for schools called “Stand up and be counted.”

Swans 1976

Where were you in 1976? Keiran Croker, uni student of the time, was central to the high-tech capturing of footy statistics for the South Melbourne Footy Club.

New Zealand v Australia: First Test, Day 4 – The Basin

Citrus Bob shares his love for The Basin and details the action on Day 4 and final day of the Cricket Test in NZ.

Almanac Monster Trucks: A Love Story

Big wheels Monster Trucks and high octane brought to life by Adelaide’s resident thrill seeker Mickey Randall.

Ch Ch Changes: Sydney Swans 2016 Season Preview

Joe Moore previews a season of scintillating sumptuous Swan success.

Who’s versing? St. Kilda

Alex Darling continues a poetic look at the AFL sides with some Saints observations

Howzat? Kudos for Kids’ Cricket

Glen paints a picture of junior cricket in Laidley, Andy Bichel country, only thing missing is the zinc.

Almanac Racing – Go Go Giddyup: a trip to Tatura to see a maiden

Matthew Hooper on Almanac debut with a cracking tale of watching, feeling, experiencing Giddyup; Subashi’s first foal, born at Blue Gum Farm. [Jelly beans! – Ed]

Almanac Wake-boarding: I Can Jump Wake Waves

Grade 9 Monivae student Matilda Dohle is a wake-boarder. She has spent months trying to master a new move.

Best of the Burras, 74 to 82

Glen! moves beyond the AFL/VFL to select his best team from the mighty Port Melbourne Burra’s (Boroughs? – Ed) that dominated the VFA in the 70’s and 80’s.

Almanac Weekend rewind

Weekend review of sports results you may have missed

New Zealand v Australia: First Test, Day 3 – Happy Alf Valentine’s Day

Citrus Bob on another enjoyable day at the cricket, highlighted by time spent with the families of many Kiwi players.

A-League: Red and Black Bloc not surviving

“Why do not they ban such bogan members?” may end up being the question of the A-League season. Our Japanese A-League correspondent, Yoshi, provides ample justification for why he is supporting the Phoenix this weekend

New Zealand v Australia: First Test, Day 2 – Our Don Voges

Day 2 is a little more casual at the historic Basin and the Australians pour on the runs with Khawaja and Voges making tons. Bob Utber was there.

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