DA’s Clue of the Round (23)

Solution to DA’s Clue of the Round (22): The numbers linked to the chronological order of Australian PMs, and their namesakes in AFL: Tim/Jobe WATSON, Sam FISHER, Dave HUGHES, Cameron BRUCE, Scott MCMAHON, Josh FRASER and (ruck coach) Clark KEATING and Christian HOWARD, a Western Bulldogs rookie.

Round (23) clue:

3-D football may only be a gadget away, but in the meantime, each footy hint below awaits a name containing at least 3Ds. Can you solve all nine, with the last entailing a nickname? What’s more, can you extend this larger-than-life crowd with a few hints of your own?

1 Roos ruckman (4,9)

2 He captain-coached Essendon in the early 70s (3,9)

3 Current player who grew up near Suva (5,5)

4 Ex-Roo who did time for fraud in 2008 (5,5)

5 Ex-Roo ruckman who returned as assistant coach (6,8)

6 Ex-Lion and now West Coast’s 18 (5,8)

7 Saint who said: ‘It’s not too often you come back to fight another war a week later.’ (7,7)

8 Brownlow medallist to lead Demons in the grand-final draw against Essendon (6,7)

9 Co-founder of East Fremantle (5,’5’,7)



  1. I have compiled the list of nine 3-D players.

    Here are some more….
    10. ‘Dog from ACT
    11. One who played only one senior game this year; yet to earn his stripes.
    12. Redhead who played all 22 games in 2010.
    13. Best player in 2010 for his club.

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