DA’s Clue of the Round (18)

This week’s clue from David Astle (http://davidastle.com/) taps into the news of the moment:


In light of TAB-gate, and the dim demise of Heath Shaw, what three more players (a Blue, a Lion and a Saint) will the AFL Commission also need to monitor due to their punt-prone surnames? (And any more candidates you care to nominate?)


Solution to DA’s Clue of the Round (17): Collingwood’s Dane (European) Swan (river)


  1. Pamela Sherpa says

    Eddie BETTS – Blues
    Daniel RICH – Lions
    Ryan GAMBLE- Saints

  2. Bingo, with a slight catch.
    Not just Daniel RICH but another Lion. (And not Simon of the black economy)

    I’m sure other players can be implicated.

  3. Stephanie Holt says

    Brett STAKER?

  4. Brent Staker.
    Kurt Tippett may need to be careful too…

  5. The sort of skulduggery that has incited this discussion would not have interested Henry Playfair.

  6. Tippett

  7. Pamela Sherpa says

    The Lions have Banfield -which brings me to Dangerfield of the Crows

  8. Kane TENACE would also have found himself right at home, given some players love of the cards…

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