DA Puzzle of the Round (9)

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But first, can you solve this week’s puzzle?

Three current players are hidden in DA’s wordplay. The entire trio hails from the one club, with clues arranged from tame to tough. Who’s up this week?

1. Shocked outright by machine-gun grandmother (5,7)

2. Tied old lady in dump (6,3)

3. Flaky predestination? Ten doesn’t want any part of it! (4,7)


LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION: CARLTON: Heath Scotland, D/avid/ Ell/ard, Chris Yarran [Yarra in u/rchins anag]


DA has selected three new players from the one club to be clued. Remember, these clues rely on wordplay only, without any definition. Likewise, the level of difficulty climbs with each clue. Which club has been targeted, and who is the current trio?

1. Scrub in the UK? (5,8)

2. Eager to enter valley by a thoroughfare (5,7)

3. Brown flower pinched by topless urchin’s hound (5,6)


  1. Great stuff, David.
    Nutted these out over coffee with Mrs Smokie!

  2. The Smokies on fire!

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