Crio’s Question: What is a pass mark for the top four teams?

All real fans get excited when their team reaches September and has genuine claims of raising that cup. (What is it actually?)
I’d guess that, although Carlton, Essendon and Brisbane are given no chance of getting through, each would rate their season as a success.
Adelaide, now contenders, also will emerge with ticks.
But what of the top four?
What are the unthinkable consequences for the sides that don’t grasp this “window”?


  1. Stephen Cooke says

    I know that a straight sets exit for Collingwood would be a failure of such proportions that it would start a series of chain events (calls for Mick’s head, Eddie’s head etc) that would see the Pies miss the finals altogether next year. And I can’t wait.

    In other news, Cats to go all the way. Saints need the flag for the season to be considered a success and the Bulldogs could get away with a gallant preliminary final loss this year with nothing less than a GF appearance good enough next year.

  2. Dogs must make the GF. Saints must win the GF. Cats must at least make the Prelim and even then can only lose “gallantly”. Pies also need to make a Prelim.

    Who cares about the rest.

  3. The comments from Stephen and Dips remind me of one of buzz phrases doing the rounds in the IT project world and probably in project management generally: “managing expectations”. I think at season’s beginning most would have said that a GF appearance or even an honourable loss in the PF would have been acceptable from St Kilda. But a 20-0 start to the season certainly changes the expectations of most. If Lyon had listened to his project manager he would have chucked a couple of poor performances in earlier. Should a pass mark vary from the start of the year to Round 22? If so, I understand the St Kilda call.

    Mine pass marks are based on pre-season expectations:

    St Kilda: GF appearance or close loss in PF
    Geelong: Premiership or maybe GF loss
    Western Bulldogs: GF appearance
    Collingwood: PF appearance

  4. I’d say if the Cows don’t make the prelim, it will be considered a wasted year, much like Collingwood in 2008.

    Saints need to win the lot: after all the gloating when they went 19-0
    Geelong need to win the lot: redemption for 2008
    Dogs need either GF or probably gallant PF would be enough: it’s a Doggies thing – Dogs fans still reminisce about 1985 and 1997 (don’t mention 1992 and 1998)
    Magpies probably need a prelim appearance. If they make a grand final and lose, that would be a more devastating hammer blow (a la 2003) than out in straight sets.

  5. Peter Schumacher says

    I would say for the Doggies and Collingwood not to be beaten this weekend for a start. For the sake of interstate footy plus my allegiances to Brisbane first and foremost and being a Croweater born and bread certainly hope that the possibly impossible does come to pass. Sorry Doggies supporters.

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