DA’s Clue of the Round (22)


by David Astle (http://davidastle.com/)

A chewy one this week:


No 3 is a Bomber dynasty;
No 5, a defensive Saint;
No 7 goes for the Blues
But a chiselled athlete he ain’t.

No 8, a one-time Demon
Is now running round in stripes;
No 20 is a Roos rebounder;
While the next two northern types –

22 and 24 –
Comprise the rucking sorts;
Meantime 25 debuted
For the team 27 supports.

(Can you account for all nine numbered identities?)

Solution to DA’s Clue of the Round (21): Using just the offered letters as often as you need, you can make SAM MITCHELL, BRENT STANTON, ADAM MCPHEE and HEATH SHAW.


  1. This is a sticky one! I’m thinking 3 Scott Gumbleton, which suggests an avenue to pursue, but I can’t take it any further as yet.

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