DA Puzzle of the Round (6)

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But first, can you solve this week’s puzzle?

When you hit 32, the milestones appear,

As they did for him last round.

But the clock never stops, and maybe next year,

Promising rookies will need to be found.

This whole (13) process

Is part of footy life, no less.

If you can’t name the player in question, then remove the initial R from the rhyme’s missing word, and mix the leftovers. What’s the word, and who’s the milestone player?

Solution next week.

DA Puzzle (5): Daniel Rich, Brad Green, Tom Swift, Andrew Swallow, Hayden Jolly, Jarrad Grant, Rohan Bail, Paul Chapman, Ryan Whitecross, Matthew Broadbent, Michael Doughty


  1. Got it!

  2. Andrew Fithall says

    Not an answer to the puzzle, but a question that occurred to me last weekend. As Adam Goodes ran through the special banner as he broke the record for games played for South Melbourne/Sydney, I asked myself “does he get one of those every week from now on?”

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