DA’s Clue of the Round (15)

DA’s Clue of the Round (15)

Time to consider the AFL commentary box – both TV and radio, both primary callers and special comments across all networks. We deliver six clues here, then six new clues on Friday, over at the DA blog (http://davidastle.com/). See how you fare with the dozen. So, just toying with surnames, what AFL caller is:

1.  a cohort to Kent;

2. a cohort to Holmes;

3.  a must for homes;

4.  one way to wake a jamboree;

5. only one insider;

6. I, perhaps – or A, or N, or M?

Solution to DA’s Clue of the Round: Hawthorn’s Xavier ELLIS and Jordan LISLE


  1. I think I have them, except number 4…..struggling with that one. So far I’ve only come up with
    a first name….not happy with it.

  2. Good going, Dinahcat – 5/6 is a nice return.

    As for #4, no surnames come into play. And this particular caller is more a regional stringer, but prominent on his own turf, I believe.

    A tougher six will appear tomorrow across the creek at DA.com. As well as the invite to make your own for other players: footy, cricket, any stripe.

  3. I’m thinking of a former Hawk who also played for another club for #4.

    There are some great names to play with…
    – a pair who are spoilers.
    – a pair who face off in the arena.

    And the mixed-up ones….
    – loves the chase!
    – a child’s toy.

    Thanks, DA, I’ll try the next six!

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