DA’s Clue of the Round (26)


Catch up with the wonderful world of David Astle here. But before you do, see if you can find the answers to this week’s clue.

This week we browse Brownlow winners over the last 20 years. Playing with the winners’ surnames only, you will find:

1. A colour;

2. A major novel by the opposite of Answer 1;

3. Close relations;

4. Four renowned guitarists;

5. One who can change his initial twice, spell an AFL retiree or a soccer legend;

6. One who sounds like beer containers;

7. One you can change a letter to make a beer container;

8. And one you can mix, when dropping the first letter, into cooking containers. Can you name all 11 men?

No winner is recycled as an answer.

Solution to DA’s Clue of the Round (25): 1 (Travis) Invisbility Cloke 2 (Dean) Shuttle Cox 3 (Shane) Noble Savage 4 (David) Broken Hille 5 (Josh or Taylor or Karmichael) Treasure Hunt 6 (Kieran) Flap Jack 7 (Jason) Stripper Gram 8 (Matthew) Battle Kreuzer (Plus Andrew “Fire” Krakoeur and Andrew “Fire” Walker)


  1. For the Round 25 bonus players, I also had Luke ‘Fire’ Ball and Luke ‘Fire’ Rounds.

  2. Fire rounds, as in shoot bullets? A stretch I’d say, Dinah, but a lovely fluke nonetheless. Good going. And here’s to a doughty Blues effort tonight, just to make the Elims interesting.

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