Dear Mick

Dear Mick,


Congratulations on breaking the coaching record on Friday Night it was terrific for our numbers before the game, we were so pleased the league changed the rules just for Jock and give him the 1930 Grand Final even though he wasn’t there.  Would have been terrible for us to have you break the record on foreign soil even though your team winning would have been nice.


Now about our program and how pleased we are with you and your club’s support in getting us a better deal on the TV rights.  Your ingenuity in selection and tactics have been nothing short of terrific.  Who else would have thought three defensive forwards in a team.  Fantastic – and then playing two ruckmen neither of the capable forward, while leaving out one of the best aerialists in the game.  Brilliant!  Then the game plan – unaltered for many years just kick it to the boundary – bad luck that the Collingwood players knew it better than yours but it worked for us.


The pièce de résistance was giving a debutante the job to tag the second best midfielder in the competition.  Genius – but then there was more that you left him there virtually all night.  We were so pleased with the way the playing group also helped you out, being able to concede 80 more uncontested possessions and 35 more marks including 17 in the forward line was outstanding.  Witches hats are usually orange but the blue variety seemed to work well.


Your club has stunk up our key time slot three times for the season so far and you have four more for the season – if you can match those with the three efforts so far we should put off all the other networks from wanting AFL footy and my negotiations with Gill will be of great benefit to our stakeholders.  But do remember once this year is done and we clinch the rights it will be back to Saturday and Sunday twilight fixtures for the Blues for the next few years.  Oh and good luck with that membership drive,


Yours Sincerely


Channel 7



3 – Scott Pendlebury

2 – Taylor Adams

1 – Geoffrey Edelsten


  1. The Wrap says

    Nailed it Sal. Nailed it beautifully.

  2. Nice work Sal. What struck me about Friday night was Mick’s “Players’ Parade” off the arena. He acknowledged his old Pies comrades more than his current playing group. Very telling.

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