DA Puzzle of the Round (16)

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But first, can you solve this week’s puzzle?


From AFL to LA

This week is where we play.

Our footy fixture has ample venues,

But we’re asking you to choose

One in particular (take your pick)

And so reveal a Spielberg flick.

And before you yell a loud yippee

That movie title is not ET.

(Whereabouts? What film?)


DA Puzzle (15) solution: Together the six answers (and, deem, meet, rude, tree, yew) can be restrung into AND-RUDE-DEEM-MEET-TREE-YEW (Andrew Demetriou)



  1. Think I’ve got it, after discarding The Twilight Zone at Docklands, the Dockers playing in The Color Purple, The Money Pit variously located at North, St Kilda and Port, or if you count cameo acting appearances, wherever The Blues Brothers are playing this week.

  2. Jeff Dowsing says

    I can mount a case for Duel, but it involves a couple Stadiums i.e. where you have the WA & SA derbies.

  3. Ripsnorter says

    Is it that Amistad is an anagram of Stadium ?

  4. Can fairly confidently assert that Amistad is not an anagram of Stadium.

  5. Ripsnorter says

    No – but it is very close.

  6. Ah, it’s my favourite S Spielberg film; a few actors from it went on to bigger and better things, too!

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