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Adelaide’s Nathan Bassett [Source: Author]


With trade week coming up, over the next two weeks I have sides based upon players who were drafted and traded to a club but never played a game there. This week’s side is based on players that were drafted/traded to a club prior to playing a VFL/AFL match. Next week’s is based on players drafted/traded after they had played a match.


The draft started in 1986 however there was an interstate draft held in 1981 and 1982. I have not included those in the teams, but notable names are:


1981 – Mark Naley Pick 4 to South Melbourne, Tony McGuinness Pick 10 to Geelong, Tom Warhurst Pick 17 to North Melbourne, Chris McDermott Pick 21 to Fitzroy, Greg McAdam Pick 22 to Geelong.


1982 – Keith Thomas Pick 5 to Melbourne, Peter Motley Pick 6 to Sydney, Richard Cousins Pick 9 to North Melbourne, Brad Hardie Pick 16 to Geelong, Greg Anderson Pick 18 to Sydney, Grantley Fielke Pick 19 to Fitzroy.




FB:       Andrew Carazzo (Geel)                Darryl Wakelin (Adel)                    Joel Hamling (Geel)


CHB:   Andrew Leoncelli (Carl)               Nathan Bassett (Melb)                   Anthony McDonald (Carl/Haw)


C:          Sam Gibson (Haw)                        Shane Tuck (Haw)                         Guy Rigoni (Haw)


CHF:    Rupert Betheras (Freo)                Brett Chalmers (Rich/Coll)          Glenn Freeborn (Melb)


FF:       Darren Jarman (Melb/Bris)        James Podsiadly (Ess/Coll)         Josh Jenkins (Ess)


Ruck:   Matthew Clarke (Rich)                 Darryl Cresswell (Geel)                 Ed Curnow (Adel)


Interchange: Peter Mann (WCE), Chris McDermott (Bris), Sam Menegola (Haw/Freo), David Pittman (Ess)


Emergencies: Matthew Carr (Coll), Craig Ellis (NM), Jonathon Giles (PA), Aaron Lord (Bris)




Andrew Carazzo

Pick 5 2002 Rookie Draft Geelong

Pick 2 2004 Rookie Draft Carlton

194 games Carlton (2004-2015)

Won the Best & Fairest in 2007



Darryl Wakelin

Pick 11 1993 Pre-Season Draft Adelaide

Traded to St Kilda for Pick 42 in 1994 National Draft

261 games St Kilda/Port Adelaide (1995-2007)

Premiership player in 2004 for Port Adelaide



Joel Hamling

Pick 32 2011 National Draft Geelong

Delisted Free Agent 2014 Western Bulldogs

91 games Western Bulldogs/Fremantle (2015- )

Premiership player for the Western Bulldogs in 2016



Andrew Leoncelli

Pick 13 1993 Pre-Season Draft Carlton

Pick 10 1996 Pre-Season Draft Melbourne

146 games Melbourne (1996-2003)

Played in 2000 Grand Final



Nathan Bassett

Pick 3 1996 Rookie Draft Melbourne

Traded to Adelaide for Matthew Collins and Brent Williams 1997

210 games Adelaide (1998-2008)

All Australian in 2006



Anthony McDonald

Pick 73 1990 National Draft Melbourne

Pick 57 1991 National Draft Melbourne

Pick 41 1992 Mid-Season Draft Hawthorn

Pick 59 1996 National Draft Melbourne

104 games Melbourne (1997-2002)

Brother of Alex and James.



Sam Gibson

Pick 37 2007 Rookie Draft Hawthorn

Pick 63 2012 Rookie Draft North Melbourne

135 games North Melbourne/Adelaide (2012-2018)

Never missed a game from debut at North Melbourne.



Shane Tuck

Pick 24 2000 Rookie Draft Hawthorn

Pick 73 2003 National Draft Richmond

173 games Richmond (2004-2013)

Son of Hawthorn’s games record holder Michael



Guy Rigoni

Pick 58 1993 Pre-Season Draft Hawthorn

Pick 77 1997 National Draft Melbourne

107 games Melbourne (1998-2005)

Played in the 2000 Grand Final



Rupert Betheras

Pick 34 1997 Rookie Draft Fremantle

Pick 76 1998 National Draft Collingwood

85 games Collingwood (1999-2003)

Played in the 2002 Grand Final



Brett Chalmers

Pick 103 1989 National Draft Richmond

Pick 10 1992 National Draft Collingwood

Traded to Adelaide for Pick 34 in 1993

75 games Adelaide/Port Adelaide (1994-1999)

Father of Olympic swimming champion Kyle



Glenn Freeborn

Pick 9 1993 Pre-Season Draft Melbourne

Traded to North Melbourne for Troy Polak after being listed by Fremantle in 1994

138 games North Melbourne/Collingwood (1995-2003)

Played in the 1996 premiership with North Melbourne



Darren Jarman

Pick 55 1986 National Draft Melbourne

Pre-draft selection 1989 Brisbane

Traded from Brisbane for Pick 10 1990

230 games Hawthorn/Adelaide (1991-2001)

Played in the 1991 premiership at Hawthorn and the 1997 and 1998 premierships at Adelaide.



James Podsiadly

Pick 58 2000 Rookie Draft Essendon

Pick 8 2002 Rookie Draft Collingwood

Pick 50 2009 Rookie Draft Geelong

104 games Geelong/Adelaide (2010-2014)

Was a member of the 2011 premiership side at Geelong.



Josh Jenkins

Pick 12 2010 Rookie Draft Essendon

Traded to Adelaide for Pick 31 2011

149 games Adelaide/Geelong (2012-2021)

Adelaide’s leading goalkicker in 2018



Matthew Clarke

Pick 56 1990 National Draft Richmond

Pick 43 1992 Pre-Season draft Brisbane.

258 games Brisbane/Adelaide/St Kilda (1993-2007)

Won the 1997 Best & Fairest at Brisbane and has coached Adelaide to the 2019 and 2022 AFLW premierships.



Daryn Cresswell

Pick 34 1988 National Draft Geelong

Pick 39 1992 Mid-Season draft Sydney.

244 games Sydney (1992-2003)

All Australian in 1997 and won the Best & Fairest in 1994.



Ed Curnow

Pick 40 2008 Rookie Draft Adelaide

Pick 18 2011 Rookie Draft Carlton

221 games Carlton (2011-2023)

Older brother of Charlie.



Peter Mann

Pre-Draft Selection 1989 West Coast

Traded for Pick 9 to North Melbourne 1990

116 games North Melbourne/Fremantle (1991-1999)

Fremantle captain in 1997-1998.



Chris McDermott

Pick 2 1987 National Draft Brisbane

Inaugural Player 1991 Adelaide

117 games Adelaide (1991-1996)

Adelaide captain from 1991-1994



Sam Menegola

Pick 19 2011 Rookie Draft Hawthorn

Pick 44 2012 Rookie Draft Fremantle

Pick 66 2015 National Draft Geelong

117 games Geelong (2016-2023)

Played in the 2020 Grand Final



David Pittman

Pick 100 1989 National Draft Essendon

Inaugural player selected 1991 Adelaide

131 games Adelaide (1991-1999)

Played in the 1997 and 1998 premierships.



Matthew Carr

Pick 64 1995 National Draft Collingwood

Pick 7 1998 Pre-Season Draft St Kilda

162 games St Kilda/Fremantle (1998-2008)

Older brother of Josh.



Craig Ellis

Pick 50 1990 National Draft North Melbourne

Pick 47 1993 Pre-Season Draft Western Bulldogs

122 games Western Bulldogs/Melbourne (1994-2002)



Jonathon Giles

Pick 70 2005 National Draft Port Adelaide

Pick 3 2011 Rookie Draft GWS

63 games GWS/Essendon/West Coast (2012-2017)



Aaron Lord

Pick 66 1992 National Draft Brisbane

Traded for Pick 45 to Geelong 1993

150 games Geelong/Hawthorn (1994-2003)



Others drafted by a club but never played a game for them when first selected:




Laurie Angwin (4 games Carl), Darren Pfeiffer (23 games Carl/PA), Tom Lee (17 games St.K), Paul Thomas (8 games Ess)



Andrew Jarman (110 games Adel), Darren Mead (122 games PA), David Brown (91 games Adel/PA)

Jarman and Mead could have been in the starting 18 but I thought I had enough representation from SANFL players that were drafted by Brisbane but never went up like Chris McDermott. Andrew was drafted by Brisbane in 1987 and 1989.



Damien Hampson (6 games WCE), Danny Morgan (16 games Ess), Billy Gowers (33 games WB)



Gavin Rose (55 games Syd), Matthew Kelly (2 games Adl), Brendon Retzlaff (24 games Bris/WCE/Freo), James McLure (3 games Geel), Robert Powell (66 games Rich/St.K), Jonathon Ceglar (110 games Haw/Geel), Nathan Freeman (2 games St.K)



Darren Smith (9 games Adel), Alistair Carr (4 games St.K), Rohan Welsh (42 games Carl), Richard Ambrose (3 games Syd), Stephen Carter (10 games PA), Jordan Doering (18 games Carl), Chris Ladhams (54 games Adel), David Johnson (79 games Geel)



Danny Dickfos (65 games Bris), Ben Holland (191 games Rich/Melb), Alan Thorpe (15 games Syd/Foots)



Bryan Beinke (38 games Adel), Brady Anderson (27 games NM), Gerrard Bennett (32 games Syd), Jason Davenport (28 games PA), Jarrad Jansen (8 games Bris), Ryan Gardner (53 games WB)


Gold Coast

Alex Keath (99 games Adel/WB)



Jarrod Pickett (17 games Carl), Paul Ahern (22 games NM)



Clayton Lamb (1 game Haw), Grant Williams (4 games Melb), Jamie Bond (1 game Fitz), Marcus Baldwin (5 games Geel), John Baird (46 games NM), Michael Rix (29 games St.K)



Paul Rouvray (21 games Adel), Matthew Kluzek (24 games Adel)


Port Adelaide

Luke Ottens (4 games Melb)


North Melbourne

Rod Jameson (153 games Adel), Darren Tarczon (11 games Carl), David Muir (20 games Freo), Bryan Beinke (38 games Adel), Nick Gill (16 games Adel)


Port Adelaide

Rhett Biglands (134 games Adel), Barry Brooks (10 games St.K)



Greg Whittelsea (4 games Haw), Simon Eastaugh (29 games Ess/Freo), Andrew Payze (14 games Ess), Jay Burton (2 games Freo), Paul Dimattina (131 games WB),  Brad Smith (1 game Coll), Carl Peterson (17 games Haw)



Rohan Smith (3 games St.K), Glenn Gorman (2 games NM), Dwayne Griffin (1 game Coll), Jonathon Simpkin (41 games Geel/Haw/Ess), Daniel Currie (10 games NM/GCS), Peter Faulks (3 games Freo), Matthew Dick (6 games Carl), James Byrne (24 games Adel), Dean Terlich (35 games Melb)


West Coast

Stephen Schwerdt (25 games Adel), Matthew Burton (147 games Freo/NM), Lee Walker (16 games Coll), David Muir (20 games Freo), Craig Smoker (17 games Melb), Alec Waterman (22 games Ess)



Fremantle, St Kilda and Western Bulldogs have none.




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