Dusty, Punt Road End…. The Tigers’ Almanac Cover Art

Dusty, Punt Road End


Well…it was with much emotion and joy that I embarked upon the cover for this year’s version of The Footy Almanac.


I could not and did not predict this result twelve months ago.


In August 2016 I was at the Geelong Cats v Richmond game at the M.C.G. when Richmond gave up a 40 point (46, I think) plus lead over the Cats going into the last quarter. I will never forget the utter sense of ghastliness and the stunned silence as the Tiger crew slumped back into their seats, ashen faced in complete disbelief. It was footy deflation at its pinnacle. It was horror at the G, albeit it the sporting context.


But, how quickly things can turn.


This year I was able to attend more games than has been usual for the last few years, owing to less kid commitments on the weekends. A strange sense of momentum built throughout the year. Attending with GB, Hugo and friends over the season, I somehow managed to only attend winning games for the Tiges.


Eleven of them.


Evidence to this building momentum would naturally have been the guttural sing-song by members of the Tiger force that serenaded fans as they exited the ground as one win followed another throughout the year, and especially so in the season’s last half.


It was heartfelt, tribal and utterly essential. It came from a place within; exactly where? I’m not sure.


The ground swell of pent up emotion built to a crescendo after both the Cats and the GWS final victories. The Punt Road end was the beating heart of this great stadium during season 2017.


No wonder Swan Street went off before the granny!


From the first bounce of the first game against Carlton, to the very last, the Grand Final against the Adelaide Crows, Hugo, myself and others on given days positioned ourselves at various spots with in the ground; from level 2 of the Ponsford Stand for the Anzac Day Eve match to Level 1 M57, Row K, seats 17 and 18 for the big one.


One of my favourite viewing angles at the G for atmosphere is up behind the Richmond cheer squad, Punt Road End, directly behind the goal posts. As a fan one is able to really capture the Tiger Army’s spirit in all its flag-waving, crowd-chanting glory. It is not particularly pretty, nor is it polite. But it is real.


And so with these emotions bubbling away just beneath the surface of my painterly fingertips, I decided to try and capture not just the glory of one individual, but the power and weight of the supporters behind him. Dusty had a brilliant year, but so too did many of his team mates.


While I know the feeling of being up in the crowd with Tiger supporters, I can’t really imagine how it must feel to be the centre of such frenzied attention, and to have 100,021 people looking on with hope and expectation; the expectation to perform at ones best, consistently.


With these thoughts in mind I have portrayed Dusty as a representation of consistent performance, beauty in the way he moves the ball from a pack and enigmatic in the way he faces the crowd.


I hope to have conveyed that sense of emotion and support behind the player, behind the team and in the face of contested pressure.


It was a brilliant year.


Go Tiges

Tigers’ Almanac, 2017; Original Cover Art details:

Dusty, Punt Road End

Acrylic on 300gsm paper

artwork size: A3

Framed and mounted size: 43cm W x 57cmH

This is an original work. If you are interested in a reproduction print they can be ordered through the Footy Almanac.


John Harms here now:


Thanks Kate. It was a remarkable year and your painting has captured much about the Grand Final, the season (go Tiges, wow Dusty!) and the loyal fanatical Tigers in the crowd, especially at the Punt Road End.


The original painting is for sale. It’s on display at her studio which is actually a shopfront, 1159 Glen Huntly Rd, Glen Huntly. Pop in and have a look and make Kate an offer for this brilliant piece of Tigers’ history.


If not the original, you can purchase an A3-sized print of the piece for $125. Just contact Kate by email in the first instance.


Presenting The Tigers’ Almanac 2017. Read all about it HERE.


Purchase The Tigers’ Almanac 2017 HERE.












  1. Wasn’t it great Kate that the Mighty Cats downed the Tiges in that August 2016 clash.
    And repeated the dose — remember — in Round 21 I think it was, August 12th. This year.
    Just four short months ago.
    Final scores: Tiges 9.12 (66), Catters 11.14 (80).
    Although I don’t think the Tiges will “do a Doggies” and miss the Eight in 2018.
    Should be better switched on.

  2. Joe De Petro says

    Well done, Kate. You have perfectly captured the interaction between the Tiger Army and its hero. There is so much energy and colour in this painting.

  3. steve todorovic says

    Thank you for capturing the essence of the Punt Rd End and the irrepressible Dusty, as always, with time and space on his side. I contributed a very modest and short piece to the Almanac and couldn’t have wished for a better representation of all things Tiger for the front cover.

    And Elijah, what was sweeter by far, was the Tigers ending their decade long subjugation at the hands of the Cats with such decisive and ruthless authority that they humbled them to the tune of a 51 point defeat in front of 95,000 plus, when it really mattered…..just four short weeks after that loss that you mentioned. The one that meant absolutely nothing in the scheme of the whole year, down at that narrow and overly long footy ground in regional Victoria. The one the Tigers won’t be playing at for a long, long time to come. The Punt Rd End was at it’s best on that Friday night Qualifying final. The post match song was sung with far more gusto and pride than usual. And it was sung over and over and over again. The great thing is that the Tigers get two chances to repeat the dose next year, including the Cats home game, to be played at the MCG. Enjoy the off season. Tiger supporters certainly will.

  4. Elijah feel free to gloat, but the pain suffered was well recompensed in season 2017

    Joe thanks ,,, it was certainly a spectacle

    And Steve , I look forward to racing your chapter .. saving it for post Xmas downtime when the constant interruptions and end of year events settle.

  5. Great effort Kate, well done.

    Little bit of Leigh Matthews in the way that Dusty moves?

  6. I note Tex has shown up to pre-season sans mo – perhaps to remove any resemblance with his appearance in this art

  7. Thanks Dips,,, I did see Leigh play but I was quite young and not a hawk fan. I’d need to scour u tube to make a comment there .

    Dave ,, no mo! Yes, maybe he’s not happy, it gave him an austerity during the season, but not on the day that mattered. Nothing like a fresh haircut to make you feel like a new person

  8. Have a great off-season Steve T.

    You’ll recall we’ve enjoyed not one, but 3 fantastic off-seasons in the past decade.

    And there’s that Doggies’ curse hanging over the good ol’ Tiges. Can they again clamber into the Eight and, more importantly, once more still be playing in September.

    Catters have, of course, contested 12 of the last 14 finals series. Bit of history there, Steve !

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