DA Puzzle of the round (10)

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But first, can you solve this week’s puzzle?

Amazingly, this reluctant handballer (and a clear student of the game) can have his first name scrambled to spell a diligent scholar – while his surname’s last three letters can be axed to reveal what this same scholar does on a regular basis. Of whom do we speak?

Solution next week

DA Puzzle (9) solution: Dinahcat solved the puzzle. Solution:


James ‘Grace’ Kelly
Harry ‘Elizabeth’ Taylor
Josh or Taylor ‘Helen’ Hunt
Trent ‘Mae’ West
Dawson ‘Jessica’ Simpson
Allen ‘Helena’ Christensen
Mitch ‘Isadora’ Duncan
Tom ‘Jennifer’ Hawkins
Nearly half the team!



  1. GA Thompson says

    Nice clue!
    I think I have it, though I won’t reveal for fear of spoiling the fun
    I will say that if he should have been a more ‘focused’ student on the weekend
    Could’ve got a ‘pass’ with a score of 66.6%. Alas, it was a big F…..

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