Crio’s Racing : the (time honoured) Flat Knacker

Last week’s Rosehill meeting was supposed to crank up anticipation for the great battles ahead. It was not totally successful.

Round One of the presumed epic contest between Fiorente and It’s a Dundeel was not only indecisive….it cast doubts on their star pairing as Silent Achiever and Carlton House stole the show.

The mares once again provided a thrilling spectacle highlighted by a typically daring Pumper ride to get Steps In Time home over a brave Sweet Idea – but the best performed of this autumn’s mares, Appearance, deferring to this week’s big prize, has subsequently gone amiss and been retired.

And no “bolter” emerged from the 2 yr olds to threaten Earthquake’s grip on Slipper favouritism despite her victory lacking conclusive authority.

So we hope for greater clarification at this Saturday’s black inked fixture – a fantastic cast dampened by a sodden track that may again confuse rather than clarify where some of these horses are in their critical campaigns.

My sketchy reading of the radars has the western suburbs not as “deluged” but, nevertheless, punters will want to look for webbed feet and trainers will be ruing some ruined revenue raisers!

On a fantastic fixture list, the 3 Group Ones offer variety, quality and prestige.

The Galaxy (SR6, 1100m, $400k, Hcp), for the sprinters, is the weakest of the “premiums” – Snitzerland (2) offers the class, Villa Verde (9) the challenge and Rain Affair (4) the spruik in the mud.

The George Ryder (SR7, 1500m, $1m, WFA) is (despite the disAppearance) a fabulous race. Boban just might be back, but Red Tracer is a proven swimmer. Plenty of chances.

The Rosehill Guineas (Sr8, 2000m, $500k, 3yo, SW) has stood the test of time. Puccini, Dissident and Shamus Award will rightly lead markets but there’ll be plenty of specs at roughies in the mud.

One that I will probably back on Saturday is Scorpio Queen in the last – a classy mare suited in the get out (SR9).

Even Russell Crowe might struggle to muster and master the animals in this weekend’s wet!

Tomorrow’s Albury Gold Cup Day (Friday), featuring a star studded Cup with all the top stables and hoops on course as well as the cleverly named Flat Knacker for the dashers, will be water damaged, and it is even worse as you push seawards. Hopefully another “bucket lister”, Saturday’s Streaky Bay Cup Day over on SA’s Eyre Peninsula, manages to have a fine day for its annual highlight.

Down here in Melbourne the footy swamps all other sporting pursuits – cricket finals, Victory battles, etc – and Money Valley will be desolate despite offering excellent prizemoney and facilities.

Might sneak down there for a couple of races or else tune in at a VFL venue.

Either way I’ll be looking for an earn. Any tips welcomed.

Good luck!


  1. Crio – I like the Fab Fevola/Drop Kick quinella in the Flat Knacker.
    Who’s Paying is always a favourite – must include.
    900M for $50K. Nice money if you can get it.
    Dunno why Eight Grand Boys isn’t going around??? Short of its best?

  2. cowshedend says

    Crio, pulled the head off and donned the pumpkin last week, fell into Mouro, and though Carlton House had them off the bit Fiorente was weak as piss, and It’s a Duneel not much better.
    Track conditions changing mid meeting is murder on the Quaddy’s,Rosehill looks unlikely to get an upgrade from the heavy, so the rail will be off by mid meeting, hard to let them go but bloody hard to find 4 winners without going extremely wide in the Quad.
    Temple of Boom must have a chance in the sprint with the track to suit, and See The World has a fabulous second up record.
    Notice that Streaky Bay has the ominously named Streaky Bay & Ceduna Meat Services 0-58 with 6 starters who have had 274 starts for 15 wins. The winner will be entertained by the club, and the losers will be guests of the sponsors.

  3. Hi Crio, I noticeit’s the track is rated as dead 5 today, though there’s alot of scratchings from the “Flat Knacker’, bringing the field down to only 7 starters. I’m curious re the Cavanough pair; Bossdon City showed a lot of promise early on but hasn’t come on, with the stable’s other runner The Monstar bringing on board Jake Duffy. I took it at the Valley recently, but it ran a ‘Barry Crocker.’ It can only improve

    In the Cup, it wouldn’t hurt to put a few $$ on Grand Sai WAn for a place bet. Then off course there’s Full Hand, recent winner of the Corowa Cup. Up in distance , and class, whch might run a handy race. the 2o13 winner Nibllick has not been placed since that run, so i wouldn’t hold my breath on him getting a repeat.

    Happy Punting,


  4. Skip of Skipton says

    Red Tracer/Sacred Falls quinella looks a sound bet. Boban has failed both times in the slow.

    Carlton House should only get better. $6 fixed for the Queen Elizabeth! He’d be one of the best imports to ever come down under. Reliable Man thrashed them in that race last year (along with doing his tendons), and Carlton House is equal if not better than him.

    Ghibellines looked smooth in the Todman, but not sure the big field helter-skelter of the Slipper would suit.

  5. Peter, the eloquently named Flat Knacker is an extension of the recent Friday night 955m challenge for squibs/quarter horses. The rain is all coastal so albury’s cup Day should be successful.
    Streaky, of course, race on dirt and it will be a great day over there though, as Cowshedend noted, a nervous excursion for the horses in the 0-58.
    Great to have your insights back Skip – and loved your Bartels comment on another thread.
    Rosehill is a 9.

  6. Its all happening. More posts today than I get in a month
    Qadir will run a short priced favourite but word from the beach is that it is a good thing in Adelaide
    If you have any cash left have a little on Excitate Sunday at Gawler- cheap maet if it wins as its owned by the popular local butcher
    Good to see you back Skip and Glen – you sure keep an eye on the Corowa nags
    Cowshed end- will you be a starter ANZAC Day Melbourne?

  7. Will release the moths for those tips Oges.
    Not likely to be at Flemington races on 25/4 – assume Glen will be at avoca?
    Can easily have a beer afterwards.
    Had sacked Oakbank but made a quick decision yesterday to take over my son and nephew – 4th generation Easter visitors! Will find a bag to swing on the Saturday and hope some knackers come by to say g’day.

  8. G’day Oges, Crio. Tis correct, Maryanne and i will be at Avoca on Anzac Day. Until then , Happy Punting.


  9. Love the way the country clubs come up with variations on the big boys race names. The Golden Slipper spawned the Wellington Boot for the 2YOs and I’m thinking the Lightning was the original “what name can we come up with that implies breakneck speed” race name. Other clubs have followed suit with the Flat Knacker, The Bat Out Of Hell and others that have escaped my memory.
    Don’t suppose they’d allow “The Cut Cat” as a name.

  10. cowshedend says

    Budge, in contrast to The Lightning etc, makes you wonder how slow the Duke Of Norfolk was
    Oges, was going to take the misses up to Avoca, but reckon there will be a smaller crowd at Flemington

  11. Cowshedend, the missus & me will be @ Avoca.


  12. cowshedend says

    Good on you Glen, will let you know if we are going

  13. Cowshedend -Avoca is on my list but have to march in Melbourne so thought Id duck out after.

  14. Looks like I’m about to tumble in to Speediness. I bracketed him with Appearance 2 starts back!!!…he may be just short of this class but 25/1, Olly and wet track form makes it clearly the “overs”

  15. Skip of Skipton says

    Was thinking of you when Speediness shot clear. My nephew Bazza is still alive in the quad for 8% needing Cadillac Mountain.

  16. Glen Potter says

    Have other country raceclubs had the foresight of the Albury Race Club to come up with metaphorical monickers for nominal sprint events? i.e. The Ball Tearer Hcp? The Worm Burner Stakes? etc. Love the idea. Uniquely Australian, I think.

  17. As Budge pointed out earlier, there is the Bat Out Of Hell.
    The dishlickers have some good ‘uns.

  18. cowshedend says

    Was booting your nephew home Skip, would have been nice to have 8% of 150k.
    Speediness had it won evrywhere bar the post Crio, two fetaure winners kick up on the rail when everything is skirting wide, nice ride by Williams on the Irish horse, and probably wouldnt have beaten Speediness if he had to go round 1 horse.

  19. that’s Fontelina and Speediness in successive weeks………I am just out of sorts.
    On the upside, went to the Junction to see Footscray dismantle Essendon in the cricket final

  20. Skip of Skipton says

    Gordon Lord Byron broke his pelvis at his first race. Instead of putting a cap in his ass, the eccentric Irishman who trains him had his stall fitted out with old car tyres on the floor so he would stand up, which he needed to do.

  21. Struggling with the romance of that tale Skip…..needed it to run a promising 2nd.

  22. Skip of Skipton says

    Sorry to rub it in, crio. It is a rags (or deathbed) to riches tale though.
    Criterion has always been a promising beast, close up as a 2 yr old and now showing as a 3yr old. Not sure about the Derby?

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