Danni Eid: The Interview

Danielle Eid is studying psychology at LaTrobe University in Melbourne. She can lay claim to being the Almanac’s most effervescent contributor. She speaks to Phil Dimitriadis about her love for the Magpies, sports writing, multiculturalism and muzzas.


PD: Hi Danni and welcome to the Junior Footy Almanac. Why do you love footy and what does it mean to you?

DE: Hey Phil :)
Thank you, it’s been great reading some of the pieces the kids have written already.
I love footy simply because I can’t imagine my life without it. Simply watching a footy game really helps me relax. It means a little more me time away from the books.

PD: How did you get interested in footy and why Collingwood?

DE: My interest in footy all starts with my Dad. He used to put me in front of the TV every weekend to watch Collingwood play when I was only months old. I went to my first footy game when I was a year old and I follow Collingwood also because of my dad. I couldn’t see myself supporting anyone else plus I think dad would disown me if I did!

PD: Not much choice then. Who are some of your favourite players and why?

DE: Haha, not that choice matters, I wouldn’t dream of changing teams anyway.

My favourite players outside Collingwood are Sam Mitchell and Brett Deledio. I just love their style of play and leadership. My favourite Collingwood player of all time is Sav Rocca because I grew up watching him play. He was my hero.

PD: No mention of Jack Anthony? Are you feeling ok? Seriously, how did you come to be part of the Footy Almanac community?

DE: I thought Jack Anthony was a given: P is there anyone that doesn’t know I adore him?

In year 11 I spoke to my English teacher to see if she knew anyone I could contact about writing. At the time Almanacker Andrew Starkie was teaching at my school so we arranged a meeting. Andrew introduced me to the Footy Almanac and encouraged me to email JTH about writing for the Almanac.
Four years later here I’m, still going strong :)

PD: Andrew is a great guy. Pity about his footy team. What do you remember from your first match report and how did it feel covering your first game for the Footy Almanac?

DE: Yes he is, he was one of the few people who were supportive of my writing. Lol No, no I like North Melbourne. Collingwood’s second cousins as my dad calls them. I do remember my first report; it was a Pies v Port game. I was really excited but at the same time nervous about putting my work out there. I wrote it with a professional mindset, unlike my current work! I don’t think it got much attention or comments and based on that, I later decided to lose the up- tight writing style and write from the heart.

PD: That’s an important realisation Danni. What does write from the heart mean to you and how will you use that when you became a highly distinguished journalist?

DE: For me writing from the heart is about sharing my thoughts and feelings for the game with everyone else. The problem with journalism though is that the ‘pros’ want what I like to call ‘robot journalism’ where all professional journalists seem to sound the same. I think it’s hard to write from the heart in professional journalism because it’s seen as too personal, too opinionated, too biased but it seems to work for me!

PD: One of your influences is Samantha Lane. What is it about her work that appeals to you and who are some other writers that you admire?

DE: What I most admire about Sam Lane is the way she conducts herself. She’s professional but she still manages to have a laugh and enjoy her job. Her enthusiasm about footy is so vibrant and she still manages to stay fresh with her profile especially when you compare her to Caroline Wilson. Jon Ralph, I LOVE RALPHY! His writing is just so straight to the point and great to read, would love to be his intern, so Ralphy if you’re reading this hire me! :)

PD: I’m sure you’ll be comparing notes with Sam and Ralphy in the near future. You come from a Lebanese background. What was it like growing up in multicultural Melbourne and could you please explain the word ‘Muzza’ to us?

DE: I hope so!  :)
To be honest it was pretty normal growing up in Melbourne. I made friends easily all the time with other ‘wogs’ and the wog connection is still an advantage in making more friends today. The funny thing though is that nobody even thinks I’m Lebanese. I always get labelled as Italian or Greek. When I say no to both those nationalities the person is genuinely stumped!
Hahaha Muzza! Did Susie MARIA put you up to this?! It safe to say Muzzas are extinct these days. But they were abundant when I was in year 9 and 10. Basically they were known as boys of European or Wog decent who live in Melbourne, are obsessed with cars and hanging out in Maccas’ car parks. They were gym junkies who lived in trackie-dackies, all had the said haircut and a limited vocabulary…the ‘f-word’ was used as their major descriptive word.

PD: No, Susie ‘Maria’ didn’t put me up to it. But, I can tell you that ‘Muzzas’ are no yet quite extinct in Preston. What sort of music do you like to listen to? What are your favourite TV shows, movies and apps?

DE: I like different types of music but I have to admit I LOVE boy bands.
NSYNC, BackStreet Boys, Jonas Brothers. Michael Buble is one of my favorites, he is AMAZING. I like Chris Brown and Ne-Yo. I also grew up as a Britney Spears fan from the ‘Baby one more time’ days. Favourite TV Shows, include all the different ‘Real Housewives’ seasons and ‘Keeping up with the Kardshains. Favourite movies- Pride and Prejudice NOT the new one! The old BBC Colin Firth version, I’m obsessed with it. All the Harry Potter Movies. Don’t have a favourite app but I hear Scott Pendlebury has one out so I’ll just say that: P

PD: That’s a broad selection. Do you have any tips to pass on to aspiring young Footy Almanac writers and where do you see yourself five years from now?

DE: Lol yes, well I like variety!
To the young Almanac writers I would say that they should just write what they want to write.
When you are just starting out as a writer it is important to experiment with your writing because it will help you build different types of writing styles, and most importantly they should have fun with it!

In five years, I will be 25….wow that’s old! haha
Hopefully I will have a few degrees under my belt and a job, maybe working with Jon Ralph?! :) Who knows what the future holds?!

PD: That’s terrific Danni. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us and all the very best for the future :)

DE: That was fun :) Thanks for having me and GO PIES!!! :p







  1. Great stuff, Danni and Phil. I really liked your ‘robot journalism’ expression. I only read newspapers on a Saturday, and I get my footy news snippets from 10 minutes a day on the Age website. The rest of my footy fix I get from the passionate and knowledgeable Almanackers. Cuts out the middlemen and gets right to the guts of matters.
    Young writers like Danni keep the style and opinions fresh and challenging for us Almanackers on the ‘Veterans List’. Sometimes I read Danni’s pieces and go ‘what the…?’ Next time I get ‘footy husbands’ or ‘robot journalism’ and I think ‘that’s so clever and so right’.
    Thanks for the inspiration Danni.

  2. Andrew Starkie says

    Phil, how are the Eurythmics going?

  3. Fantastic interview Maria!!! :-D

    Muzzas are drying up in your area? They’re still going fairly strong in Werribee, though admittedly not quite as potent as they were in yesteryear.

    I shared Phil’s surprise at your not mentioning Superman, but then I sat there (for 0.00001 of a second) and realised: the name “Jack Anthony” is synonymous with Danni Eid.

    Top stuff! Marias represent!!! :-D

  4. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Andrew, at least the Eurythmics are not a ‘Thorn in my side’ like North is to you.

    Danni and Susie, when I was growing up in the 80s ‘Marias’ were known for their big hair kept up with tonnes of hairspray, long red fingernails, chewing bubble gum, wearing tight mini skirts and pretending to be virgins (to their parents, generally Greeks and Italians) and using the term ‘oh my god!’ after every sentence. Have ‘Marias’ evolved since 1989?

  5. Danielle says

    Phil i can assure you that Susie and I are our very own type of MARIA :p

  6. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Very relieved to hear that Danni :)

  7. Richard Naco says

    Proper ethnic pronounciation, please Phil. As in: “O my Gourd!”


  8. Hi Danni and Phil, great piece. I can’t believe you like the BBC Pride and Prejudice, I watch it again and again over the years, as well as every now and again, reread the original book. Love it, especially the water scene and the admission of love scene at the end….ARGGGGhhhh. And I read all my kids the Harry Potter and when they lost interest, I read them to myself, and when the series was finished, I started the books all over again, so I could read them without the year break in the middle like when they were published. I’m currently going nuts with a five part autobiography of Ernest Hemingway and reading his books while I read the autobiography. It helps to be nuts sometimes.

    It was a great read, keep up the good work, both of you. Go saints! (but I think Pies will do better this year.)



  9. John Harms says


    You are so you.

    We love that you choose to write for us, and that your voice is so distinctive and so loved.

    Thanks to you and Phil for sitting down to do this yarn.


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