DA Puzzle of the Round (23)

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But first, can you solve this week’s puzzle?

In your final puzzle fling of Season 2012, before we put the wordplay aside for the real stuff, you seek a curious animal. If a Manx cat has no tail, then that same creature that could appear on paper as CA. Just as a Manx tiger would be TIGE, or bulldog, BULLDO. Now your puzzle:

So what key name
As spotted in every game
(A little more often, as losers wish)
Can be deemed a southern Manx fish?


Last week’s question and answer:

Can you identify this bloke, head and shoulders above most current players?


DA Puzzle (22): A certain Freo giant, Battery (AA) + R-ON-S-AND-IL-AND-S


  1. Hope you’re still tuning in to the English show Countdown, DA.

    The numbers section is pretty repetitive. Most of the contestants go for the safe option: 1 large and 5 small.

    Haven’t seen a Full Monty for a few episodes but been out the back chopping wood for the fire a few times.

    Very pleased to note they’re still using — in the words of the Home Hardware ”proper hardware store” line — the proper dictionary.

    The Oxford, naturally, the only dictionary we English speakers should ever, ever use !!!

  2. Hi DA,

    I reckon it might be S(outhern) Herrin(g) which translates into the much sought after Manx Sherrin.



  3. Burkie has solved it. I’ve just removed his comment to give others a crack. Well done Burkie.

  4. Andrew Fithall says


    Just heard that you are doing a week on Summer Breakfasters on Triple R next week. I look forward to you accompanying me on my morning walk.

    For anyone else who wants to listen in, the Breakfasters are on in Melbourne 6 to 9 am Monday to Friday. 102.7 or rrr.org.au if you are out of town and want to stream.


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