Crio’s Question: What’s the big deal about Friday night?

By Chris Riordan

Friday is a time for some week-ending cleansers. But what’s with the supposed pride in one’s team being on “The Big Stage of Friday Night Footy”?
I’m baffled.
As an attendee it doesn’t suit. Worn out at week’s end, it is too long to wait after work and too hard to come back in for.
At home, it just goes too late. Delayed ! We tend to watch the first half and then switch on the radio at half time. There’s a huge lag saved. If it’s a good finish, watch a replay. Either way we are fresh and ready to enjoy a sporting Saturday, as they all should be.
I’d rather go or watch Saturday night if that is the choice.
What is the big deal about Friday Night Football?


  1. danielle says

    Personally I love Friday night footy.
    Friday is the end of the school week, a day to relax and pamper yourself. There’s nothing better than watching the footy on a cold Friday night! Sunday footy on the other hand is the WORST. I find it annoying to wait until Sunday to watch my team, thankfully most Collingwood games are on Friday or Saturday!

  2. It’s called exposure. I’m not privy to the TV ratings figures but I’d bet that Friday night footy rates its sox off! This provides prime time exposure to club sponsors and to the teams playing. Personally nothing beats Saturday afternoon footy but we all know those days are well behind us.

  3. I love Friday Night footy. Although I am usually home, due to being a Melbourne supporter. I always listen and score the game on the radio and then watch the last quarter and a half on TV.(unless a perth game) I do prefer Saturday afternoon footy, and on Saturday night I always watch the footy whether it’s live or half an hour delayed. Sunday footy is the worst, especially twilight, but I just have to get used to going to the footy on Sunday 14 times a year.

  4. I wish channel 7 could think of the children and adults that have to play footy/work the morning after a Friday night. Footy doesn’t belong on the telly at 12:00am which is when it finishes but having it go that late is just ridiculous. Footy on sunday on channel 7 seems to feel like just something they’ve thrown together for us to watch if we’re bored on a sunday, you don’t get the feeling of excitement that a game is about to come on TV.

  5. johnharms says


    Surprised you didn’t mention that Friday night was for the Mildura trots.

    Bring back all games on a saturday afternoon so we can all get it over and done with and Round the grounds means something again. Round the Grounds is nearly as good as football.


  6. I’m with JTH on that front. “Round the grounds” is a lost treasure. The bean-counters will never again allow it to be a regular event but there is one day a year that it should exist: Round 22. No team should know the exact requirements for finishing in a certain position and the only way to ensure this is to have all 8 round 22 games on the Saturday at 2:10. Surely the AFL and the broadcasters could allow it just for that one week of the season.

    Just imagine this on ABC Radio: Gerard and Drew could doing main game at Docklands, with Skeeta Coghlan at Kardinia Park, David and Tommy at the MCG, Phil Pinnell at York Park, Dan Lonergan at the SCG, Peter Walsh and Roger Wills at Footy Park, Glenn Mitchell at Subiaco and Roger Merrett at the Gabba. It COULD WORK!!


  7. Kadina in my youth.
    Are you being sarcastic John?
    I don’t mean to be totally anachronistic, but nor do I want to be as bland as Budge. He should just buy some NAB shares and barrack for them.

  8. Gigs,
    Final day of the Premier League is an annual sporting highlight, these days usually for demotion rather than Champions.

  9. johnharms says


    No sarcasm.

    I really do like the idea of the matches on a saturday afternoon. I enjoy the after rooms at the ammos when poeple are asking, “Anyone know who won at the G?”

    For me footy has besome the default position across the weekend.


  10. Chalkdog says

    Totally agree that “they” have hijacked the punters in the name of the $. I have a daughter playing Rep Bball on Friday nights. She has a game at MSAC on Friday at 8.50. I will be home in time to watch the entire second half on TV. I will know the score mid way through the last qtr as I pull into the driveway. The upside is that I get to choose to watch depending on the score. We all know most blokes will watch on any given Friday night with a bit of round the grounds [ie SBS about 10pm] of their own.

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