Crio’s Question: How are the experts going?

by Chris Riordan

It’s not just the players who face judgement as a new season gets underway. Footy fans have been hit by a wall of forecasts/previews/broadcasts/reviews…some funny, some stern, some pithy…
How are they going? Reviews and recommendations welcome as we sift for the best footy info and entertainment.


  1. Channel 7’s new show “The Bounce” isn’t quite as good as Before the Game, but is very good in my opinion. Although on the other hand, “Game Day” on Sundays (also on channel 7) I saw some of last year and hated.

  2. Is the coodabeens still on this year and is it still relevant?

  3. Stephen Cooke says

    Coodabeens still talking about players from the 70s – very relevant in my opinion.

  4. A change in stations hasn’t improved Rex

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