Crio’s Question: Who are the money munchers?

There are at least two types.

There’s the annoying nag who catches your eye early and fleeces you throughout the Carnival. You just know that as soon as you jump off it will salute at odds. Shocking is the yoke for me this time in and possibly the Hisser for Makybe soon??

But there are also the bona-fide, fair dinkum, absolute MONEY MUNCHERS.

Flynnie’s dubbed Von Costa de Hero as Imposter de Hero.

Even the Sentimental Bloke himself, Freezer, has marked All American as “never again”.

Racing history is littered with them.

Once they were tagged “gay deceivers”. They are still the bookies’ bankers.


  1. Peter Flynn says

    Where do we start?
    The list is endless.

    The potential drought breaking (weather not dosh) Kaapstaad Way
    Bart’s Accumulate (no accumulation at all)
    Deprave (often deprived)
    Zagreb (Zagrab or Zagrub)

    It’s getting too painful. Time for somebody else to have a crack.

  2. Peter Flynn says

    One-off European munchers (flops)

    Drum Taps
    Oscar Schindler
    Double Trigger

  3. Our Smokin’ Joe – loved backing it but was a perennial place getter. Is it still going around?

    Haradasun should have been called Haradasoon.

  4. Peter Flynn says


    I owned a couple of Riceman’s (a noted money muncher) nasal hairs.
    Joe beat Riceman into 2nd place one day at Money Valley.
    They certainly become money munchers when you hear the dreaded call from the trainer that the chiropractor has been called in!

    Miss Finland became one as well I reckon.

    Re comment 1:
    Bart’s Accumulate (accumulate debt)

  5. Mark Freeman says

    The racetrack death of Go Flash Go in the PJ O’Shea Stakes in 2001 was an equine tragedy, luckily not human as none of the jocks were hurt in the incident as I remember it. But despite having loaded up on him that day, I remember walking out of the tote at some suburban barn on the way back from Sandown thinking ‘This is a good thing for me, for my wife and for my young children’.

    PS I’ve always wanted to meet his trainer John Blakey, and ask him his view of what happened at the start of the 2000 Doncaster, when the flash drew beautifully and was set to lead, drop anchor, and hang on by a lip at big odds. Instead on J. Cassidy fought to restrain the noted frontrunner to allow Waterhouse’s Assertive Lad to cross and lead them, in effect handing him the race. Cassidy at the time was one of the Waterhouse stable riders. F*&((#*@^ outrageous!

    More will slowly come to mind, many more.

  6. Too true. J. Cassidy, New Zealand’s finest.
    If Here de Angels gets beaten again today I think punters might add him to the list. We always manage to lay him and since his early form, we’ve ended well in front.
    Dane Julia may also have impressive credentials by the end of Spring. I think she’s actually a maiden in Australia!Too hard to catch so just never back.

  7. R4 today. Snort just ran on nicely for third. Do not fall in. It is a trap.

  8. Here de Angels trotted in today. Obviously a smidge short of top drawer but not a non-winner.

  9. My only bet of the day was to box Here de Angels, El Mandon and Ahdashim (no others) into a trifecta after Crio’s comment (number 6). Don’t know why I did it but I’m glad I did.

  10. Doubt there’s a sling there for me.
    At least I’m true to my justification in my Guineas article that I work weekends because I’m a terrible judge!
    Glad you cashed in mate.

  11. Mock was one. Still is I think.
    Tie The Knot was definitely one in Melbourne.

  12. There was a time, Budge, when Sydney and Melbourne horses, in each others’ cities, were costly.
    I suspected Percy Sykes (was he TJ’s vet?) couln’t get his medicine through the Murray customs, and even Bart rarely won up north in the days when his stables were here and Adelaide. That perhaps had more to do with the jockeys, bookies and punters in Sin City than classifying the horses as money burners. At the same time South Australian and Kiwi beasts won regularly in Melbourne.
    I have my Winning Post so it is now time for some quiet contemplation!

  13. Dips,
    Our Smokin’ Joe is in at Caulfield on Saturday (R5, No 10).

  14. D Oliver is my money muncher. If he is on one I like I suffer half the realistic odds and get beat anyway. I still don’t know how to combat that.

  15. Peter Flynn says

    Last money muncher from me:
    Often did not get the chocolates.

  16. Peter,
    Leave that stuff to Gigs please!

  17. Peter Flynn says


  18. You can officially add Shocking to the list.

  19. Doesn’t even need a nickname!

  20. Geevston Fanny was chaff burner owned by a Judbury (west of Huonville, southern Tasmania, north of Geevston of course) orchardist was not allowed to be registered because the powers who be thought it a bit risque.

    The ‘Geevston Fanny’ is a boutique eating apple not widly known or cultivated wit deep red skin, crisp white flesh and very sweet distinctive taste.

    If you don’t believe me Google it.

    It had a sister called ‘Coxes Orange’ that won a few races and suddenly fell off the tree when it went to Melb in the mid seventies.

  21. Phantom, I like the sound of the Geevston Fanny. Where can I get one?

  22. Geevston

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