DA’s Clue of the Round (24)


by David Astle (always only a click away at http://davidastle.com/)


He’s already been an answer in a previous DA puzzle on the Almanac site, but this time the question is different. (On spotting this amazing fluke, I couldn’t resist!) What young utility player can drop an O from his name, and have his leftover letters jumbled to spell his club prior to joining AFL ranks? (Feel free to peek the puzzle archives – or play it tough, and scramble the primary source clubs from around our fair nation…)


Solution to DA’s Clue of the Round (23): 1 Todd Goldstein 2 Des Tuddenham 3 David Rodan 4 David Dench 5 Donald McDonald 6 Bradd Dalziell 7 Brendon Goddard 8 Donald Cordner 9 David ‘Dolly’Christy


  1. At least last week’s was gettable.

    I’m starting with Aberfeldie and working my way to Zeehan on this one.

    I think this calls for a Road Atlas, or the 2011 player list.

  2. True, a tall order, starting from scratch. But you are allowed to trawl the puzzle archive until that sly eureka arrives.

    It really is a celestial fluke. Imagine a bloke like Adolf Beerie – if it WAS Aberfeldie, and that was Adolf’s starter club. Almost too weird to be true.

  3. His first name also rhymes with the name of the school he attended.

  4. Bloke gets weirder by the minute. Amazing.

    Hey Dinah – for the sake of all solvers – could you post your 3D answers here? Or maybe back at the old puzzle?

    And g’luck tonight. Managed to snag a ticket myself. Mind if I hop on the Cats wagon for a game?

  5. 3D answers –

    10. Dylan Addison – Western Bulldogs. (Oops, I slipped up here….he was recruited from NSW/ACT U18s,
    but his club was actually St George.
    11. David Gourdis – Richmond Tigers
    12. Todd Banfield – Brisbane Lions
    13. David Mundy – Freo Dockers.

    Thanks….we’ll probably need a bit of luck! Almost everyone has just about written us off. I’ll be happy if we have no injuries and they unsheathe their claws….Go Cats!!

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