Crio’s Question: If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em?

I despise what the “Murali rule” has done to cricket.

And now he is Australia’s spin consultant.
The dam wall has “busted”. CA has conceded that “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”.
I am very uneasy.

This is the cyclist’s mentality.

Am I over-reacting?


  1. yes,

    I only see a problem if he starts teaching our bowlers to use an arm bend of more than, what was it 15 or 20 degrees..which looked like more 30.
    He certainly knew how to take wickets which would be a bonus if Aussie spinners could take that lead.
    I’d be more concerned with the credibility of CA now they’ve taken the Australia Day match off Adelaide and given it to Sydney ( tricky scheduling apparently) who have always been the centre of the universe for CA. It’s an interesting move as they would probably get more people to the game in Adelaide than the SCG.

  2. Jock,
    Once the Test schedule chaged and the January long weekend became a one-day fixture, it was always only pencilled in – must say that the mid December Test promises kinder weather and I’m looking forward to it (also see a tour practice match mooted for The Bay)

  3. Hire the best to get the best out of your best. It has always been the way.
    Could Andy Murray have done it without Lendl? Can he still do it with Mauresmo.
    Could the Socceroos have refound their self belief after decades in the wilderness without ‘Aussie’ Gus?
    I remember master trainer of stayers George Hanlon taking Arwon out of the stables of then unknown Nowra trainer Paul Sutherland and winning the Cup.
    Top mentors turned good cattle into champs. Small things that added up to big differences.
    Murali was always a master of variety and subtle changes. There is a sameness to Lyon’s bowling and I am sure that ‘Aussie’ Murali can stretch him a bit.

  4. Gregor Lewis says

    Murali was a natural ‘chucker’ lads. He couldn’t bowl any other way.

    He didn’t take so many wickets because he ‘chucked’. He was able to dial up so many bunnies’ numbers because he had the temperament and the daring and the self-belief to try new things … then learn how to implement the perfected versions of his theories, right in the crux of the discombobulated batsman’s conundrum.

    Rhythm and melody can only be enhanced by timing. Right now ‘Gazza’ can get hung up by restricting himself to a baseline beat, when spin bowling of the highest art should be about busting out a paradiddle, when least expected.

    I’m no fan of CA, but I can’t fault this move … For PR today & to encourage revolution in our spin-bowling ranks in all the tomorrows ahead.

    Murali was the hard choice. And the right one in this particular instance, not the ‘doosra’.

    Ironic, isn’t it?


  5. Crio, maybe we’ve ,misunderstod his role. Possibly he is part of the fielding coaching squad. The great Indian spinner Bishen Bedi, once said some thing along the line that Muralis wickets should be counted as run outs. Perhaps that’s his role with Cricket Australia, to teach our players how to throw down the stumps.


  6. Luke Reynolds says

    Like you, Crio, I was disappointed the way the rules were “bent” to accomodate Murali.
    He’s not someone I thought would go into coaching, and I’m not sure of his coaching credentials. What he can teach a 26 year old established Test spinner is an interesting question. Can a doosra be mastered at that age? Would he be better coaching younger spinners?
    If Boof okayed it then it’s fine with me.

  7. Mick Jeffrey says

    Great Britain did it with their 2012 Olympic swimming and cycling teams. Whilst the swimmers went average their track cycling team won everything except the women’s sprint.

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