DA’s Clue of the Round (28)

The Footy Almanac thanks David Astle for providing Almanackers with extra food for thought over the 2011 season.


Last roll of the puzzle dice for Season 2011.Thanks for all your comments and deductions over that time. This experiment has been fun. (And if you happened to enjoy this Almanac side-trip, or wish to have your say about football brain-teasers in general – then now’s a good forum for it.)

And so we turn our gaze to the first Saturday in October. Looking at the likely Grand Final teams, I’ve applied some pseudo-maths to camouflage a player per squad. Pondering the equations below, can you name each combatant?

1. 34C.XXX

2. 50 + 1 + 500 + 1000


Solution to DA’s Clue of the Round (27): Hawthorn’s Grant Birchall (Chris Grant, Barry Hall, crib)


  1. Thanks, DA, I have enjoyed the footy puzzles this season – such a rich source of quirky conundrums!

    As a Happy Cat member, I have no trouble with the first clue’s player. Hope he doesn’t retire just yet. Still working on the Magpie one, though.

  2. Cheers Dinahcat, and congratz on them Katz. What a clawing!

    Good solving over the season too, I should add. While that missing player in your solution, if it’s any hint, had a shocker on Saturday. Barely spotted.

  3. Thank you, DA, yes, it’s a wonderful era for Cats fans!

    I will more than happily take a 38 point victory; though 28 points would have been fitting, considering the margins of Geelong and Collingwood against their top four rivals: 31 & 3 against Hawks; 48 & 20 against Eagles.

    Re the AWOL Magpie, I’m thinking Alan Didak.

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