Crio’s Question: Who’ll take No.5 at the Demons and other quandaries

All those players traded to new clubs during the week will have to find a new number as well as a new jumper at their new home.

I’m happy for Barry “The Brawl” Hall to wear No.1 at the Doggies, though I’ll be demanding a bit more physicality than from previous lockermen Farren Ray and Simon Minton-Connell.

Brocky McLean taking his grandfather’s No.14 at Carlton is a nice fit and he’ll fit the Rod Ashman mould, but who’ll take his No.5 at the Demons?

Suggestions and alarm bells, please?


  1. How about Brad Miller’s missus? She’d look good in anything (and’s probably tougher than Brad!)

  2. Steve Healy says

    As a Melbourne supporter I think number 1 draft pick Tom Scully will take the reigns of the number 5. The number two draft pick will get 9

  3. Michael Allan says

    Tom Scully. Need to give him a good number.

    As for the other trades:

    Andrew Raines – 8, no other good numbers available, double his old one.
    Brent Staker – 41, should be allowed to keep his old number
    Xavier Clarke – 34
    Amon Buchannon – 27
    Brendan Fevola – 25
    Brock McLean – 24 (only if Nick retires ofcourse)
    Lachie Henderson – 25
    Darren Jolly – 14, surely they wont let Corrie play on.
    Mark Williams – 13
    Marcus Drum – 10, Cat supporters must be keen to get rid of Tenace
    Josh Gibson – 9
    Shaun Bourgoyne – 6
    Jay Nash – 13
    Jay Shultz – Doesn’t deserve a number
    Mitch Farmer – 22
    Lovvett – 9
    Peake – 3
    Josh Kennedy – 32
    Ben Mglynn – 21
    Mark Seaby – 1
    Shane Mumford – 41
    Bradd Dalziell 14
    Barry Hall – 1

  4. Brisbane:
    Staker (number 26)
    Clarke (number 14)
    Fevola (number 8)
    Raines (number 34)
    Buchanan (number 40)

    McLean (number 14)
    Henderson (number 25)

    Jolly (number 23)

    Williams (number 13)

    Drum (number 37)

    Burgoyne (number 6)
    Gibson (number 31)

    Port Adelaide:
    Nash (number 5)
    Schulz (number 28)

    Farmer (number 4)

    St Kilda:
    Peake (number 8)
    Lovett (number 9)

    Mumford (number 1)
    Seaby (number 27)
    McGlynn (number 28)
    Kennedy (number 12)

    West Coast:
    Dalziell (number 7)

    Western Bulldogs:
    Hall (number 24)

  5. Fevola and Peake both number 8

  6. Jarryd Grant currently has number 1 at the Doggies, would they consider moving him to a higher number for Hall, or even delisting Grant?

  7. Grant will learn heaps from Hall and the urge to prematurely promote him has been alleviated.

  8. I doubt that Jolly will get #23. Now that Rocca has retired I suspect that Heath Shaw will take his Dad’s number, which was 23. With the delisting of Danny Stanley, #28 has become available. The last Collingwood Ruckman to wear 28 won a Brownlow, although Len Thompson had switched to a lower number in 1972, the year he won his medal. All the same I think Jolly would look good in Black and White 28

  9. You think? I reckon Jolly with number 23 on his back suits him perfectly.

  10. Probably cause im used to seeing a 23 on the back of a Collingwood guernsey that is quite large

  11. In the seventies and eighties Ray Shaw wore 23 and his brother Tony wore 22. When Rhys Shaw came to Collingwood his Dad’s number was already taken by Pebbles Rocca so his took his Uncle Tony’s number (22).

    A couple of years later, Tony’s son Brayden and Ray’s younger son Heath joined Collingwood under the father son rule. By now both their fathers’ numbers were taken so Brayden got 37 and Heath got 39. Brayden didn’t make it in AFL ranks but Heath turned out to be the best Shaw of his generation. Now that his Dad’s number has come available I will be very surprised if Heath doesn’t ask for it.

  12. Well if H. Shaw is going to take the 23 guernsey, just get Rocca to give his own jumper to Shaw, seeing as Shaw needs a bigger sized jumper than the one he wears at 39! Its kiddie size for christ sake!

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