Crio’s Question : Have the Olympics run their race?

Is it a sacred cow? It is certainly a cash cow for many people and organisations. And it is time to question the relevance of Olympic Games.

I reckon they have run their race.

Consider this tripe…..

OLYMPIC CHARTER   Article 6: The Olympic Games are competitions between athletes in individual or team events and not between countries.

What unadulterated rubbish.

Governments and sports bodies (aka stakeholders) use patriotic nationalism and the “Olympic ideal” to satisfy their own goals. Minor sports receive exorbitant funding in the search for medals. Politicians piggy-back to popularity.

The Russian Winter Olympics are approaching – there are terrorist and political threats.

This is not a recent phenomenon.

My first memories of an Olympic Games was 1972 – terrorism/anti-semitism.

1980 and 1984 were tit-for-tat boycotts.


Officialdoms avoid being critical because they need the funding associated with Games status – and the public seems to fall for the hype cyclically….how many really care about Rowing 4s or 800m women’s track or beach volleyball?

It is time to get rid of this anachronistic political farce.

The IOC is corrupt. The money wasted is offensive. The Olympics encourage political subterfuge, extremism, drug cheating…and TV revenue.

The World Titles of each “discipline” is enough recognition of sporting excellence.

Hitler, like other power peddlers, knew about propaganda and populism.

Take a step back and see “Olympic” for what it really is.

The “Games” are redundant.


  1. I have heard that “My Kitchen Rules” is going to be an Olympic event at Sochi.

    If this is true then it is time bid farewell to the Games.

  2. Kevan Carroll says

    It’s a close-run thing between the IOC, FIFA and the BCCI for the title…Equally abused as Article 6 of the Charter is the ideal of the good Baron: “The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well”. Yeah, right (the only known case of two positives making a negative).

  3. Sadly Criollo you are probably right. The Games are not the only wonderful ideal to be trashed, or the only enlightened theory to be abused.

  4. All big sport is corrupted by commercial interests and the self aggrandisement of the organisers. The IOC, FIFA, BCCI, ICC etc etc are a disgrace.
    But as soon as the competition starts I am enthralled. The athletes and the spectacle are brilliant. I try to take the athletics week off every 4 years and take it all in – heats, semis the lot. Great tension, drama and beauty from the best taking on the best.
    Viva Olympics.
    I look forward to being the Almanac’s luge correspondent in coming weeks.

  5. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Peter B is correct and we must add AFL which if it was a fair dinkum comp and each club would play the other twice home and away with eg Collingwood v Carlton in
    Darwin etc which we all no will never happen . The comp is a joke when virtually everything is decided over who you play twice
    The olympics is incredible in that you watch sports whiich in general we don’t follow for another 4 yrs and it does unite the nation . Is it corrupt ? Is it political ? Personal hidden interests ? Of course it is ! What top level sport isn’t ?
    If you want pure sport for sports sake go and watch a lower level amateur football , cricket , bowls etc it can be enjoyable and rewarding . The olympics is completely different yep take it with a grain of salt but still appreciate the excellence .
    Thanks Crio provocative as always

  6. Apart from the reference regarding the IOC wasting money, you asked us to consider tripe and tripe is what you gave us..

    The Olympics have exponentially grown over the last 6 cycles purely because corporate sponsors fall over themselves to be invovled with the pinnacle of World sport. Sometimes they get it right..

    Take away the Olympics, what’s left in global sport? If it was just soccer we’d have WW3 to contemplate.
    Any Londoner will glass you if you told them the Olympics were a waste of time.

    Take a step forward in your life and look at the positives the Olympics bring to the world. Book your tickets to Rio, dump your cynical arm chair out on the curb and go and experience it first hand. While you’re there, spot an athlete’s family, watch and you’ll see what the Olympics are really about.

  7. I miss Mark Doyle. He would have had a proper crack!

  8. Agree with Peter B and Michael. Who can forget the drama and sheer excitement of watching Usain Bolte in the lead up to the finals he was in-then in those finals. What about the spirit of Caster Semenya (excuse the spelling) running second in her final after all she had been through; and cheering for our own athletes and those who have made it there on a shoe-string budget from a third world country. Then there was Pistorius; the Blade Runner. Yes, top level sport is corrupt because of money and politics; and without the Olympics we would still have the World Championships, but just enjoy the moments of greatness that both the summer and winter Olympics provide. Just don’t get me started on the corruption of the AFL and how the draw is like running in the Stawell Gift for each club; some running off 5-15 metres.

  9. Malcolm Ashwood says

    I must add that Rafo above is a triple Olympian and I did ask the great man to comment
    Rafo is extremely sport smart and I value his opinion enormously

  10. Glad to get a variety of opinions…can’t say I’ve watched the last few Summer Games and probably never the Winter version – shudder at the commercial TV hype. Might watch some if the cricket doesn’t engage me later in the week.
    For those who love it, enjoy…

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