Crio’s Question: What is the Grand Final you dread?

This has been a terrific season for AFL fans in Victoria, with sensational games between Victorian opponents regularly packing the grounds.

But there may be a price to pay if two Victorian teams make the Grand Final.
As difficult as some find it to believe, for many of us it is less stressful if Brisbane, Port, Eagles or Swannies finish top (Adelaide may be an exception and Freo a fantasy).

So what is the Grand Final you dread?

My call is St Kilda v Collingwood, which right now us the most favoured. The romance for 1966 would drive me nuts!

Saints supporters at work and in the media (think Francis Leach for starters) are intolerable; their relentless misery has made my plight as a Bulldog more bearable.

And the Pies? No explanation needed!

I’d need to get out of town.


  1. I would have no problem with a St Kilda v Collingwood grand final, provided the Saints win, and ESPECIALLY if the margin is the same…

  2. I, too, would tire of the 1996 flashbacks.

    I want the Saints and the Cats.

    And I’d like someone to take a mark like Bill Ryan’s in the first semi-final in 1968. The pic of that mark is my favourite marking pic.

  3. Fairy tale Grand Final is Dogs and Saints. The one I want is Cats and Saints. The premier I want is Geelong, because, well, they wear nice jumpers.

  4. pauldaffey says

    My auntie makes nice jumpers.

    Her name is Jude.

  5. Lol Paul, your comment sounded like a little kid during ‘show and tell’
    :) LOL

  6. Yeah, lol Paul.

  7. As a stats man, the GF I dread is Hawthorn v Geelong. We have equalled the ’63-’68 record of six different premiers in six years. A Hawthorn win (though now unlikely) takes us back to square one. A Geelong victory brings it back to two etc. If Geelong make it, they have to lose (except against Hawthorn). Sorry Dips, JTH, Ben and all others Cats.

  8. If CARLTON make the grand final, as “Greenday” once said, I’d wake up when September ends. They stated that they were coming, then hesitated, but surely, surely Carlton couldn’t make the grand final. The other Grand final I would hate is any interstate clash, which would be horrible for victorians after a top four which has concicted of StKilda, Geelong, Bulldogs and Collingwood for the entire season. It would also raise a question which I dread: ‘Why is the Grand final played at a “neutral venue” (MCG) when there is two interstate teams playing?’. That’s just my opinion.

  9. Adelaide v Collingwood would be a lose/lose proposition as far as I’m concerned. No good could come of this.

  10. Stephanie Holt says

    Worst (now that possibility of St Kilda v Hawthorn being [a] likely or [b] anything to worry about has gone) is definitely St Kilda v Collingwood. We need to win this one so we can break free of forty-plus years of obsessing. Only now with the prospect of a win do I realise that, yes, it *was* pathetic to go on and on about it and try to pretend it was the best kind of win ever. Also, husband barracks for Collingwood. Thinks they have it won. Is doing the cakewalk already. Utterly undecorous. Has proven to have no understanding at all of the depths of my suffering or the quiet desperation of my hopes. Would be unbearable enough if his team were to win, but if they were to beat mine …

  11. uncle tony says

    Im happy for the Saints to play a combined team selected from the others but would really love to see 1966 repeated.You know the saying “whats better than beating Collingwood by 15 goals?”..”beating them by 1 point”.

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