DA Puzzle of the Round (6)

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But first, can you solve this week’s puzzle?

Three current players are hidden in DA’s wordplay. The entire trio hails from the one club, with clues arranged from tame to tough. Who’s up this week?

1. Old city comic (4,7)

2. Cookin’ coins for Spooner (5,6)

3. Ran a 107 metre dash (4,5)


LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION: FREO: Ryan Crowley [anag], Matt-hew-pav-lich [anag], Danyle Pearce [pear inside anag]


DA Puzzle 5

Three more current players to figure out this week, hidden in DA’s wordplay. All three play for the one club, with clues arranged from friendly to fiendish. Who’s in this week’s squad?

1. Corny lawyer strayed (4,7)

2. Dull to cut cake, richly trimmed for cooking (7,7)

3. Ploughs need clay to maintain fruit (6,6)

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