Crio’s Question: Ya big (tennis) sook!

It’s a cutting insult hurled by big brothers in backyard games.
“You sook!”
It applies, unfortunately, to many high profile sports men and women.
From the couch or the stands we shake our heads at the “sooks”.
As the tennis season warms up it seems appropriate to recall those whose actions or body-language justify the tag.


  1. Andrew Weiss says

    All i can say is John Mc Enroe – great player, great sook, great character for tennis.

  2. Mark Doyle says

    I agree regarding John McEnroe. You can also add Shane Warne, who was a great player, but as a person is nothing more than a sook and a stupid, arrogant, inarticulate yobbo buffoon.

  3. Mark, far be it for me to question your buffoonery label on Warne, but perhaps your charges need to be considered independently. Stupid, yep. Inarticulate, perhaps. Yobbo, certainly. Arrogant, possibly. Sook? We’ll see.
    I thought some of the WIndies were sooks. Viv seemed cavalier when things went well. I thought he was a bully boy who sooked when the tide turned.

  4. Yes Crio the Windies were prone to sooky, petulance at times. MIchael Holding crying in Sydney, 1975-76 when a caught behind was turned down, was a sight to behold. Magnificent fast bowler, superb commenttor, but was a sook when young.

    Not sure which category you put Colin Croft, and a few others, re their behaviour when beten 1-0 in New Zealand in 1978-79.

    Another sook is Sunil Gavaskar, in particular when he was given out LBW, then decided to leave the ground with his opening partner Chethan Chauhan. This was at the ‘G’ in 1980-81.

    Tennis sooks. Who was the poor girl who suffered a meltdown of Greg Norman proportions in the Wimbledon final a few years back. I can’t recall her name, though she was Eastern European. Actually i can’t recall the victor either, but the poor girl who lost, put on the water works big time, as she snatched defeat from the jws of victory.


  5. Glen

    Jana Navotna, was up I think 5-1 in the thrid set vs Graf only to lose, lost it big time with the waterworks on the Duchess of Kent’s shoulder.

    At least she came back to win it a few years later.

    Sooks? Nalbandian at Wimbledon last year, and Tomic at the Oz Open two years ago complaining that his night match was past his bedtime

  6. Measure for measure, Australian cricket teams across the last 30/40 years stack up embarrassingly well in the sook stakes. For every minor example of the WI you could raise 5 examples of Australian cricketers going the sook. We bowled the bloody underarm ball for goodness sakes. Against NZ!

  7. Mark Doyle says

    I forgot to mention the world’s greatest sookers – Victorian cricket supporters who continually whinge and sook about blokes such as Dean Jones, Brad Hodge, Jamie Siddons, Darren Berry, Cameron White and David Hussey not playing more test cricket.

  8. DBalassone says

    As much as we love them, Warne & McGrath – in tandem especially – were the biggest sooks of all time.

    The minute a batsman started to get on top (which I admit was rare) Warne & McGrath would carry on pork chops.

    Who can forget the McGarth/Sarwon exchange in 2003 when Pigeon was outwitted by Sarwon? Or Warnie’s bouncer on the last ball of the drawn Boxing day test against SAF in 97/98?

  9. Yes Mr Doyle, there has been sooking in Victoria re the non-selection of certain Victorin players in the test sides. On that point i concur.


  10. Michael Parker says

    Back to the tennis players…. Gotta be Serena!! Has surely won the grand slam of sooking several times over. Can throw a serious hissy fit

  11. Can’t think of too many “sooks” in tennis as most stuff is heat of the moment although it’s hard to think of anyone more ungracious in defeat than when Serena was beaten by Stosur in the US Open. The parents are worse, you can’t go past Damir Dokic (the fish is no good).

    Jana Pittman who couldn’t get past Tasmyn Lewis being better looking.
    Arjuna Ranatunga- I’m so fat and slow I need a runner.
    The AFL and ACB who fine anyone they can for any critical comment
    and finally all Collingwood supporters, especially those who still maintain Wayne Harms was out of bounds– it still goes on after more than 30 years.

  12. You’re spot on Mr Doyle and Mr Balassone. Perfectly put.

    Oh and the McGrath Foundation is brilliant, well targeted, specific. But. Glenn McGrath is an awful commentator… even among that lot.

  13. Jock,
    Any time a couple of shorteners win, the bookies sook big time…”a boatie” they cry!

  14. David Downer says

    Jeff Tarango!

    N.Djokovic had a massive case of the sooks earlier in his career.

    Reckon Federer was the same early days also.

    Nalbandian’s an angry pants. Marcelo Rios not bad either.

  15. Interesting thread. As much for the differing perceptions of what constitutes a ‘sook’. To me its the same thing as a dummy spitter. Someone who makes a scene when things turn against them.
    Can’t have the great JMcEnroe on the list. The tantrum was always an intentional tactic to motivate himself and disrupt the flow of his opponent. He could turn it on and off at will. Never threw a tanty against Borg, because he knew it would have no impact and he would only look small alongside a genuine champion.
    The other tough call was Jana Novotna. If she ‘sooked’ it at Wimbeldon, then so did the Shark at Augusta in his last round against Faldo (which is self evidently ridiculous). Both were good players who tightened up and lost their touch under the pressure of having the holy grail within their grasp.
    The best genuine ‘sooker’ I can remember in tennis was Ile Nastase. Brilliant player but whenever he felt the gods were against him he would just give up, and play ridiculous shots to get off court and off to the nightclubs as soon as possible. Great talent but no heart.
    The only player I can recollect hitting as many “couldn’t care less” ridiculous shots was Nikolay Davydenko, but I excused him as it seemed likely the Russian mafia were holding his parents at gunpoint if he didn’t lose in straight sets.

  16. Richo?

  17. Nathan Buckley
    Davydenko often seemed to be involved in games where the betting was suspect.

  18. I reckon most tennis players are sooks. It might be because they spend so much time thinking about themselves. They need a break after every two games, they can yell at anyone or anything and get a slap on the wrist fine. They can smash racquets in the break and get a slap on the wrist fine. Bagdahtis should have been dqed last year. Many years ago a study showed that the ball was actually in play in a 5 set

  19. Match for less than 10 mins!!

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