DA’s Clue of the Round (27)


Do you sometimes get the feeling that you just don’t have a clue? Well then, here’s one from David Astle to help you through the day.

(David can also be found at http://davidastle.com/)


Despite being very much active in this weekend’s finals, our mystery player opens with a notable AFL retiree of 2007, and ends with a notable retiree of 2011, while his unused letters in the guts can be reversed to spell a place designed for retirement. Name our man.


Solution to DA’s Clue of the Round (26): Simon Black; Michael Voss (Patrick White); Ben Cousins; (Jeff) Buckley, (Paul) Kelly, (PJ) Harvey, (John) Williams; Adam Cooney (Cameron Mooney, Wayne Rooney); Jimmy Stynes; Jimmy Bartel (barrel); Jason Akermanis (ramekins)


  1. Had all except the last one….ramekins, very clever!
    Now time for some hard thinking…..so many 2007 retirements!

  2. Probably (Chris) GRANT birc (Barry) HALL

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