Crio’s Question: Richo’s out. Who else will be miss when they’re gone?

So Richo’s gone.
Like all footy fans, I’ve shaken my head and clapped my hands at his soap opera of a career.
What I knew all along, though, was that we’d miss him when he’s gone.
Far too often we scold players and then, a few years later, lament the lack of characters in the game.
I reckon Bazza and Aker will be missed more than Stanton and Doughty.
I still miss Fabulous Phil!
Who are the ones you’ll miss when they are gone and who might be the personalities to keep our chins wagging?


  1. I still miss Brent Croswell – what a player and what a character.

    Of the modern players I’ll miss Big Cam Mooney and Stevie J at Geelong when they hang up the boots, because both have something of an X factor.

    I won’t miss Bazza Hall – he’s a moron, but I will miss Aker.

    Farewell Richo.

  2. Adam Goodes will be missed when he bows out, as will Tyson Edwards.

    Ricky Ponting can’t be replaced when he retires

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