DA’s Clue of the Round (25)

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Here’s David’s footy clue for this week:

If Joy, Ghost or Winona could serve as the comical nickname of Bombers’ Patrick RYDER (think about it for a moment), can you figure out these other imaginary nicknames? We’ve chosen one player from each of the competing teams in the forthcoming finals.

1. Invisibility

2. Shuttle

3. Noble

4. Broken

5. Treasure

6. Flap

7. Stripper

8. Battle

(And as a bonus question, which two finals players, both owning the same first name, could cop the nickname Fire?)


Solution to DA’s Clue of the Round (23): Cale Morton (Claremont)


  1. So far I’ve got 1, 6, 7 and the bonuses. Have resisted to the temptation to go for the AFL Guide. Not sure how much longer I can last…

  2. I have an answer for each one, though some I am not really happy with….

    The bonus players I have are from the same team. I’m not sure they will both ‘Fire’ this week.

  3. Stephanie Holt says

    This is wonderful David! It appears Carlton HAVE NOT ACTUALLY MADE THE FINALS!!!!!

    Mind you, the continued insinuations about St Kilda scandals (#7) have been noted. Not funny David – thought you could sneak that past us did you?!

  4. Stephanie. I think you’ll find Carlton did make it. Clue 8. And they get a guernsey in the bonus too,

    Mind you, I wouldn’t have complained if they’d missed out.

  5. Dinahcat, I have bonus players from two different teams. If you want to compare you can email me on andrew.gigacz AT gmail.com (Not using the “@” to minimise the chance of autospam).



  6. Got ’em all now. Dinahcat. I’d be curious to know which ones you’re not happy with. They all seem fine to me.

  7. Gigs, I’ve just tried to send an email but the AT is not being recognised; I have tried it with and without spaces. I’m using a gmail account too. Any suggestions?

  8. Dinahcat, you need to use the @ just like with yours. I just changed it in my post to try and stop the auto-scanning bots that pick up and save the address. It’s [email protected]. Sorry for the confusion.

    (Spam bots be damned!)



  9. Thanks, Gigs. Amazing that there are two pairs of bonus players. Wonder if there are any more out there?

    Stephanie, I thought the reference to scandals was amusing, but what struck me about the Saints’ list was their number of other occupations!
    There is even a player named Hooker, but alas, he hails from Essendon!

  10. Stephanie Holt says

    Thanks Gigs. Got it now. Should be surprised Blues one was so sneaky. And indeed Dinahcat, a lot of good honest professions in there on that Saints list.

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