Crio’s Question: Not too hot; not too cold; just perfect?

The weather is nearly always a popular topic for discussion.

Brenton Sanderson’s broader points regarding fixturing were conveniently overlooked with jibes at his complaint at the Crows having to play and recover in Brisbane’s “heat” (it had maxed at 24degrees!).
Bad weather for footy?
In fact, let’s go a step further and keep the roof shut at the Docklands. The sun is bad for footy!
My son likes to call misty/foggy mornings “good Scottish golf weather”.  “Perfect day for cricket” is another (albeit too rare) catchcry.
What is, then, “perfect” for various sports? Where and when have/do they exist?


  1. In racing, Good is bad and Dead is good!
    It is, of course, all to do with turnover.
    Hence, track managers seem pressured to post a Dead4, regardless of a desert or a dungheap. Later, stewards have the capacity to upgrade or downgrade. Trainers, under these circumstances, also get the opportunity to scratch. Punters, however, just have to suck it up.

  2. MGLFerguson says

    US Football: Saturday (college) or Sunday (professional) afternoon, sunny, light breeze, 5-10C, (40-50F). Ideally, it had rained gently the day before to soften the turf just a bit. Golf, ibid., but 5C/10F warmer please: a turtleneck to tee off, but sleeves rolled up by the third hole.

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