DA Puzzle of the Round (14)

Discover the world of David Astle here.

But first, can you solve this week’s puzzle?

Only new this year, this first-round draft pick has already impressed club selectors. (There’s now talk of a longer-term contract for the same left-footer.) But here’s the kicker: his first name is the character famously played by his surname in a 2001 biopic. See if you can pinpoint the rookie without resorting to any deeper research online.


DA Puzzle (13) solution: When WILL MINSON loses every Roman numeral and compass point, he’s O.


  1. Jeremy Cameron?

  2. pamela sherpa says

    Jonathon Patton

  3. Peter Flynn says


    Letters & Numbers was compulsory viewing.

    Sorry to see the Aussie version go.

    Thanks to you, Richard and Lily.



  4. Thanks Peter

    It was a blow. The whole team loves making the show, and plenty of viewers seem to enjoy watching it as well, if http://www.lanfans.org is any guide.

    Appreciate your note,cheers


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