DA Puzzle of the Round (7)

DA Puzzle of the Round (7)

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But first, can you solve this week’s puzzle?

More a trivia challenge this week, than any way-out wordplay. We all know Sydney’s Lewis Roberts-Thomson is nicknamed the Hyphen for obvious reasons, though he’s not the only double-barrelled player running around in season 2012. There are five more in fact, from seasoned pro to promising tyro. How many can you name?

Solution next week.

DA Puzzle (6): REPLENISHMENT – R = 500-club member, STEPHEN MILNE



  1. Lord Bogan says

    Trent Dennis-Lane

  2. Stephen F***ing-Milne
    Cyril Rioli-Special (according to Bruce Macavaney)
    Lance Buddy-Franklin
    Gary Ablett-Junior
    Richard Bloody-Tambling

  3. Dinahcat says

    George Horlin-Smith

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