Crio’s Question: Teacher’s pet (or photos with a goat)

Steve Smith! You are kidding.


  1. Goat. Gotta be the goat.

  2. He probably turned one in the nets when the selectors just happened to be looking. They wouldn’t have seen that for a few years.

  3. Tony Roberts says

    Steve Smith? In the idiom of Harold Macmillan: ‘postcodes, dear boy…’ Or David Hookes: brown paper bag.

  4. Dave Nadel says

    I agree with Tony. A New South Wales’ cap trumps runs made or wickets taken every time.

  5. Apparently he’s a good team man and tells a cracking gag, which seems to have as much legitimacy as any other selection process or justification going around at present

    I’d add another category: love child

  6. Gawd Sean – all these years I thought “In-forever- arity” was because of his stodgy batting.
    Explains a lot.

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