Crio’s Question: Novel premiership odds depend on how you define St Kilda strip

The Irish betting organisation Paddy Power is best known in Australia for its novel approach to gaming, such as when it called for punters in 2008 to bet on the name of Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s then unborn child. Their slogan is prominent on the sideboards at EPL matches.

Having now bought out Sportsbet, Paddy Power is sure to make an impact on punters here. Their recent market on “the existence of God” and their willingness to bet on Spanish bullfights ensures that it keeps a high profile.

This company would appear a perfect match for a Country that used to boast about betting on “two flies crawling up a wall”.

I’m looking for suggestions.

Here’s a speculator …

Market for the jumper of the AFL Premiership winner (home strip).

Sash, stripe, hoops, rest.

If we define Saints as stripes (I’d thought panels, Tom over-ruled), Crows as Hoops, the rest pretty straightforward…

Stripes: 1.95

Hoops: 2.30

Sash: 51

Rest : 6

If Saints are panels, thus “rest”

Stripes: 5.5

Hoops: 2.30

Sash: 51

Rest: 1.90

More ideas and attempts to frame markets, please.


  1. There’s certainly some merit in this concept. Here’s a couple of ideas (frame your own market):

    Premiers Colours (obviously multiple winners)
    White (unbackable)

    Premiership (team name) or Brownlow (surname)

  2. What about a market framed around the brownlow winner not having a real name. For example, will it be “Gary” (a real name) or “Dane” (one invented whilst looking at a large dog).

    Real name – even money
    made up name – 2:1 and winding back fast.

    Just think about all the made up rubbish out there:

    Lets get a list going.

  3. Is Buddy called Lance or vice versa?
    Has Farren Ray just got the order wrong?

  4. Western Sydney’s team name:

    Kangaroos 7/2
    Mountaineers 5/1
    Wombats 6/1
    No Western Sydney team 7/1
    Devils 7/1
    Toranas 11/1

  5. Not even 100% there Tim…don’t swing a satchel!

  6. Some more possibilities are-

    Pick a number:
    Multiply (or add) guernsey numbers of Brownlow medallist, Norm Smith Medallist and/or Premiership Captain (sure Gigs would like that one) or even add the Melbourne Cup winner’s saddlecloth into the equation

    What odds on career AFL games played by Karmichael Hunt?

  7. Perhaps the new Gold Coast team could be the “Gold Coast Hunts” in honour of their one and only recruit. At least there would then be a logical excuse for not having the footy on live.

  8. Serious 7 second delay!
    Love the multiples…put Paddy Power and The Beaver together and it will be fascinating.

    Number of interchanges is the sort of schmuck they’d like…quarter by quarter.

  9. You could always go Brownlow by guernsey number

    What’s your market, Crio?

  10. Tough question and an excellent diversion from marking crap and cooking likewise!
    A bit late in the season and I’m very scratchy, but here is a “thin” market…too close to 100%, in fact I think the favs (Swann and GAblett-jnr apparently)are these same odds with Corporates. It’s a real good concept.
    I’ve broken it down further…

    1-9 $4 (Bartel, Boyd-plunge-,Judd, Didak…)

    11-19 $5 (Selwood, Riewoldt, Goddard, Montagna, Sewell, JB..)

    21-29 $3.50 (Gazz,Dal Santo, Pav..)

    31+ $3 (Swann,Chappy, Goodes-polls for turning up!..)

    10,20,30,40.. $12 (Black, Rich..)

  11. Here’s a challenge.
    Frame a market for a Flag up until the end of Season 2014!
    Or Grand Finalist to broaden the betting.

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